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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on August 12, 2002
This deck wouldn't have been something I would have normally bought. I have been doing tarot for years, and I thought this deck looked too "fluffy". However, I was delightfully surprised when I found this on Lightworker as an On-line tarot program. Far from thinking "Oh, now I don't have to buy it" I thought "Wow, this deck is really cool, I wonder how much it is".
Put it this way, it just went on my wish list...
The best thing I love about these cards is, you don't really have to be a tarot reader to use them. Almost everyone knows these stories, even children, and can therefore make use of the symbology and bridge the gap between misunderstood "instrument of Satan" and "subconscious trigger mechanism."
For as long as I have been doing tarot, one might think it would be hard for any deck to give me a new perspective, but this one did. Very nice.
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on March 7, 2003
I have always been one to steer away from traditional Tarot cards because I am a very positive person and don't feel comfortable with the potential to receive "negative" messages from such cards. I had never tried using Tarot cards before, yet I was strongly drawn to these cards for about 3 months before I finally bought them and started using them. I was amazed at the accuracy of my readings. They have all been very, very accurate and have been tremendously helpful to those for whom I have done readings. I have been in awe of the accuracy of their messages and I thoroughly enjoy passing on my readings to those requesting them. The enlightenment and guidance that people receive through these cards have been beyond my greatest expectations. I plan to offer as many readings as I can. The cards are beautifully illustrated and their messages, based upon traditional fairy tale themes and characters help to make the reading s very positive and even somewhat playful. I also find that there is a tremendous amount of information available to those receiving readings, and the contemplation and refelection required following the reading is a great help in enhancing self-awareness and enlightenment. I would recommend these cards to anyone interested in helping others with positive and life enriching guidance.
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on May 4, 2002
I am a collector of Tarot cards, more than I am a reader of them. The oil painting-like artwork for this deck is beautiful. The artist utilizes bold and rich colors in keeping with its faery tale theme.
Each card in the deck represents a character in a folk or faery tale. The Major Arcana runs it's choices parallel to the archtypes in the typical tarot.
For instance, the "Fool" card (Number Zero) is represented in this deck by Little Red Cap (the forerunner to Red Riding Hood- and it is also the card featured on the cover in the picture above.)
The High Priestess is the Faery Godmother, the Moon is represented by Cinderella, the Devil is represented by the Big Bad Wolf (a foil to Red Riding Cap and the Three Little Pigs, another card in the Major Arcana).
The titles of the cards are the names of the characters, not the archtypes (which are only noted in the book), so parents won't need to be squeamish in trying to explain to curious little seekers what a Heirophant is instead of pointing out Aladdin's Genie.
The minor arcana does away with the traditional court cards, meaning no kings or queens, but rather replaced with cards like The Seeker of Wands (all topped with butterfies) or the Guardian of Crystals (replacing the pentacle suit).
The accompanying book to the deck is a nice read, but a thicker companion than many of the tarot decks that are on the market right now. Experts may want to skip to the source and insight areas detailing each card. Beginners may be more interested in the different layout and reading options.
The cards themselves are larger than normal decks (and harder to shuffle if you have smaller hands) but very detailed.
This is a good deck if you are a collector of childrens stories or interested in folklore, and a fun one to look into if you are looking for an alternative/compliment to some more of the somber tarot decks that are out there.
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on February 21, 2004
Isha Lerner has been a mentor of mine for years and I cannot say enough about how her works have changed my life...I started out with her first set "Then Inner Child". The child within immediately responds to these cards...even to the size of the hand size felt childlike as I handled them and the artwork effects you as well. I have added "The Inner Child and all her others to my own collection and will never part with them ! I highly recommend...and be ready for the profound changes in your own life.
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on May 19, 2003
Isha Lerner brings through profound wisdom in her cards that have both captured the essence and brought solutions to any difficulty I was facing. Every time I drew cards, they were so on target, that I felt myself uplifted, inspired and genuinely guided towards wholeness.
I highly recommend Inner Child Cards to anyone who wants to connect with their true self, the beautiful child within that we may have forgotten about, as we became adults. I own many different card decks, however, this one is my favorite of all. Highly recommended for inner healing!
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