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on October 23, 2017
Loved it. Not so much the fact that the author still had some harsh criticizim towards Micheal Jackson. He should have put himself in his shoes and realise that there is no escape for these people once they become who they are. It is too easy to criticise no matter who you are.
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on June 9, 2012
Oh my,

I was excited when I first got this book, but it turned out to be nothing more than a fictional novel. The whole time the Rabbi tries to make himself sound like some relationship Guru/demi-God, while still defaming Michael Jackson. I thought the book was trying to make Michael look better- let the public see Michael in a brighter, more forgiving way. This did not come through. Some of the things the Rabbi said about Michael were plain rude. Many times in the book, the Rabbi (an alleged BEST friend of Michael), said he doesn't truly know if Michael wasn't guilty of his 1993/2003 allegations. That's disgusting.

I feel disgusted in myself for buying this book and supporting this man. I feel sorry for the Jackson family and pray that no more people will defame the Jackson name so perversely.

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on January 29, 2014
i use to like (shmuley boteach) when i saw him on tv, but in this book ,i feel he is realy just making monney on the back of MJ, so sad
he used him for money ,dont buy this , it is not right
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on November 3, 2012
I really enjoyed being able to see Micheal Jackson's words quoted. However there is much too input from the rabbi, and he seems to being trying to really teach a lesson, and bring religion up whenever possible. I didn't mind the book, but it left me questioning whether or not he really "did what Michael wanted," as he says. The book was suppose to clear his name (what Mj actually wanted), not cause more speculation
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on October 12, 2015
good read
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on October 30, 2009
Being a big fan of Michael's I thought it would be great to read his thoughts on life.
What I found was a book that made me think of the Bashir interview. I haven't finished reading this book and don't know if I will.
I find the author too arrogant and egotistical. He plugs his other books. I take offence to his stating at one point in the book that Michael was higher than a kite. He could of found a more diplomatic way to describe Michael's addiction. I did not feel this author was a true friend to Michael. It reads more like an exploitation. I doubt Michael would of approved the authors use of private conversations for this book.
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on October 13, 2009
I have to agree with most of the others who commented on this book. However, one thing that I had decided when I bought it was to look at it with an open mind first. So that's what I did. I bought it for the insight on how MJ's unique mind works, after all it was meant to be more intimate then other interviews. I was very skeptical with the Rabbi and his admition that MJ allowed this to be public, I highly doubt it. All is done and the book is here, and I gave it a chance. I was very impressed with the honesty that MJ showed the Rabbi ( I think MJ was more honest with him then the Rabbi was with MJ) I like the book for the understanding of MJ alone. I did NOT appreciate how the Rabbi was hinting all the way through the book that MJ was guilty of the 1993 Jordy case. The tone was very evident that the Rabbi has Judged MJ and didn't seem to do the research. The rabbi states that he had to apologize to his fellow high ranking Jewish friend who got to know MJ, about his lack of judgment for MJ before introducing him to them. That right there says to me that the Rabbi abandon MJ before finding truth. The second thing that was very irritating was the Rabbi constant "plug" for all his other books he has written. He throws them in after certain comments made by MJ on certain topics, then applies it to MJ's issues and how we should now purchase that book to understand MJ even more! It is loaded with an effort to exploit money using MJ's name. I also did not like the fact that this Rabbi was supposed to be a friend to MJ and admits that he just practically walks away from MJ when he needed him most, real friends don't that. So I highly doubt that the rabbi thought much of MJ as the entertainer we love. I found that the Rabbi seemed to not be a big fan of MJ as an entertainer, rather as a family man for children, which is fine, but it felt like the Rabbi was trying to pull MJ away from his song and dance. On the side of MJ, I think he was very genius in his answers to the Rabbi. And MJ's thoughts about history was brilliantly observed. But most of all, I love how MJ explains his need for the children that surround him. We needed to hear this from MJ when he was living as it would have perhaps been better understood. I am a firm believer that MJ was fully 100% innocent of both accusations and this book with MJ's words have made it more concrete. I would recommend this book with a lot of warnings,and if one could get it with out having to fork out the money is best,and to read it with an open mind to understand MJ's world as best as we can. So the above stars are for MJ's part of the book only.
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on October 12, 2009
I am offended and disgusted by both the aired tapes and the excerpts of this book that i have read-- pure garbage! The "rabbi's" book is an obvious attempt to exploit Michael Jackson, and in an incredibly unfavourable way, reminding me far too much of Martin Bashir. Reasons not to buy this book: A) a poorly written excuse of a book, filled with the rabbi's personal interpretations of Michael's words-- interpretations that are neither intelligent nor heartfelt. B) MJ broke off his relationship with this man due to Boteach's misuse of funds for Healtheworld foundation which Michael Jackson founded and trusted Boteach to administer. C)The author is using recorded conversations from MJ's very private counselling sessions, with no approval from MJ and no permission. He is taking such liberties with what was very private confidential conversation that I'm positive MJ would NOT want shared with the world. D) He is a sensationalist, a money grabbing scumbag who abandoned MJ when he most needed spiritual support-- who calls himself a friend???? E) It is very evident in his interpretations that Boteach didn't even remotely understand Michael Jackson and his passion, motivation, and commitment to healing and specifically helping children. He tried to convince MJ that he needed to never allow children into his home again, to bow to the press and ACT as they wanted him to, rather than live from his heart...and he calls himself a spiritual adviser????
BOYCOTT this book, it's garbage of the worst kind! Buy Aphrodite Jones's book if you want a good, fair read about MJ.
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on August 16, 2010
I found the parts that Michael Jackson spoke quite interesting. Shmuley twisted what Michael said time and time again. He never did get anywhere near the spirit and love who was Michael Jackson. I bought second hand and if you want to read it for the Michael parts I suggest you do the same. I wouldn't line Shmuley's pockets.
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on December 6, 2009
First of all, I don't now and never will buy the fact that Michael Jackson gave this rabbi permission to release these tapes. This was almost ten years ago when they were recorded, Michael could have released them ages ago and probably made a killing on the profits. We all wanted to know what made a person like him tick.
But the fact is, he is now dead and to release a book such as this, is, well, disrespectful to Michael and his family. This just shows us that Michael is still the ever producing cash cow that, in his own words, people fed off of him for profit.
I am surprised that a man of faith such as the rabbi would take this opportunity to cash in on his relationship with Michael, which didn't last for whatever reason and I would also like to see the signed contract between the two of them allowing this book to be published.
It will never stop! Even in his death, people will always be there to profit on the tragic life of this broken but brilliant man.
Michael Jackson did show the world something very important for all of us to take note of, doesn't matter how much you are supposedly loved, how high up you are in a religious order or what faith you believe in, if you are a supposedly a respected jouralist whose whole purpose is to tell the truth, or maybe even if you are family member. Money will always win out over loyalty, love, respect, and even truth. I will never buy anything that has not been sanctioned by Michael personally. And there isn't alot out there to begin with anyway. I am not interested in this book what so ever.
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