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on August 11, 2001
'The Secret Garden' tells the delightful story of a young girl called Mary, who becomes an orphan, and is forced to live with her aunt in a huge mansion.
At first Mary is a spoilt brat, but after finding a locked and neglected garden, things begin to change. Secrets about her childhood are revealed. She befriends a boy, and discovers a cousin who is an invalid. And teaches a father to love his son again.
With the magic and love that grows in 'The Secret Garden', any disability can be overcome.
I have read the book and I loved it! I love the movie too! It is beautiful and kind. By far one of my classic favorite movies I have seen. The ending, while very happy, always manages to bring tears to my eyes! It is so beautiful. I also really love the song 'Winter Light' by Linda Ronstadt. Kate Maberly is also delightful! I love the lines 'Colin: 'Are you making this magic?' Mary:'No you are!'
I would reccommend this movie for all ages!
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on November 1, 2003
I have to say this has got to be the best out of all the secret garden movies. The sets are breathtaking, and the garden just makes you want to wish you were there. When Mary Lennox, a spoiled little girl, is sent to live with her Uncle in the estate he owns called Misselthwait Manor after her parents die in a strange earthquake in India, she knows things aren't exactly in the ordinary. Someone in the castle crys out in terror all the time, and a garden out on the moors is locked up for who knows what reason. People are very mysterious about these two things, and no one wants to talk about it, so Mary'll just have to find out for herself. Everything in this movie is flawless. They may not have followed the book too well, but even on its own, it made a great version. The acting was great, especially by the always wonderful Margaret Smith, as Mrs. Medlock, and John Lynch as Mr. Craven. A timeless classic blooms to life once again.
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on June 8, 2003
This film is excellently directed and gives the original story the extra grace. I read the story when I was a little boy. The garden remains mysterious to me. Now I am glad to find the garden in this film though a bit different from what I had expected. Art directing is stellar. From the onset of Indian landscape to vividness of the garden I had been awestruck.
Children actors are super as well. And supporting actors particularly Maggie Smith as the strict servant create the mood of the story well. A bit of unconvincing part is Mary's cousin Colin being too quick to walk briskly. Overall excellent artwork and directing overcedes the minor things. The use of guiding robin is also nice. And the garden is beautiful and the process of rebooming is nicely described. This should not be limited to children. Adults need such heartwarming story.
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on November 6, 2001
'The Secret Garden' is one of my favourite films ever. It is a superb film experiance for any person, and a superlative example of film production in every area. The adaptation, the script, the acting, the directing, the score, and the production are exemplary.
The DVD offers no extra features over the VHS version except the obvious technical quality, yet the standard of the film is such that it demands a copy in the DVD format, if only from a pride of ownership perspective. I already owned a copy on VHS when the DVD version was released, and didn't hesitate on buying it again on DVD for posterity.
Don't ever rent this film: BUY IT.

It will become a joy to watch over and over again, each time bringing a new level of understanding, and returning ever more to the viewer.
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on March 16, 2001
Director Holland manages the trick of being faithful to Burnett's text - in terms of narrative, setting, character etc. - while subverting its ideological assumptions. The unobtrusive analysis of class qualifies all movement towards resolution, focusing on the excluded, working class boy rather than any restoration of aristocracy. Mary's parents in India are symptomatic of wider Imperial apathy; while the ghostly manor is an allegory for a sick, disintegrating empire.
Mary the outsider in Gothdom bares the mark of 'Edward Scissorhands' writer Caroline Thompson, but Kieslowski proteges Holland and Preisner only get one chance to emulate their master, a firelit childrens' wish reaching their guardian thousands of miles away.
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on September 12, 2001
This remake of the classic title was a disappointment at the box office and no one knows why. It's exactly what parents say they're looking for in a kids' movie. Perhaps it's because many think of it as a "girl's movie." We found that both boys and girls identified with characters on many levels - losing parents, being part of a family and learning to understand one another's feelings. It's a wonderful, universal story. Kids are inspired and moved by the emotions each character goes through. They commented: "No matter what your problems are, you can overcome them." "It must have been shot in a big garden. It was neat." "Awesome, it was the best video ever!" Best for 7 to 12-year-olds.
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on November 6, 2000
I have owned this film for I believe 7 years and it is still in my collection after all the years of selling my movies. There is something to say, "this is a classic!" I never wanted to let go of it. I was too weak for it. Kate Maberly is one of the most beautiful ladies in the world, including her acting, being exquisite and intelligent. This film is not a Children's Film as many people claim. This is a very adult film and the more I open my mind, the more I see that an adult (I am a college student) can be watching this and feel they are learning more from a little lady, than from millions of psychologists and books out in the world.
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on May 17, 2014
Yes this movie varies from the original novel. I bought it for viewing at our book club meeting the month we read the original novel. And yes, the things that varied (the mother being twins, the lack of a disease massacre and instead either an earthquake or an invasion (they're not quite clear on that)) were very different. But the feelings of the story were still present. The three children were excellent in their roles, and Maggie Smith was wonderful. I will definitely be re-watching this film time and time again in the future. It's fantastic.
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on June 20, 2003
This 1993 Warner Bros. version of "The Secret Garden" is the best version in my opinion. It's a much more subtle piece of work than the 1949 MGM version with Margaret O'Brien. The child actors in this film are superb, as well as the adult actors. The cinematography and musical score are both beautiful. I've seen three film versions of "The Secret Garden": MGM's 1949 film, Hallmark's 1987 TV movie, and Warner Brothers' 1993 film. This last one is my favorite of the lot, and one of the most beautiful films ever made.
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on January 20, 2004
This is one of my very favorite movies. It is about the need to feel wanted and it is about living. This is a beautiful story about children who find life in a garden and themselves in each other. Anyone who adores stories about how fragile we humans are and how much we need one another (and how much good we can do for one another) will love this movie. I find no fault with it. It is all about HOPE. (And I do not think the chanting and dream sequence is odd: the most spiritual of us do not close our minds and hearts.)
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