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on August 20, 2000
The twins have always been cute and appealing. Now that they have outgrown the cutsie-poo, "Don't call me squirt!/No way, Jose!/You're in big trouble, mister!" stage, they are quite attractive young women.
Typical Olsen fare is a formulaic plot and a predictable happy ending. I agree with another viewer that this is really not for "little girls," as the twins are portrayed in a sexy light. This is not the fault or doing of the girls -- it is the money making machine/industry that the girls have been enslaved to since infancy. Due to their rapid maturation, the money makers have to craft yet another way to market the girls for their adoring public. However, I agree with that other viewer -- this movie is not 100% "family friendly."
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on October 9, 2001
In this video they are more grown up. They walk down the runway and model in different clothes and have a large audience. I know I would be freaken if I did that. They have really cool clothes and go to the FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise) They take you through a little about fashion and how it works. Its not all that accurate but it tells you a little. The songs are, Look at Me, Junior High, Gonna Start Something New, and Its Not Me but it Sure is You.
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on June 13, 2003
The other reviewer for this item announced that they prance around in bikinis and give each other wedgies! They SO do not! This video invovles them being shown around FIDM by a friend's college-age sister. Fashion victims can find out more about clothes and M-K and A fans can watch and enjoy. It's really fun but their redhead friend and their tour guide are very strange! At the end, the twins have a very quick, FULLY DRESSED (!) fashion show and the whole thing is just fun.
Songs: I'm Still Me, Fashion Jr. High, Gonna Start Somethin' New and It's Not Me, It's You (in a clothes sense, as in 'It doesn't suit me, it suits you, you know.)
Mary-Kate and Ashley sing very well in this, they seem to have grown up with their voices!
Probably the best party video (I've seen six, the ones on Favorite Parties -which includes this- and Vacation Parties)!
By R, aged 12, England, UK
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on October 1, 2002
My 4-year-old daughter loves this video. She just started taking ballet classes, and this video shows her little girls learning how to dance as well as adult professionals in New York--real life prima ballerinas.
It's a well-made video with catchy songs and a positive message--that getting good at anything requires lots of practice, and that even if you're not the best dancer in the world, it's still a fun and healthy thing to do.
I definitely recommend this for any little girl who enjoys ballet.
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on December 16, 2000
This is the worst Adventure of the Olsens. The grown-ups in this video are REALLY annoying and you almost get a head-ache by watching them. I'd recommend The Case of Thorn Mansion instead, which doesn't have any annoying grown-ups, and is a plain cute video with the greatest songs.
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on May 27, 2000
My little girl loves the Olsen twins. I myself have enjoyed watching them since they played on the television show Full House. We have about 8 Olsen twin videos, some older videos and some more recent videos. I have found most of them appropriate for my daughter to watch -- both fun and educational. However, this video I do not feel is appropriate for little girls (my daughter is 6 years old). I feel that in this video the Olsen twins have been "sexualized". The message and/or image they portray in this video is very different than what they have portrayed in the past. Yes the twins are older, but they are still girls/young women and are marketing their videos to young girls. If they continue to make products of this nature, we will no longer be customers or fans.
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on June 23, 2001
In The Aazing Adventures OF Mary-Kate & Ashley you get three videos on one tape one and a half hours to keep the kids happy my three year old loves it what you get on this video. Is the case of the Sea world adventure with that wonderful whale ! U.S. space camp mission and Who done it. Three videos on one tape hand picked by Mary-Kate and Ashley Fans well worth the price alone five stars for all of them !!!
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on October 28, 2000
This is one of their best your Invited videos! It was the first one I saw. It has about 5 songs including "Pizza" "pullin an all nighter" "Dare to dance" and one about videogames and scarry monsters. This video is really good!
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on March 3, 2001
The twins invite their friends to their Christmas Party,but things go wrong when they don't take care of their dog,Clue which is a Girl Dog which always helps them slove Mysterys!The dog knonks down the tree and messes the kitchen up!What has got into that Girl??????????Find that out in The Video!
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on November 20, 2001
This video was totally inappropriate! I didn't like this video, especially the part that shows the twins dancing around in their dressing room wearing only skimpy little string bikini panties and bras! They're only 13 or 14! I didn't even know they made string bikini underwear in a size that small! They're obviously trying to be grown up, but this borders on child pornography. Why would anyone want to see a couple of adolescent girls running around in skimpy underwear giving each other "wedgies" (that means pulling each others panties up each other's rear ends really tight)?
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