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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on April 26, 2002
I have read every book Ms. Hamilton has written, and unfortunately she is starting down the path that authors such as Anne Rice and Brian Lumley have already walked for a long time. Repetition is creeping into her stories. The parallels between Anita Blake and Merry are becoming too obvious - a challenge beyond the characters' ability with a great mystery, several red herrings, something very sexual, and then boom! a climax with a large release or discovery of power.
I did enjoy the story, and I like the way Merry is moving from victim to power player, but I am growing a little weary of the format. I wish Ms. Hamilton would take a fresh approach to building her stories and characters.
I will definitely read the next volume, and I will keep reading until the story comes to a logical conclusion or Ms. Hamilton completely flops, but I hope the next book is something different.
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on April 11, 2002
I do not know if her writing has changed or I am outgrowing her characters, but I do not feel that this lived up to LKH. This is the last hardback I purchase of hers. I loved the 1st in the series, but this one was a real let down. I really feel she gets Anita(see Anita Blake series) confused w/Merry.
She seems to be rushing thru these books and not giving them the previous depth that the others had. I did not feel that her characters were as well developed as previous novel and it lost my interest about 1/2 way thru. Forced myself to finish, and like I said, will no longer eagerly await her books, or purchase hard backs.
From now on I am a paperback used book store girl for LKH until she goes back to better development. I would recomend 1st book in series and Anita Blake series 1-6, lost me on those after that.
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on April 22, 2002
This book was not a disappointment, and I was pleasantly surprised. I found it on a par with the first in the series, which means there were no surprises, no disappointments and no flashes of inspiration from the author.
It was an entertaining read, but I fear LKH is a bit of a one-trick pony when it comes to writing. All her books devolve into: heroine deals with stable of handsome but insecure men, heroine deals with a little character development, and the story ends up with heroine saves the day while discovering a new power she didn't know she had.
For light reading with no real depth, it's as entertaining as the last book. If you're expecting more, you'll be disappointed. However, if you enjoyed the first in this series, you'll find this more of the same and equally enjoyable.
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on March 25, 2004
In general, I love Laurel K. Hamilton's books.
As other reviewers have noted, the plot point here is that Merry is supposed to be trying to get pregnant before her cousin Cel can father a child. Thus, she has lots of sex. My question is: why doesn't she spend some effort trying to TIME her conception? Don't sidhe ovulate? If sidhe don't work that way, I'd love to hear an explanation. Given that many (most?) of Hamiltons's readers are female, I'd think that they'd be interested in a digression about sidhe reproductive biology. Merry's failure to consult a fertility doctor frustrated me for the whole book.
I agree with other reviewers that the ending was rushed. I'll read the next one because I hope/want that it will be better, but this book was frustrating.
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on April 1, 2002
okay, i get it. laurell hamilton has a "thing" about blood, I couldn't get through the vampire books, but i enjoyed the first merry gentry book. here, in the second merry gentry book, there is virtually NO plot, just slim connectors betweem sex scenes, most of them intended to be enlivened with the idea of sex with blood. it's weak, especially since i am sure, based on the writing itself, that the author can do much better. This book is a good exemplar of the truism that porn is just plain boring. the only thing distinguisning the beings merry has sex with from each other is the description of their bodies. It's too repetitive to be very interesting. how about some personality development and a real plot?
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on March 28, 2002
I love LKH, I loved her ABVH sereies, I loved Kiss of Shadows....what I didn't really love was COT. It was just really hard to get into. I mean I loved that another of her books came out, I was waiting for it but..sheesh.
Merry is just starting to relize what she needs to do to get other to look at her with repect. Remember Kitto? The little goblin? Well he's half sidhen and has come into his power. Oh yeah Merry has another hand of power. She is now Princess of Fleash and Blood.
If you do love LKH's Merry sereis, you should get the book. It's very informitive adn it you're waiting for the third book and don't read COOT, you're gonna miss alot.
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on April 2, 2002
Caress of Twilight continues where Kiss of Shadows leaves off: more sex to solve more fey problems. Even if the sex isn't usually graphic, it's prevalent throughout the entire book. If she's not having sex, Merry is thinking about it or someone near her is. While the point of Merry's life in this sequel is to have a child to gain the fey throne, the use of sexual energy continues into situations that have nothing to do with that. A prominent actress has a problem she wants Merry to help with - now how is Merry going to help? You guessed it - sex. A friend of Merry's needs a cure - how does she get it? Right again.
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on April 4, 2002
I almost didn't buy this book after reading "A Kiss of Shadows". I have all of the Anita Blake series but between the last couple of books in that series and the first one of this I amost wrote Laurell K. Hamilton off as a writer. I am glad I changed my mind. This book is starting to develop the characters beyond the who is sleeping with who mark. The characters are actually developing into beings that you care to read about. There is a small plot line in this book involving good and evil with a twist on who the bad guy really is. If the series continues in this manner I will be happy to buy and read more.
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on April 2, 2002
As with all of her previous books, the characters, sex, and personal conflicts are wonderfully executed.Ms. Hamilton has a gift for creating wildly imaginative worlds and characters. I was anxiously waiting for this book and immediately sat and read it in one day. It was good, but the mystery plot was a little thin. I had the feeling that this could have been an exceptional book had more attention been given to the detective story line, instead it was a good continuance of Merry's story - more of a filler, rather than the exceptional stand alone book it could have been.
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on April 3, 2002
While the quality of Ms. Hamilton's writing has degraded in her Anita Blake series, and the first Fey book was a pale shadow of that series, this book shows characterization and patterning that is distinct and interesting. I feel that there are a few problems with pacing and Deus Ex Machina here, but most readers will enjoy this book as a fun romp. It isn't on par with the best of Fantasy, but if you like Honor Harrington, the Three Musketeers, or faerie tales you might like this series, and definitely this book.
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