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on November 29, 2016
The case was badly cracked so I am returning it for an exchange.
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on April 17, 2000
Many below have commented on the poor quality of the Warner Bros. DVD transfer of this Christmas classic. In general, however, the picture quality is quite good: crisp, clear and certainly superior to the VHS version (to be fair, the cinematography for ACS was never very good to begin with--daytime exteriors excepted). Some have expressed their disappointment that this release was not presented in 1.85:1 widescreen. An annoyance, to be sure, yet the framing is still tolerable. The REAL problem--and it's a doozy--is a perceptible "undulation" in the picture frame throughout the movie (imagine watching your television just beyond the top of a gas stove with the burners on). You may not see the waviness right off but if you look for it, you CAN'T miss it. It is particularly visible in stationary shots or shots with writing or horizontal/vertical lines in the frame. This condition is shocking considering the tremendous popularity of this title and the major brand name which released this DVD. Perhaps a better (competent) DVD widescreen release will be sold in the future. Until then, save your money and don't bother with this one.
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on December 17, 2002
Like so many people have so rightly pointed out and angry at,too, is that this classic receieved such poor treatment for the DVD format (I give the DVD two stars, not the movie itself). Bad picture quality, very few extras, and, of course, the biggest rip-off of all, it's in full-screen instead of wide-screen. Wasn't widescreen one of the main selling points for the DVD format? Of course it was! This particular DVD was only put out to cash in on the popularity of the movie without taking the time, care, and money to take full advantage of the format. Why buy this on DVD when you can get the same type of picture aspect-ratio and picture quality on tape? It'd definitely be cheaper!!
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on September 2, 2000
This is a must-see, completely charming, wonderfully acted (and I usually don't like child actors), heart-warming without being too mushy, Holiday Season story.
But they made the DVD in Pan&Scan (except the opening credits, which are in widescreen). SHAME ON THE DVD PRODUCER!
The whole idea of DVDs was that there's ample space for both widescreen and pan&scan versions. P&S (now called "Full Screen Format" -- to make you think it's a good thing) makes movies look like made-for-tv shows, with no vistas and too many closeups.
How about an un-modified version of this terrific movie?
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on December 1, 2000
I have always loved this film; was a fan of Gene Shepard (the author) when he was on WOR radio in New York for years and thought he was first-rate. Read his book on which this film is based ("In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash"). Enjoyed the movie in the theatre. But, they've taken this classic and chopped off its sides -- and thus emptied out both a great deal of its fun and visual power. Producers: DVD is a film-lover's format. If you must use "full screen" for some reason, please include the original format, too. Otherwise there is no compelling reason to purchase.
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on October 4, 1999
Contrary to what is listed about the new Warner DVD of "A Christmas Story", it is only a fullscreen version and does not include a widescreen one. I think Warner made a mistake in re-releasing it in the same limited format as the earlier MGM release.
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on November 28, 1999
Classic movie, but non-widescreen transfer that suffers from "wavy-ness" and other odd defects really ruined it for me. Also mono sound! Argh
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on October 18, 2002
Little to no extras. This great film deserves better treatment than this. We can always hope.
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on December 18, 1999
I've seen this movie every Christmas at my relative's house. I can honestly say I hate it. I've been searching for reasons why people actually think of this is as a classic up there with It's A Wonderful Life and A Charlie Brown Christmas. Pretty much the same excuse of every person who has seen this is that it reminds them of their childhood. I cannot contend that. However, I think the movie is actually pretty mean-spirited and after awhile pretty bland. In one sequence we have Ralphie uttering the F word and then beating up this one kid to a bloody pulp (with his mittens!) Then you have the scene where that one kid gets stuck to the pole with his tounge. They seriously should have gotten Roald Dahl to direct this movie! Not much of an ending either. He does get the BB gun however. Stick with It's a Wonderful Life for your Christmas viewing pleasures.
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on December 29, 2001
This movie is over-rated. It is one dimensional. The kid wants a Red Ryder Rifle - we get it. Nice - but not a classic.
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