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on June 27, 2016
love the book
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on August 23, 2002
Daivd Gemmell has done what so very few authors can do. He has created a character, Druss, who is so much more than any man can be and is precisely what every man wants to be. It is very easy to read and the story pulls you into the world he has ceated and you feel as if you are there, along with Druss, creating his legends. Your imagination explodes with vivid scenes as Gemmell describes so simply, yet in just enough detail, that your imagination paints the most wonderful world and characters. The reason that I particularily like this book is for the simple little pieces of wisdom that Gemmell includes and I will leave you with one..."Foolish regret weighs more than iron. Every man makes mistakes; thats how he learns. Only the weakling talks of life's unfairness, or claims he is jinxed by bad luck. The strong man shrugs his shoulders and walks on." Great book, Great read, highly recommended.
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on July 12, 2001
Druss the Legend was a great read from start to finish. Anyone who is a fan of the first book in the series, Legend, should check this book out. Learn how Druss became such an awesome warrior and the secrets behind the dark weapon Snaga. Grab a goblet of Ventran Red, a block of cheese, put the wife and kids to bed and set sail on a fantastic adventure with Druss the Legend.
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on January 2, 2001
WOW, thats the first thing that came to my mind after reading this book. I was truly upset when it was over. Mr.David Gemmell is the best fantasy writer hands down. I have read all of Mr.Gemmell's novels, and I have to put this one as one of my faves. Druss the Legend is problaby his greatest character, and this novel will not disappoint. Reading it was a emotional rollercoaster for me, sadness, anger, love, happiness, its makes the reader fell it all. You totally get immersed in the fantasy universe and everything about it.The adventure is truly unlike any other one i've ever read.I felt like I was part of the story, part of Druss.If fantasy is your thing you will not want to miss this novel. This novel main focus is Druss early life and how he became the hero in the other two books.The characters involved in this one are well descriped and easily loved. A great read
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on August 18, 2000
If you have not read "Legend" stop now and read it first. After you read Legend you will want to know more about Druss (believe me you will). Then you read this book.
As a follow up to Legend it is a good book, but it annoyed me a bit that he carved out the Deathwalker legend into another novel. That's why he lost a star.
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on August 9, 2000
This book was the first of Gemmels novels I came across, and I have read most of them since. Gemmel's storylines are very standard as far as fantasy is concerned, yet he writes with a certain flair which makes his books extremely enjoyable nonetheless. I loved this book from the start and I would highly recommend this book as an entry into Gemmel's Drenai world.
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on July 11, 2000
at the age of 16, this was one of the first books i read and i always return to it, 4 years on and it still moves me like no other book has, never before have i loved a book like this. BUY IT, READ IT and then READ IT AGAIN and AGAIN
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on April 5, 2000
I'd just like to say that Gemmell has to be the greatest of men and the most splendid auther. He is the first person to make such a human connection that revealed the humanity and mortality in heroes. For everything I've known the man made me cry, this book made bawl for at least a half hour. That's how strong the emotions are stirred in this epic tail. For every wise crack made i laughed and for the intensity of the battles my face lit up like it were christmas time all over again when i was young. For all things worth it, Druss and the characters in this book are not works of fiction, but scriptures of a past long forgotten. You will not set this book down but for a few things: tissues, the bathroom and food. Have a great time and try not to lose sleep over the next day of reading (I did).
~Joseph James Peabody, Jr.
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on February 28, 2000
This is an incredible book. I could not put it down.
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