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3.5 out of 5 stars

on June 15, 2005
blender gamekit
blender 2.3 guide
If you want to know how to use blender, these are the books. They might not be up to date on the latest version, (especially the gamekit) but I managed to use both and found blender3d much easier to use. The online tutorials helped too, however there's so much missing that you need this book (both if you want to use blender for games). Maybe someday there'll be a pdf or something.. I find the books themselves a bit awkward if I am reading and following along.
All in all, if you're serious about 3d/blender/games here are your manuals.
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on October 27, 2003
Whats good about this book is it gives you a range of blender game creation learning from beginner level to advanced. There are heaps of screen shots showing various steps in a lesson. Whats bad are some of the screen shots.
In the 3D modelling section on making a car there are several screen shots. Looking at them it's near on impossible to spot a difference between them. They properly looked fine in colour but in black and white it's hard to see the vectors mentioned.
It's a shame someone didn't see this before printing as the content of the book is good but beginners do need clear illustrations.
As a beginner to blender and 3d game making I'm still glad I bought the book. There's a heap of good stuff.
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