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on December 3, 2014
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on March 1, 2010
This is an exellent guide for visitors to Australia and contains all the information you require. Highly recommended.
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on February 1, 2004
I prefer the better graphics of the Eyewitness Travel books. But having said that this book is a solid effort over 1000 pages with lots of local detail, good quality photos and maps.
It contains sections on things to see and do, history and native art. It has a lot of nature photographs. There are lots of things to see in the book including hiking, caving, camping, hostels, shopping, art, water sports, performing arts, nature reserves and parks, and good details and maps on all the major cities. In this market there are three or four similar books. Plus there are other books just on the Outback and the cities.
Australia is a big place and 1000 pages covers everything just at the surface level and just briefly, so I would recommend more than one book and possibly some maps to supplement the other books. Also read Bill Bryson's book "Down Under" for lots of local color and tips. Again Australia is a big place and 1000 pages does not do the country justice.
It is what you would expect from Lonely Planet - and it is a good reference book to plan the trip.
Jack in Toronto
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on January 25, 2004
I think it's time that the message come through: Lonely Planet is one of the most outdated sources you can you. Simply because, for hotels and how to get there, you can now just scour the Net for the best deals nad reviews. As for food, I usually just eat wherever place that looks good for me- no picking beforehand. So there you have it; take away all these practical components, and this book becomes quite crappy. The quality of the maps are mediocre; however, try something better, like Fodor's, Rough Guide (very user friendly) or DK Eyewitness (which has ex hotel and restaurant listings but lots of great graphics). In short, for me -> Lonely Planet = senile. Its time for the editors to update its format...
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on January 24, 2004
Well, I got the last edition of the book when I was researching my honeymoon to Australia. I thought that with a book that encompassed the entire country it could help me narrow down where we wanted to travel.
I found that this book is more geared to the backpackers or very cost-aware traveler. So, for our honeymoon, when we were looking for luxury and to splurge it wasn't the best. But, it may have what you are looking for.
Also, the format of this book is divided into sections of the country and then the various lodging, restaurants etc.... but it has very long descriptions and small print and was too much information for us at the time.
Actually, we did not take this book with us to Australia and we purchased a few other books instead (Fodors, Sydney Citiguide). I truly found that in the era of the internet, I could research most of the trip online and make a lot of the reservations. And as far as having a reference while you are away.... the more site specific the book the more useful I have found. (And my husband sold ours on e-bay before we even left for the trip!)
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on October 11, 2003
This is the crown jewel of the Lonely Planet series. It's no wonder since Lonely Planet is based in Australia. This guide is much more comprehensive than any of the other Lonely Planet guides I have used. To get an idea, the Lonely Planet Australia guide is about the same thickness as the Lonely Planet Western Europe guide. Is there really as much to see in Australia as in Western Europe? I don't think so, but I'm not complaining. I just wish the other guidebooks were as complete as this one. This guide goes into great detail for every region of Australia. There even listings for minor towns with populations of 200 or 300. I don't think anything is left out.
As is usual with Lonely Planet guidebooks, this give great listings for reasonably priced hotels and restaurants. Also it gives you great information on how to reach each location. Oh, and it covers all the main sights, and a lot of the minor ones as well. Basically, if you're going to go to Australia, you should pick this up. You won't regret it.
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on May 16, 2003
This edition is a very poor effort by the Lonely Planet series. Year after year they get a lot of information completely wrong and no one seems to update it with the correct information. For example this edition lists Surfers Paradise, Coolangatta, Burleigh and practically every other suburb of the Australia's sixth largest city Gold Coast as towns. Obviously they are getting confused with the region north of Brisbane which is known as the Sunshine Coast which is made up of a lot of individual towns. Obviously the editor has never travelled to southern Queensland or this error would be corrected. The misleading thing then about this book is that it implies it is written by backpackers who have visited these places when clearly with such obvious mistakes someone just read a mistake somewhere while researching and reprinted it.
This book also does not contain the majority of hostel listings in Australia which is the main reason most people purchase these books. There are many free backpacker publications in nearly every Australian hostel so I would recommend not purchasing this book.
It does have some background information (although not entirely accurate) and some colour photographs. There are better books to buy to do research on Australia if planning a trip here then this mistake riddled thing.
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on April 10, 2003
This book had excellent maps to use while in the country. It was also very useful when planning because it had phone numbers for everything so I was able to book in advance. It had very good advice when it came to planning itineraries. I especially liked that it had all the main tourist attractions as well as numerous off-the-beat-and-track (and wonderful!) suggestions. Use THIS book to plan in advance and to guide you while you're there. It covers EVERYTHING.
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on December 12, 2002
The new 11th edition (May 2002)of this Lonely Planet Guide is excellent. I grew up in Australia and travel back frequently. The publisher is based in Melbourne, so this book has unique "at the source" information and tips. This updated edition solves most of the problems of previous editions. Yes, things change -- so always refer to the most recent edition available. Australia is a fascinating island continent.
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on August 31, 2002
Having recently returned from Australia I must heartily recommend this title for the excellent advice on all the areas I visited.
One word of warning, however. When visiting Mission Beach, avoid Mackays motel on Porter Promenade. The grubby rooms and surly service spolied what was otherwise a highly enjoyable visit to Queensland. All the other Lonely Planet reccommendations were top notch!
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