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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on May 13, 2011
I like meany others who found that the books for 3.5 D&D now are harder to find than gold ( for a good price ).

I Was sent looking for an alliterative and I found PATHFINDER and I wish that I did sooner the CORE RULE BOOK is in a format that is

ease to follow and the explanations are clear.

I found for the price you pay you get MORE than your moneys worth OVER 500 pages for about the same price as One of the other core

books ( you will need to buy others but This is a good start ).

All the old gang is hear forum the Barbarian to the sorcerer ( and all of them got a make over to ) it is 3.5 OGL Compatible.

As with every new or others version of the game some things are gone or thy got a new title but most of what you know or expect is hear.

The pages are of good quality and the binding is stitched the art work is nice and clean the only thing I find a Little low is the

cover I found it a little light .

All in all this is allot more book than the price would lead you to believe .

If you are new to the game or trying to rebuild or replace your old game books this is the book to start with or just to round out your

set this is it . How to build your character outfit him or her how to master a game how to build a world and the loot to get .( you

will still need to buy a Bestiary book to run a game ) .

Thank you for your time ..
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on October 29, 2014
Essential to have, but I find it very haphazardly ordered. It seems to assume that the player has played D&D before but not everyone has (including me). It seems to skim over the basics of gameplay and character setup which a newbie like me may not be fully aware. It also uses terms in the beginning/basics that are not explained until way later or in another book.

I am happy I have it and it is available to me during campaign but I find myself googling most things I need or using the Paizo website. It just takes too long to find things in the book or it might not even be in there! But it is still nice to have. I'm kind of torn on the star rating but I will give it 4 since the quality of the book is good, it just needs a better organization applied. It is mostly just a supplement. A tablet/computer/phone with access to the Paizo or other websites would have all the same information with easier access to it.
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on June 1, 2012
As always I am late to the game (any game), and I finally got around to picking up Pathfinder. I was excited to see inside, since I am a devout fan of the 3.5 rules set. It is a very large book, a great dollar value with Amazon's prices! Cover and binding are well-done, typesetting is fun and legible, and the artwork is fabulous. I really enjoy the styles used for the artwork, it's refreshing to me and it alone provides so much inspiration. As far as my opinion on the rule changes I am still undecided. Some are great ideas, others I question. Nonetheless I highly recommend this product to any 3.x edition fan, if only for the artwork and ideas for house rules.
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on November 30, 2012
Basically, pathfinder is D&D 3.5, with most of the bugs fixed. It does have come of the flaws inevitable to role playing games of this complexity. Making characters is time consuming (especially casters, my goodness), you will inevitably forget about a host of your own abilities because they are either entirely useless or useless 90% of the time, and its easy to mess up rules or make a character who just sucks by comparison to other characters. However, familiarity with the game solves all these problems, and there are no simply useless classes. Its plain to see why it is the go to game for so many of us!
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on February 5, 2013
Great successor to the 3/3.5 edition of Dungeons and Dragons. If you were or are a fan of this edition of D&D I would recommend giving this a try. It is not far off and sometimes it is nice to get away from the lore of Forgotten Realms and delve into something new. Nicely laid out book, lots of content and lore, well worth the price of purchase in my opinion. Also great for those that prefer the previous edition over 4th eidtion ruleset.
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on April 9, 2010
In summary, Pathfinder is the new revision of the old Dungeons & Dragons Third Edition system that essentially retcons the asinine Fourth Edition out of existence for those who can't stand where Wizards/Hasbro took the franchise in that version.

I usually view any 'reimagining' by ex-team members with a degree of dubiety, and so should you, but to understand why Pathfinder is such a good thing you really need to dig into the history of the D&D franchise. From it's humble beginnings in First Edition, D&D slowly evolved away from the 'you are in a ten foot by ten foot room, an orc guards a chest in the center of the room' school of roleplaying to become more complex and nuanced. In the eyes of many, however, second edition took a wrong turn at the corner of Matrix and Calculus, becoming baffling and needlessly arcane for the casual fan.

Third Edition removed several of the legacy systems, such as THACO, which had caused controversy and streamlined the system to work well with miniatures and mapboards and less higher math. Unfortunately some of the major pieces of Third Edition were unbalanced and broken, which caused a backlash similar to New Coke (albeit much smaller in scale). 3.5 made a gallant attempt to resolve these issues, but by this time the jury was largely out on the matter of Third Edition being broken and its market share suffered badly therefore - at the hands of more dynamic systems, such as the White Wolf series and also at the hands of the MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft which were becoming more popular.

At this point Wizards / Hasbro decided that the problem was TOO MUCH SYSTEM. Streamlining things even more, they also made the game virtually unplayable without miniatures. Borrowing concepts from computer based online games, they reduced the list of options available to the player in combat, but placed many of those powers on cooldowns so that once used they could be used later in a session. They also railroaded the DM's participation in the game by mandating the actions that monsters took - telling the GM which powers a monster would use in certain circumstances and even which player the monster would target.

Obviously there are many people who enjoy this sort of structure. It takes the weight off the DM, so as to speak. With preprepared adventures and detailed instructions on precisely how to run every encounter, the amount of prep a DM has to do for a session is reduced. There are, equally, many for whom this approach is anathema. Some people want to create characters who are individuals and who change considerably during their development - they want to avoid the kind of 'one true build' phenomenon that bedevils World of Warcraft. Many DM's prefer more lattitude in how they run their encounters and what their monsters actually do in a combat, rather than running them from an algorithm.

If you thought Third Edition was misguided but essentially well intentioned, then Pathfinder is perfect for you. Many reviews already extol the virtues of its design changes, the great need for detailed supporting material and a single campaign world, that is nonetheless full and varied. Pathfinder addresses the issues of low-level character survivability and evens out the power curve for wizards - the days of a single first level spell per day and then being reduced to poking things with a stick are over, but wizards no longer leave Fighters in the dust at high levels..

If you like 4th Ed but want to try something a bit more flexible you could also do worse than to go for Pathfinder!
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on January 26, 2013
awsome so awsome game , nothing else to say exept nothing nothing nothing nothing i must reach review needed words
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