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A little background first. Steambot Studios consists of six artists who have worked in the visual entertainment industry for more than a decade. Clients include EA, Ubisoft, Disney, Blue Sky, Hasbro etc. Pretty impressive client list for six artists, namely Sebastian Larroude (Rainart), Nicolas Ferrand (Viag), Thierry Doizeon (Barontieri), Joel Dos Reis Viegas (Feerik), David Levy (Vyle) and Patrick Desgreniers.

I was expecting Exodyssey to be a portfolio art book. To my surprise, it's not. It's actually a series of concept paintings created off a story concept. Which means that these are created specifically for the book, for the artists themselves.

Here's an excerpt from the overview:

Exodyssey is the name given to the long and war-filled period of time during which humans departed for exo-planets in order to survive their own destruction. -- excerpt end

The book follows the journey of main protagonist Harry, a descendant of colonists who have left Earth. We'll get to see what he sees and experience as he travels on alternate Earth, Moon, Mars, space stations and discover new planets.

The concept art is based more on the environment of these planets, the architecture, vehicles and landscape. There are also quite a few elaborate character designs and, towards the back, alien lifeforms (spoilers!!). I would guess that most of them are digital paintings since the captions don't indicate, although a few pieces look very close to traditional medium. Also included are a few intricate 3D models that are painted over. The details are astonishing.

There's not much story per se as the captions by each of the artists really talk more about the scenes and concepts rather than the story. As a whole, this book looks a lot like a movie visual development book, especially with the tons of background paintings.

Without reading the text, no one would have believed that this 176-page book, filled to the brim with art and concept, is created by only six artists. It's a tremendous piece of effort and great showcase of talent.

Oh, there are both hardcover and paperback versions for the book. Without doubt, I recommend getting the hardcover. Why not?

One final note is the 4 small blurbs that appear in the book. They promote training DVDs and should probably go to the back of the book so as not to break the flow.

There are more pictures of the book on my blog. Just visit my Amazon profile for the link.
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on August 11, 2009
Off the start, i must let everyone know this is not a "How to" book in any sort of way. Its purely painted/3D modeled/etc and the text is written in a very sparse graphic novel type. Think of 1 paragraph every 1-2 pages of images. The best part being it fits the book.

Its great for reference and inspiration purposes in terms of sci fi/tech and even fantasy type art to a degree.I bought the paper back but if i knew it was this great, i would've grabbed the hard cover because its a book you'll wanna have very long term.

Also one last thing, the colours involved overall are brilliantly chosen for the paintings and work together really well. Recommended buy if you like concept art and/or love really colourful artwork.
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on August 19, 2009
I was thoroughly impressed with Exodyssey. Although I expected nothing less from the ingenious creative team of Steambot, they not only dazzle us with beautiful imagery - they improvise a pretty awesome story to go with the concept art. This is not your average "Art of" book.
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on April 5, 2010
Simply put. Get this while you can!!! The artwork speaks volumes for itself, so I won't waste time for a review here. I don't believe anyone will be disappointed by this artbook!!
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on May 25, 2011
For the Sci-Fi lovers, the Steambot studio proves its skills to take you on another place.

Now we are all waiting for a game based on Exodyssey. :)
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on December 29, 2010
Un peu a la robota, l'équipe de Steambot nous offre un livre magnifique . Le livre est chargé d'images du début a la fin.
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on June 29, 2015
A complete series of space , robots and structures of sci-fi. Beautiful illustrations available just in one book.
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