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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on September 24, 2003
I was drawn in by the great review and the tag lines. "I wasn't a slave. I was a willing participant" I have read Kim Corum before 'The Other Woman' and I wasn't all that impressed but this book was different.
The Gradual progression of one woman and one man into the life style of Dominance and Submission all in the name of love. I'm not sure whatelse to say except WOW. This book was hot. I had a few moments in the book when I thought this is not BDSM but real abuse but it all ties together at the end of the book. Since the book is a first person tale from Kristin's point of view you don't get a chance to find out what's going through Frank's head.
You don't actually get to know any history on the characters until you are way into the book but from the get go you can feel apart of them from their actions and conversation or lack of. I did enjoy this book much better than the last Kim Corum book I read. This story flowed much better.
Even though this is a BDSM story it really is just a LOVE STORY.
If you like lite BDSM and unusual love stories with lots of great sex you'll like this book. Also this is a quick read only 200 pages.
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on March 26, 2004
This book was absolutely incredible, I could not put it down. Moment to moment I had similar flashes into my own life and deeply planted issues. The author portrayed a road that many of us do not dare go down. By the time you finish this book you will ask yourself why you haven't gone down this path, is it really the social fear of what others might think or is it due to the fear of losing oneself in the submission to another. Absolutely incredible, hot, steamy, thought-provoking book.
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on November 29, 2002
Breaking the Girl is one of the most intense and decadent books I have ever read! The story of a couple whose kinky games of domination and submission take over their lives is one of eroticism and suspense. I love how believable the characters are. I also love the fact that the book is set in New Orleans -- a city that's always fascinated me. I have become intrigued by this brand of erotica -- BDSM -- and this book is as good as it gets...
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on July 21, 2003
I cried when I finished for two reasons 1- I Fell in Love with Frank's character. 2- the second to the last chapter saddened me.
(Read it you will see what I mean)
3- I didn't want to ever finish reading it I wanted it to go on and on...............
I love this book and will forever cherish it. I found it to be realistic and fascinating. Excellent writing even thou I did find some Typos. (OUCH)
I was so excited it would turn me on more and more every page.
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on May 13, 2009
I found this to be perhaps the most satisfying erotica I had read for a long time. Kim Corum did a fine job with this book and I would happily purchase others by the same author, if i could find them.

Some of the other critics are correct that the sex in this book almost borders on abusive and if that isn't your bag then you ought to give it a pass. On the other hand there are no actual forceable rape scenes, whereas I thought many of the scenes in Shayla Black's Wicked Ties did not involve consensual sex at all, rather a domineering male who has a scared and fearful female at his mercy and abuses her both emotionally and physically. The fact that she "discovers" that she loves him is just shlock. At least Corum keeps her characters predictable.

If you like stories that are short and to the point, like "Master" you will find you can really enjoy this well written and imaginative collection. This book is one of those rare finds that you could say has the qualities of good literary fiction and just happens to have lots of sex in it as well!
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on July 8, 2004
This is one of the BEST SM I've ever read. It's so sexy and not the least bit trashy. The New Orleans setting made my mouth water and the characters made me want to have an affair with someone like Frank. I want more where this came from!
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on January 8, 2012
Sorry for the french comment, but my first language is french..

Breaking The Girl a été le premier livre "érotic" que j'ai lu, et j'ai adoré l'expérience. J'ai aimé que le livre reste dans le "réaliste", mais j'aurai aimé qu'il pousse un peu plus dans certain cas. Mais en général, le livre est très bien!! Il est relativement court, donc on n'a pas le temps de se tanner des personnages. Je vous le conseille ! :)
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on December 23, 2014
I can't say I loved it, can't say I hated it. I do however, respect the author and her work here. It is quite interesting to see how mess up a relationship can get, and at the same time still be fulfilling. How a D/s relationship starts, when you don't know the titles or the rules... So great work, interesting... But difficult for me to relate to the character
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on December 20, 2012
Short, to the point but incredibly steamy. Didn't know what to expect from this author but this book made me buy two more of hers.
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on October 27, 2014
I haven't had such a good laugh in ages. Funny, smart, down to earth; this lady can write... oh yeah, and HOT!!
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