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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on April 8, 2002
"I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" (1998)
... This movie is cheesy, unrealistic and downright silly, but I loved the first movie, and Jennifer Love Hewitt is irresistible. I know I usually have a different word to everyone else on these types of movies, but if I enjoy myself, that is how I base my rating. This movie is my one of my best guilty pleasures, and I don't care what everyone else thinks, I enjoy watching it and that's me.
Now ... why do I like this movie? There are many reasons. For starters, it's got everything a fun teen slasher requires. Lots of big breasts, reasonably good acting, truckloads of gore, unpredictable twists and turns, some big laughs, a scary killer and a brilliant setting. To add to that, the movie never stops with the scares, is never boring and had something that I really appreciated. In some teen slashers (Urban Legends: Final Cut especially) the main characters really don't really seem to care after their friends/people have been killed. In I Still Know What You Did Last Summer; Julie James is a very respectable character. She stills mourns for those she has lost and those she may lose. I was actually shocked with the amount of emotion the movie put on when showing Julie's new life and what she goes through.
The acting in the film is satisfactory for a horror film. Jennifer Love Hewitt returns as Julie James and once again she proves she's not just about looks, this girl can act. I want to see her give a performance that can give that idea more justice, not just horror movies please! Still she is good as Julie. Freddie Prinze, Jr. also returns and he has improved his acting skills. He puts on a solid performance. Brandy is very eager in the material and her performance worked for me. Mekhi Phifer had me rolling in the aisles with his fun performance as Brandy's horny boyfriend. I also enjoyed the underused Jennifer Esposito as the bartender on the island, and Jeffrey Combs' breakaway as the ruthless hotel owner. Muse Watson is scary and evil again, his facials are fantastic, but every time the guy talks I cringe. I just can't take his lines that seriously. Bill Cobbs is merely okay as the weird guy on the island who is suspected as the killer.
Danny Cannon's direction of the movie deserves recognition. The guy makes sure the movie looks great and brings tonnes of atmosphere to the movie. The killing scenes are done to perfection. I was glad he didn't just take the point-and-shoot routine that many horror movies use these days. Cannon put effort into his surroundings. Unfortunately the film editing is pretty atrocious. The characters' mouths move a lot when they're not saying anything, and injuries are cleared up very easily, like in one shot the person is hit hard with something, and then in the next shot they're running like hell and not even a bruise. Think about the editing techniques next time, Dan.
Trey Callaway's script is not perfect. While he does mix in freaky-as-hell horror with funny-as-hell comedy quite well with some great in-jokes and an excellent setting for a horror film, there is not much depth or range in the film. He does make sure all the possibilities are used for the killing scenes and horror action, but if Kevin Williamson had written this sequel, I feel it would've been a little more plausible. If you've seen the end of I Know What You Did Last Summer you'll know what I'm talking about, Ben Willis just couldn't of survived.
Bad editing, some silly dialogue, unanswered questions and cheesy lines do stop the movie from being great. There is also not enough depth to the film and damn, what was the final scene all about? But, excuse that and you've got what is my favourite guilty pleasure at the moment, and a fun slice of harmless horror.
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on March 11, 2002
'I Still Know What You Did Last Summer' really does milk the slasher formula. It's a follow-up to the pretty good 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' but the first movie already killed off the only two members of the cast that could act. The title is also all wrong - shouldn't it be the summer before last?
The story involves Julie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and her new best friend (Brandy) win a trip to the Caribbean. So off they hop to a conveniently remote island with Brandy's boyfriend and a random guy that they don't know. The fact that's it's storm season leads to a lot of obvious plots involving people not being heard over the wind and a lot of thunder that is probably supposed to rack up tension. There is absolutely nothing tense about this movie. The usual round of killings ensue with a man stalking through the hotel, which is inexplicably almost empty save for a few signposted red herrings.
Whilst the first movie had a tongue-in-cheek yet still fairly creepy script by Kevin Williamson of 'Scream' fame, this has no hallmarks whatsoever. Apart from Brandy, who manages to ground the rest of the cast, the acting is dismal. It says it all when the audience looks forward to the arrival of Freddy Prinze Junior. The ending is laughable and there isn't a scare in sight. This isn't just one of the worst sequels ever made but one of the worst movies too.
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on January 5, 2002
This, i guess, is the exception that proves the rule. Almost all sequels are worse (not always bad, just a bit less enjoyable) than the originals films which spawned them.
This film has everything the original had (including... Jennifer Love Hewitt!!!) and even more. There are more killings, more plot facets (they add in the trip to the Bahamas, Nancy, who is a rather good character, the deal with the voodoo, the storm, and lots of other stuff.) Most sequels are just re-hashings of the first film, just with more blood. But instead, this film had plot as well, and wasnt just pointless killing.
Estas (im not really sure of his name, but it sounded a bit like that i think) is a great character, and although his part is small he really does give lots to the film. As too does the hotel manager, who was at times hilarious, and at others creepy.
There was a nice twist in the end, which made up nicely for the fact taht we already knew the identity of the killer.
The acting was okay, especially Jennifer Love Hewitt. Even Brandy, who i had low expectations of, managed to surprise.
I can't think of many real criticisms of this film, apart from perhaps the slightly corny dialogue at times, and Ben Willis's voice, which really managed to get on my nerves. Otherwise, all aspects of this film were great. there was some nice scenery, good acting, a really superb plot, and lots of nice shots of JLH's clevage (which was shown so much it could probably come under scenery!) some great eccentric characters and a cracking ending. (I am not talking about the very very end, that was a bit disappointing)
those who are aware of their geography may well get a clue near the beginning. I myself did, but i (foolishly) just put it down to a rather stupid radio station.
And now, the infamous "ending". Can it really be called an ending, or is it just the beginning of the next chapter? (or even the end of one) Personally, i didn't really like it, but only if there isn't another film. If there is another film, the it fits.
I would greatly like to see a third volume, especially if the directors are able to come up with such a good sequel as this again.
Top film. Watch it.
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on September 4, 2001
This sequel, I Still Know What I Did Last Summer, is a stinker. Not that it doesn't have it's brainless appeal. It does. What makes the first film look like a classic, is that this film doesn't have the fun, cool set-up of the original. It had a creepy feel. This one just falls into typical Friday The 13th type 80's slasher feel in the second half. Not that that's bad. It can be fun. Just don't expect anything from it. Jennifer Love Hewitt is okay in this, but the appeal she had in the first isn't quite here in this one. She seems to be there just to have really hot shots of her body which, um, well, okay, that wasn't a bad thing. Brandy, on the other hand, was wasted. Why was she in this?. Why did she agree to do this?. Freddie Prinze Jr. was another one who was wasted. He got second billing but his part is much smaller than any of the other co-stars. What happened?. The fishermen killer himself was creepy in the first one. Not here. His creepiness was ruined because you see way too much of him in this film. That always hurts a film and character. The ending had another "shock" like the original. Nothing shocking about it. It was expected. You could tell. Let's hope Kevin Williamson comes back to give the third outing more of a hook. Pardon the pun.
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on July 3, 2000
Why do some directors and writers of horror movies think it's fair to completely annoy their audiences with these ambiguous endings, so that even though you may have enjoyed the movie, you hate the resolution! It's such a cop out. It's like they're telling you, the third in the series is coming out. Unfortunately, this particular series should probably stop. I liked the first movie a lot; it was suspenseful, imaginative, and pretty scary. The acting was generally better too. This time around, the acting and script are pretty irritating. First of all, anyone who knows their geography will get a big clue early in the film. Secondly, Freddie Prinze's character is such a jerk in the beginning, you can't believe his sudden transformation. Third, I figured out the villain very early in the film, so there was little suspense. The acting overall is lame; Jennifer Love Hewitt has decided to join Neve Campbell in the "I'm only doing this for the money, and I'm really wasting my time in this silly horror movie." She does look a lot like Kate Jackson in this one, though. Freddie Prinze is absolutely awful, completely unconvincing, and a pretty shoddy hero, to boot. The guy who plays Titus is an offensive, stereotypical insult to intelligent viewers, providing none of the comic relief the director obviously wanted. Jeffrey Combs, who was so good in the "Reanimator" movies looks as bored as Miss Hewitt, and does nothing to pad his resume. Three actors do manage to rise above their material: Jennifer Esposito as Nancy, the barmaid is very good; Brandy is surprisingly effective as Julie's best friend, although her character does become annoying and stupid; and Matthew Settle as the good-natured Bill is very effective. I still think Gorton's should sue for using their fisherman image, but it is a horror movie. That's what so sad. It could have been a lot better, but it's too predictable and a little too gory, as well. When all is said and done, "Halloween" and "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (the first in the series) are still the benchmarks for modern horror movies!
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on March 5, 2000
For some reason, I thought the first movie was better when I watched it at the theater, but when I bought it on video and watched it, I realized just how mediocre it was. This sequel is a vast improvement over its predecessor. This time around, Julie is in college. Things are edgy between her and Ray (Freddie Prinze, Jr.), and she likes this new guy Will. She and her friend, Karla win a trip to the Bahamas. You know something terrible is going to ensue, because Brasilia is the capital of Brazil, not Rio. They go to this island in the Bahamas, and the usual terrible things ensue. There are really no problems I can point out with the film. I think those who criticize it unfairly are looking for performances proportional to that of Shirley MacLaine of "Terms of Endearment" or Anthony Hopkins in "Shadowlands." This is geared at a teen and young adult audience. Truthfully, I think the actors do a fine job with the material which they're given. Rent it first before you buy it.
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on December 8, 1999
Why am I reviewing this movie? It's poorly written. It's full of murders with no motive (which I hate in a slasher film -- if the killer kills someone, I want him to have a reason for killing that particular person). It's overflowing with cliches (the obligatory scene in a sequel where the survivor of the first film talks about the strange dreams she's having -- and whoa! She's in a dream! What a surprise!).
So, I ask again, why am I reviewing this dreadful film, which is not redeemed by numerous shots of Jennifer Love Hewitt's ample bosom (I don't have to buy or rent this video to see that; I can turn on the TV)?
Because it has a pretty cool twist at the end. No, it does not measure up to the twist of a great film like "The Sixth Sense", but it does allow me to give this film two stars rather than one.
But enough with the slasher films, Jennifer. Your former co-star, Neve Campbell, had better luck with "Scream" and its sequel simply because the screenwriting was better. It didn't mean that you had to do films in the same genre, and it's time for you to move on from them.
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on June 30, 1999
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer is a good example of what is wrong with many new movies today. First, the plot is awful. The entire movie is totally unbelievable and corny. (A trip to the Bahamas? uh..). I really wonder about whoever wrote the script. The only thing the movie actually succeeded in doing was showing off Jennifer Love Hewitt's body. This lame attempt to sell the film quickly becomes stupid and laughable. The movie's ending was disappointing and did *nothing* to explain what had been going on, not to mention how the evil fisherman (sigh) keeps coming back. They could have used the best actors in the world (which they certainly did not), and the "story" still would have dragged this down. So, to sum it up: the acting is poor, the plot is terrible, and the entire movie is, all-in-all, quite absurd. There are many things that could have been done better, but weren't. I Still Know screams "no effort". Rent it if you want a few laughs, but personally I pity anyone who could take this seriously.
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on April 29, 1999
Unless you are very easily entertained and have not seen any decent horror movies to compare this to. I would say the first one was OK, having seen it in the theater with a screaming audience made it more fun, but not in my list of top 20 horror movies. This sequel makes the first one look like a masterpiece. I figured out who the killer was about 15 minutes into the movie, after the scene in the dance club. The only slightly amusing part was Jeffrey Combs, who starred in the classic Re-Animator and many Stuart Gordon films. He is amusing but too good for crap like this! I hope they at least paid him good money, the poor guy. Also, why did she flip out when she was locked in the tanning bed? The killer turns the heat up all the way...first of all, it isn't possible to turn it up enough to "cook" someone, especially in about 5 seconds. Oooooo, a tanning bed. I'm shaking in my shoes! Also, I could overlook the resemblance of the killer to the Fisherman Guy in the tuna ads (or whoever he looked like) but in this movie it was just silly. No suspense, no nothing, and the ending was OK but made no logical sense. Of course there will be a third movie that will start out with her waking up from a bad dream that is the end of this one. Yeah, and I had a bad dream that I wasted 3 bucks an 90 minutes of my life watching this crud. No wait, that was real! Aaaaaaiiie!
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on March 20, 1999
...and I think that says it all. Of course, no self-respecting person could leave it at that. Aside from the fact that this movie contained severe storyline issues, it was not scary. At all. Not even a little bit. And, excuse me...Brandy? To the casting director, I can only say: Why? I mean, what did any of the helpless moviegoers who you forced to endure that torrid excuse for an actress ever do to you? Did someone run over your family dog the day you cast Miss Soul USA? Had your only child been abducted that fateful morning when you proudly announced, 'Congratulations, Miss Norwood'? Good God, nobody deserved that. I still have nightmares...not from the oh-so-(not)-scary scenes in the movie, but from when Brandy turned up alive! The only reason I even risked seeing "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" was the notion that she might experience a dreadful (and hopefully early on) demise...but no. The only redeeming quality of the entire movie was...wait, no. There was no redeeming anything to this pathetic excuse for a "horror" movie. And what a great story, too. (Sarcasm). As if the dialogue wasn't painful enough, someone gave Williamson the idea to (attempt to) incorporate some would-be twist into the plot. I thought I would never say this, but the man should have stuck with "Dawson's Creek." After seeing this movie, I felt violated. I would recommend renting "Bride of Chucky" rather than subjecting yourself to this flotsam. (Yeah, was THAT bad).
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