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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on November 22, 2000
As one of the first ever Simpsons ever, "The Simpsons' Christmas Special" is one of the funniest Christmas tales to ever air on television. Originally airing in 1989, this Christmas special features the Simpson clan trying to make the best of the holiday after Homer learns that he is not going to be receiving a Christmas bonus from his boss, Mr. Burns.
The special, which opens up at Springfield Elementary's annual Christmas pageant features a hilarious performance by Lisa as Towanga, the Santa Claus of the South Pacific, and Bart's version of "Jingle Bells" which gets him in trouble with Principal Skinner.
After Marge spends every last cent of the Christmas fund she has saved up for the entire year to remove a tattoo from Bart's arm, Homer tries to salvage the holiday by taking a job as a Santa Claus at a local store. His hilarious encounters with Marge's sisters, Patty and Selma, who dislike their brother-in-law, as well as Bart's pranks will make me you laugh, and the ending which is somewhat warm, caps the special.
In the tradition of "It's A Wonderful Life," "The Simpsons' Christmas Special" should be watched during the holidays. While there is always a need to see holiday classics, there is also room for comedy. Overall, another great Simpsons' classic!
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"The Simpson's Christmas" is a story about how Homer doesn't get his Christmas bonus, and so he looks for creative options to buy presents and a tree. He tries to be a Christmas Santa only to be paid a measly wage. How will he get his family Christmas presents?
Homer is shown as a caring father, wanting to do the right thing no matter what the cost. Although he isn't the smartest, classiest guy in Springfield, he does his best.
"The Simpson's Christmas" (officially called "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire") was made in the series' infancy. It shows. It is not as tightly written as today's shows. The voices of Homer, Barney and Mr. Burns aren't the same as today. The animation is weak, and the facial expressions are sometimes overdone, almost hackneyed. None of that diminishes the need to seen this episode.
As a point of history, it is intriguing to see this video and realize the evolution of the series. It isn't fair to compare then and now, but so much has improved since the beginning. The Simpson's started as a great toon, and now is a great series. Episode by episode, it keeps getting better and better.
You will want to find this on DVD for archiving purposes. Some mournful day, Fox will cancel the series and eventually, shows like this will be hard to find.
I fully recommend "The Simpson's Christmas."
Anthony Trendl
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on December 15, 2001
Every episode of The Simpsons is well-written, with a wry but definitely twisted sense of humor that makes the show so unique. Certain programs go far beyond the usual high standard set, but the Christmas Special, from way back in 1989, is not one of these blockbusters. Although it is worth watching, it stands out for the topic more than the content, unlike, for example, A Charlie Brown Christmas, probably the most heartwarming animated Christmas special ever made. Although they are both "losers", Bart's humor is born in more painful circumstances--Charlie Brown's dad never lost the Christmas money gambling at the dog track on Christmas Eve! In fact, the adults in Charlie Brown are never comprehensible; his world is strictly a child's world. The Simpsons is more wide-ranging, even post-modern in its humor. My favorite bit in the Christmas Special is when Bart comments that "If there's one thing TV has taught me, it's that miracles always happen to poor kids at Christmas."--and he even mentions Charlie Brown. [Matt Groening has said he was inspired to be a cartoonist by Charles Schultz.] As this is an early episode, fans familiar only with the recent series may be a bit disappointed in the drawings and the stiff animation; and some of the voice characterisations (especially Homer) have changed over the years.
I have to qualify my recommendation of this--it's good, and Simpson lovers won't be disappointed. But I'm afraid I don't think it is great; maybe it's just me. If you love this, I'd recommend getting the book Holidays On Ice by David Sedaris; they share the same irreverent Christmas tone. {My 11 year old daughter just wandered in and said she thought it was only 3 stars; my 17 year old son opined between 3 and 4 stars....and these are kids that love the Simpsons and seldom miss an episode.}
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on December 13, 1998
This episode describes how the Simpsons obtained their dog - Santa's Little Helper. Christmas was comming up, Marge took Lisa and Bart to the mall to buy presents. Bart decided that a great present for mom would be a tatoo (I love mom). He got it (2 letters were missing), but Marge took him to a clinic to remove the tatoo and they spent all their Xmas money doing that. Homer did not get his Xmas bonus at the nuclear plant and tried to earn money being Santa at the mall. He earned $13.??, went to bet on a dog race to make some, $, lost it, but brought back Santa's Little Helper, which turned out to be a great present for the kids. There are a few quotable and sharp phrases, but less than in the other episodes. Also, the whole episode is a little bit sad.
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on March 23, 2002
As most people know, this was the very first episode of The Simpsons. Originally airing on December 17, 1989, there would be 12 more episodes in the shows first season. They all aired in 1990. However, this episode, along with the entire first season, were probably the worst episodes aired in its 13 year history. This episodes description is: When Bart gets a tattoo, Marge has to use the families entire Christmas money to remove it. After this incident, Homer will not recieve a Christmas Bonus this year. With no money, Homer decides to work as a mall Santa to earn money. But when he only gets $13, he goes to a dog track and bets on Santa's Little Helper. After he looses, his master leaves him. Finally, Homer brings home the perfect Christmas present: a dog.
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on February 19, 2001
I have been watch simpsons for twelve years now. This episode of The Simpsons has a Christmasy feel to it. I don't know why I like The Simpsons so much, maybe it's because I have been watching it since I was just a little boy. I remember staying at my grandpa's house on cold, snowy Christmas Eve nights and watching Christmas specials we have bought throughout the years, this included because there always was something great about this episode of The Simpsons. It is a cherished Christmas classic
that started the whole series which is now the longest running primetime series on Earth. This episode is heartwarming, classic, and highly amusing and I hope this series will keep on creating laughs for years to come.
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on November 5, 2000
Hello you might think youve seen this episode your sayin to yourself its on tv wrong it contains scenes that never showed on tv its called syndication they remove scenes to leave room for commercials i will pinpoint the scenes the school christmas pageant is extended by 1 min and 10 seconds and there is a scene where the marges sisters say to marge where is homer and they have a talk about how come he is gone so long it is 50 seconds so it extends the episode by 2 min.Buy it youll love the deleted scenes
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on December 26, 2001
I originally reviewed this tape on February, 12th 1999, as you can see below somewhere. That was my first time eviewing on Amazon. Anyways, I love this tape. This episode really gets me in the x-mas mood. It is so cool, esspecially since it is the first episode, it is a good thing to own on tape. I watched this tape about 15 times, between this x-mas and last x-mas. It is so funny. I reccomend this tape to any other Simpsons lovers out there.
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on June 2, 1999
Theres the Grinch, Charlie Browns Christmas, Garfields Christmas, The Night Before Christmas, The Muppets Christmas, Frosty and Rudolph.....But the one that takes the cake of nostalgic tradition is the Simpsons Christmas. Not only was this the episode that paved the way for the simpsons whole social commentary show, but its also the one that became a yearly tradion to watch. Its a really a great episode.
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on December 22, 2001
I loved this, the Simpsons has to be the funniest cartoon family and this is a great Christmas episode, I love the part at the school's Christmas pageant when Bart wrecks Jingle Bells with the silly and slightly rude Batman version and I love how they explained how they first got Santa's Little Helper. I very highly recommend this video to any Simpsons fan who also loves Christmas cartoons!
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