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on February 11, 2017
Haven't had time to begin reading this book yet, but I'm sure it will be helpful to me.
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on September 12, 2011
The text can be quite inspirational but the authors have been careful to cover themselves in their attention-getting claims. One such example is the disclaimer (small print) in the advertising that the results claimed by the various 'references' are exceptional and not typical. The 'weasel clauses' throughout contain the statement: "You could lose:..." Of course we could lose, we could also lose only a gram a year or we could gain...
Granted, weight control has very many variables and no two people are likely to respond exactly the same. However, typical results would be much more valuable to us, in formulating a diet and exercising plan.
Many of the suggested meal plans are for two people. Fine so far, for a two-person family. However, Stork goes on to suggest using the leftovers for preparing the meal for the next day, FOR ONE PERSON. How is the other supposed to eat? Could (skipping a meal everyday) that be the secret to the diet?
As is often the case, these authors too carefully shield themselves from the public so that they won't have to answer direct questions or further clarify their statements.
So, is this plan any good?
Nearly all diets work if you stay with the program. However, unless one is able to develop a healthy eating philosophy which can be comfortably followed for the rest of their lives, most ideas are doomed to failure. If it were a simple easy-to-practice secret, there would be no need for all the diet programs, especially those which make fortunes year after year from 'return' customers who have 'failed' and have returned for more of the same.
To succeed, you must not be hungry nor have a craving for 'unhealthy' foods or such large quantities. Until we find a successful means of accomplishing this feat, most weight-loss diets will have little or no success 'over the long term.'
There is a lot of good advice in the book but it's claims are a little over the top at times. It would be beneficial if the authors would substantiate their references to 'studies' so that we could follow up to see how well these studies were performed. Vague claims are not very useful.
Inspiring? Yes.
Fun to read? Yes.
Useful? Somewhat.
Are the suggestions and meal plans easy to follow? Variable and maybe even impossible at times. Much more explanation required.
Will you lose lots of weight and keep it off? Questionable.
Do I recommend this book? Well...maybe. Ignore the hype and extract the useful information.
Never think of a diet as being over and maybe you will succeed also.
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on January 17, 2014
I found that the book does not get to the meat of the prescription soon enough . I would not reccomend it .
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on September 18, 2015
Interesting reading.
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