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on December 10, 2010
Once you read this one you will have a lifestyle and role model to look up to. The book is rich with stories that clearly exemplify Brandson's secret to his own success. Read his first book (Losing My Virginity) for better contextualization. Here is a brief summary of the lessons I took from it. Perhaps 95% of Brandson's success comes from hard work, but all these other factors (the remaining 5%) were incremental in shaping his winning attitude. I've changed my behaviour since becoming aware of it, and as a reminder I always keep this summary handy and look at it often. (I can't be reborn again but I still can change my mind-set)

The secret of educating to success is to:

1) Treat a child as an adult (respecting his/her opinions and sharing ideas with them equally): Richard's parents were never shy to discuss sex, drugs and politics openly with him and not judge his personal opinion. This helped Richard to develop his self-confidence and boost his argumentative and social behaviour skills

2) Induce independence and self-reliance (teaching kids to stay in their two feet): similarly, young Richard often found himself searching for a way in-out because his parents forced him to learn how to get and conquest things on his own. Richard learned that desire is great, but to achieve his ambitions through his own hands was even better - it is liberating and forced him to constantly be looking for alternatives

3) Put the need of others first (do not be selfish): since start Richard has been helping others and his family, and was always surrounded by activities. By helping others he learned that he is actually helping himself

4) Think of ways to make honest money (busting the entrepreneurial spirit): parents or important figures setting the example and challenges

5) Thinking of how to improve and change things (break the rules): as you know this is the core of Virgin's culture. Think outside the box and challenge the status quo by putting ideas diplomatically and through meaningful ways

6) Connect the theory in class with real problems in life (what's the reason behind all that school training?): Richard always had the `let's do it' tactical attitude. He always believed in training for a purpose, not only for the sake of the theory

7) Keep neither a TV nor a radio (keep a journal instead): Writing and adventure are Richard's passions. As a young reporter he learned at early age that by writing you find time to think, follow and reflect about ideas, mistakes, teachings and goals

8) Learn from others (they hold the knowledge after all): still today we see Richard on the media nurturing network and connections in all fields. His lesson is that you can't impossible know everything, so surround yourself by great people, the ones that are greater than you in any aspect

9) Be competitive (in a healthy way): sports, work and group activities teach you how to work in teams and provides the motivation to challenge and improve yourself

10) Have fun while you stepping out of the comfort zone (you've got just one life): think strategically, do what you like and believe, link enjoyment with business/work life

11) Don't try to do everything (it's impossible): prioritize, delegate and create succession are key for expansion and growth
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on February 22, 2015
Stunning book on a man that is a gift to the world. He knows a little about everything and a lot about life and business. I would recommend every mid manager up to the entrepreneur or CEO read his books. It gives a whole new and effective meaning to respecting your staff and increasing your business volume to integrating it into your private life, while still maintaining the proverbial "private". He is a Master at his Craft; and that craft is PEOPLE!
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on January 1, 2014
A great book and a better man. Learn from the best about the best and his ways. Got to love it
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