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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon October 5, 2008
Quentin Tarantino is said to be a fan of this movie, but - apart from one infamous scene - I can't understand why. Don't Go in the House is pretty much your typical, 1970s-era, cheap drive-in horror feature that promises little and doesn't over-deliver on those promises. (Is it just me, or are all 70s horror films plagued with dark, dirty prints? Can't someone do something to clean these things up a little bit?) I did learn one thing from the film, though. Apparently, back in 1979, you could go into a gun/camping shop and buy a flamethrower and flame-resistant suit - with no background check or anything.

This is the story of a lad named Donny (Dan Grimaldi). Like most young men and women, Donny goes a little crazy the first time he gets out from under his mother's thumb: jumping on furniture, turning up the stereo, and bringing girls back to his place for some fun. Unfortunately, Donny is about thirty years old and a total nutjob, leaves his dead mother sitting in the chair she died in upstairs, and he is not the least bit interested in the kind of games men and women normally play. We learn early on that he has a sick fascination with flame because he just stands there and watches as one of his co-workers at the incinerator stupidly catches himself on fire. Thanks to a childhood flashback, we soon learn the source of this fascination - and, frankly, it makes it pretty hard to disagree with the voices in Donny's head that tell him his dead mother was evil. The next thing you know, old Donny manages to entrap a fairly attractive woman into getting into his truck and stopping by to meet his mother. Bad mistake. Remember the flamethrower and heat suit I mentioned earlier? Yep, you guessed it. Let us pause here and linger on this film's singular moment and only real claim to fame. It's a fantastic scene that deserves a place in the cinematic annals of horror and gore; surprisingly graphic, especially for its time, it is Donny's demeanor and the silence of the act that makes it so effective and memorable. If Don't Go in the House is worth watching at all, it is for this one scene.

The rest of the film is pretty predictable and ends just as you knew it would all along. Of course, no one will be allowed to leave the theatre during the thrilling disco suit-buying scene and no one could possibly want to enter the theatre during the equally memorable disco dancing scene. Throw a little unnecessary epilogue on the end in an effort to make a statement (or not), and you're done. It should be obvious that only dedicated horror fans will wring the first drop of enjoyment out of the experience.
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on September 19, 2002
already a good case against this flick as it falls within the rash of knock-off "don't answer/look/open" movies which hit the scene in the late '70's - but this movie actually holds its own with some considerable sickness and a generally depraved attitude. The lead character doesn't smile once through the whole flick and hardly winces as he torches poor girls in his custom-made incinerator. Not much gore unfortunately other than some burnt bodies but this film is so humorless it makes up for the lack of grue in its mean-spiritedness. A kid abused by his mom (over the range-top burners of course) grows up to obsess about her (a la Psycho) and then take his revenge out against the innocent. A couple good jumps here and there - all in all a quality flick. Probably would have given it 4 stars but the DVD has absolutely nothing in the way of extras: full-screen, 2 (!) chapters, and thats it.
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on January 5, 2015
Picture and sound quality are great. I heard nuances in the soundtrack that weren't apparent before. A good selection of extras including original trailers, TV version comparisons, commentary, interviews and more.

A solid indie horror flick with excellent cinematography and an effective score.
Quite unpredictable and off kilter with oddball performances and a dream-like vibe. I really enjoy this flick more each time I see it.
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on August 22, 2002
This film is surprisingly good, I'm still considering buying it even though the transfer is reputedly atrocious and there are only 2 chapter stops. Bootlegged DVDs are even better than that!!
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on October 4, 2014
Item arrived in a timely manor and is exactly as I expected it.
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on December 7, 2002
Quite a good film obviously based a bit on psycho keeping his dead mother in her bedroom in a rocking chair by the window, and killing naive women who just seem to go with him no questions asked. The film is basicly about a man who was abused by his mother as a young boy hands held over a hot stove,who has a morbid fascination with fire developed from it.As I said he then picks up women and takes them back to his house where he then hangs them up in a steel room and then torches them you do not see any of this its all left to imagination.The only graphic burning scene is at the start and then after this you see nothing just chared remains, he keeps the victims clothes and he dresses his mother in them but keeps his victims bodies in a bedroom.All in all okay if you like dated 80s horror films.
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I love this movie.. -I saw this when I was kid. -Watching it on
Video. -The movie gave me nightmares. -The images of watching
this movie reminds of the classic movies. -"Psycho." -and
"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.."! -One of the greats. "Don't
go in the house." -Is really creepy then. -"Poltergiest."
1982. -And; -Preserves the frights threw out the movie.
I do remember this movie. -Where the crazed abused son from
his grandmother ho beat him becuase he was playing with his
daddy's dirty puzzle. -Then; -he's grown. -And; -the son
now lives in his grandmothers home where he has burned bodys
from his work. -He brings them home as burnt corpses and
has them shack up stairs and he has nightmares and frightning omens that are in his mind. -A demon or something in his
mind tells him to bring girls home.. -He ties them up in
the basement. -Their naked. -And he burns them too death
in the basement..! -But; -as the corpses rises. -Their is a
dream sequence which gave me bad dreams. -Where the son dreams
the corpses that rises on a road as their fingers pop and he is
sucked in. -But; -the movie turns into a terryfying turn.
though; -like; -"Psycho." -The crazed son is tortured by
the dead rotted corpse..! -They come back two life and finally
get the revenge they get..
someone knows the hell he has put the girls threw..!
I did not know this movie came out on DVD..! -I'm sure it will
make a new mark on the DVD list. -This is someone ho has
grown and scene; -"Psycho." -and; -"The Texas Chainsaw
massacre." -And; -the people ho have seen this movie will be
wanting for more..
And; -their spirit of watching this movie wooed wish they
never wanted to see this kind of movie. -The movie has 80's
style music; -and; -tons of frights.
Even an old grand ma will have a heart attack if she watch
this kind of movie..
So; -for cult fans..! -This is great the movie is finally out
for DVD. -I really like the fright seqeunce.
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