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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on July 6, 2004
I am a huge fan of the Amelia Peabody Series, but this is the last book I will read in it. I have to agree with the other negative reviews. This is the first one that didn't really seem like the good old reliable Peabody novel. I agree that Nefret is simply annoying and too much a focus of the book, to the detriment of developing Ramses. What happened to Ramses's great personality??? The "Manuscript H" added very little to the story or the characterizations. In fact it was boring: compare that to the hilarity of Ramses's letters in Snake, Crocodile and Dog! None of the spark and wit was there.
Ramses did't even seem like the same person. Emerson has been shunted to the background and rendered totally minor. The great humor of the previous books seems completely gone. I've always thought the only thing this series had going for it was the humor and the characterizations: without that, it just becomes kind of rote and dull.
In fact, this book was so lacking inthe usual Peabody charm that I seriously wonder if someone else wrote it, or Ms. Peters/Mertz just couldn't care less anymore.

Still the first 8 in the series are wonderful reads I will always cherish.
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on July 12, 1999
After struggling through this book, I tried to figure out what made this book so tedious compared to the previous Amelia Peabody mysteries (I am a HUGE fan of all the previous Amelia Peabody novels). I finally decided that it was getting around Nefret that made this book so hard to get through. The character of Nefret adds absolutely nothing to the stories and actually makes them hard to read. Quite frankly, she's BOORISH. Apparently she's supposed to have "the heart of a man" but if this is so, it is a man I wouldn't want to know. I would be put off by any man that behaved in that manner. I see no charm in extremely boorish and uncouth behaviour. If we were to compare Nefret to Dolly (whom everyone has an aversion to), we could see that Nefret is just flaunting her "manliness" just the same as Dolly is flaunting her "feminism"--neither have any REAL substance. Dolly giggles/Nefret curses. Dolly dresses in fancy clothes and corsets and hangs on men/Nefret dresses in tight pants, unbuttons the top buttons of her shirt and deliberately pulls up her pants leg in front of three men. There are many comparisons and neither Dolly or Nefret hold any charm for the reader and shouldn't hold any charm for any of the characters in the book if the characters hold true. Is Nefret just another brainless bimbo who is just trying to show off and get attention by "acting like a man"??? So it would seem. It's too tiresome to read through all that muck. Take her out of the stories and they will move along much faster and be MUCH more interesting.
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on October 10, 2001
This was my first and probably last Amelia Peabody mystery I shall read. Peabody is a nosy, verbose, upper class English Egyptologist famous for solving mysteries. I found the writing to be somewhat tedious and long winded. You'll have to suffer until page 125 for any sort of action to begin. I think only the true history lover can appreciate this novel, for most of the characters are either named after Egyptian gods or pharaohs. If this is the best novel Peters has to offer I dread to think of what her others may be like. This is a fairly quick read, really only a skim if there is absolutely nothing else at home on offer. I would reccomend other authors such as Christian Jacq, PC Doherty and Michael Asher who execute beautifully the wonders of Egypt.
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on March 13, 2003
If you think that in this book you will read something interesting about the ancient Egypt, you are completely wrong, the main story of the book is the diary of Amelia Peabody, but I don't think that if someone writes a diary will write what think another person, you can't do that, you just don't know what others think.
Basically the book is the story of an assassin who killed his wife ten years or so before this story, it really is boring and boring.
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