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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on April 3, 2000
This book is an important work for me. As an entrepeneur, the book contained the information that I needed. A major part of the achievement puzzle.
For those who read this review, the three pieces of knowledge I deemed most valueable are as follows:
1. Hire the top 10% of the people out there who are willilng to work for the wage offered. This book helps pinpoint characteristics of people most suitable thru a long interview section in the back of the book. I think its pretty darn accurate.
2. A players. B players. C & D players. Some B players cannot be converted to A. Some B are only B. C players cannot be converted to a B player. D players are D players pernamently. Certain personal characteristics of thinking indicate if you are A, B,C or D. Great Stuff! After reading this book I fell out of love with all the people around me, and proceeded to top grade my company. I strongly disagree with who ever the perplexed indivdual was who wrote in the customer review that this book - not to waste your money. Well, this book helped me waste my money all the way to the bank!
3. In general you should employ fewer people, and pay them more, to do more.
Read the interview guide. I never considered spending 5 hours with a person to really dig deep and elicit characteristics with leading questions. I always thought an hour interview would be a long one. The book can be a yawner at parts but it gets going after the first few chapters. Great Book! The book has value.
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on May 21, 1999
This book not only teaches managers how to hire, but also teaches them how to coach and to improve their own performance.
The book is appropriate for managers in big companies, and also for owners and managers of small businesses.
How much time did you spend deciding which model to buy of that $25,000 piece of capital equipment... a week or two? How much time did you spend interviewing your most recent hire? Probably a lot less for the latter. But why? Probably because we managers have such poor interviewing skills. This book will give you the process to follow, ideas and even some specific questions to ask.
No excuses that the labor market is so tight. We all know that. What we need to do is get the best person available for the job. This is the book to help you do that.
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on May 23, 2002
Smart comes off like a pretty hard nosed SOB in the first half of this book. He doesn't seem to talk much about how to correct problems other than firing people. The second half has a great couple of chapters on coaching for excellence which were inspiring to me. I'd like a full book just on this topic from Smart, his matter-of-fact approach is refreshing.
Buy this book if you are an up and coming manager in search of ways to really make yourself an even stronger contributor (by having only the best work for you).
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on August 19, 1999
I have read this book and conclude that most of the information is accurate in my experience. I think that Brad could TOPGRADE his style, however. The chest puffing gets tiring, his arrogance makes me gag and in general detracts from the potency of the book. This method is "no silver bullet" it works and can be difficult to implement. I also didn't care to read about Brad's property investment property and how he has Topgraded his help. .....Please lighten up Brad.
Woody Daroca Denver, Co.
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