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on December 11, 2002
Every reviewer is subject to certain embarrassing moments when they are solemnly reading or watching and suddenly a voice goes of in their heads that says "Yo!! This is funny!" I have spent so much time lately with the heavier anime films that it took me more than a few minutes to realize that 'Slayers' is a pure and joyous romp, full of sly and not so sly innuendoes, exaggerated action, and villains that are ridiculous rather than sublime. After puzzling over the dour messages of Akira or Evangelion this confection put together by Kazuo Yamazaki, based on the original work of Hazime Kanzaka and Rui Araizumi, is the perfect heart's ease.
Lina Inverse is a mage endowed with considerable power, who is less fortunate elsewhere (I would not mention this if it were not for the fact that it is the film's longest running joke). Playing Cordelia to Lina's Willow is Nahga, another mage, but one whose blandishments are distracting. Nahga also has a bad habit of casting spells that create magical seafood salad. These two young ladies are off to Mipross Island to frolic in the hot springs and enjoy the scenery.
Of course, all is not as wonderful as it seems. Lina is bothered by an old man who keeps interfering in her dreams, Nahga discovers the natural hot springs are fakes, and the two must conquer a string of 'toughest guys on the island.' Lina proves easily that she is really the island's toughest guy. Or, she almost does, at least until they run into Michigan J. Joyrock, a frog who also happens to be the toughest demon on the island. Now the two women and Rowdy the Sage are locked in a deadly fight with an impervious demon who has an irritating habit of going 'bwahaha.' Their only hope is to reroute the river of time itself.
For a light-hearted farce with some burlesque dialogue, the film is very enjoyable. The plot never gets monotonous, the acting in both the English and Japanese versions is excellent, and the artwork is surprisingly good. The film may be silly, but it isn't trashy. By all means, track it down, and watch it a few times. Sometimes you just don't want to have to think.
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on December 5, 2003
This was the very first Slayers DVD I ever bought, and I wasn't disappointed, it was funny and had lots of action, even a little drama and romance. I'm not going to bother and try and explain the characters, since practically every other review does that, so all I have to say is that if you are a fan of any of these attributes in an anime, pick it up, you won't be sorry. There was only one small gripe I had, but it was small, while listening to the Japanese language with English subtitles, on scene 2 when Lina is talking to a bandit she tied up, the subtitle sort of appears and disappears in a split nanosecond before it is even able to be read, the only way I was able to read it was by pausing and going frame by frame to catch the subtitle, same thing goes with the Spanish subtitle. But enough about the con/negative; this movie has lots of pros/positives, the Japanese and English voices are all good. Lina and Naga from both languages have voices that suit them both, the time travel plot is interesting, the villian is ugly and evil, the comments about Lina being short startured, feather-brained, and small breasted crack me up, and Naga is well...very grown up in all the right places! Buy this DVD, buy it, buy it, BUY IT!!!!!
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on December 18, 2002
I first saw this at Blockbuster and sence it was anime, I rented it. Even if you haven't seen Slayers you will love this humorus, action flic. This is what first made me a Slayers fan.
As always the red headed and firery tempered Lina Inverse is getting herself and her rather 'obscure' partner Naga in trouble. When Lina 'broke' the leg of a pick pocketer the guys gang up on her, and use Naga was their weapon. When Lina talks a limited amount of commen sence into Naga, they kick the living daylights out of the crooks. Then while foreging through their stuff, Naga finds two discound tickets to the Island of Miprhos. Miprhos is well known for it's hot srings and that is what gains Lina and Naga's attention. But soon they learn of a devious plan going on in the Island of Miprhos.
A demon named Joyrock (who is an awsome demon at that) has been ranpaging the Island for centuries. When he attacks an Elven village, Joyrock is challenged by Rowdy, a young human who loves the elves. Rowdy carries with him, The Sword of Light, yet when he challenges Joyrock it fails. So Rowdy must wait for centuris waiting for the aid of Lina Inverse, and her dim-witted partner Naga.
I absolutly refuse to give away the ending, but it is very different. I loved it. Also the ending theme song, Midnight Blue by Magumi Hasashibara is awsome.
All in all you get almost everything in a quality anime film, humor, action, demons, and stupid side kicks. I have watched this over and over and over, and each time I enjoy it. The money is well worth it
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on April 8, 2002
* I tend to like really silly anime, but it turns
out that such stuff is about as hard to find as really
high-class anime, since there is a dangerously fine
line between inspired silliness and just being dumb.
I had heard the SLAYERS TV series had said inspired
silliness. As AMAZON.COM was only selling full season
collections of the SLAYERS TV series in DVD, I decided
to get SLAYERS: THE MOTION PICTURE (STMP) as a sample.
In this movie, petite sorceress Lina Inverse and her
colleague, oversexed and underclad Amazon warrior /
sorceress Nagha the Serpent take an economy boat trip
to the magic disappearing island of Mipross, so they
can enjoy the hot springs there. Of course, as would
be the case with any self-respecting magic
disappearing island, the two find that things on
Mipross are Not Quite What They Seem ...
OK, STMP is a mildly amusing bit of work, but it's
pretty much done by the numbers, "machine anime" as
I like to call it. The artwork is unremarkable, which
would not be such a problem if there were much of a
script, but the storyline is ho-hum and the humor
nothing to write home about. In particular,
I got very tired of the lame jokes about Lina being
flat-chested like the second time I got hit by one.
"Can we give this a rest, please?" But they didn't.
However, I haven't given up on SLAYERS. The concept
seems to have potential, and sometimes an idea that
works at a short length weakens considerably
when stretched out to movie length -- for example, SPACE
JAM versus any of the really good seven minute Warner
Brothers cartoons (no comparison!). Besides, it is
nothing unusual for anime producers with a successful
series to do a tepid "knock-off" movie to milk what they've
got for a little more revenue.
So I broke down and ordered VHS, much as I hate to these
days, to get the first installments of the SLAYERS TV
series without having to buy a whole season's worth.
We'll see.
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on December 16, 2001
As with most TV to movie features, Slayers the Motion Picture deviates significantly from the original TV series. The movie is a side story, of a younger Lina traveling with her friend and rival, Naga the Serpent. Through serendipitous events, the two end up vacationing on Mipross Island, a mysterious tourist spot famous for its hot springs. Here the two are beseeched to undertake a quest, to set right a wrong committed in the islands past, leading to the cliché high stakes conflict. Would it really be a movie without it? Despite the movie conventions, the comedy is outstanding and makes this a really enjoyable film. The stream of increasingly more powerful opponents succeed as memorable comic villains. The addition of Naga creates a quality, two-man comedy act. Though fans may be disappointed with the exclusion of the characters from the TV show, I think the humor works well, and fans will enjoy copious jabs at Lina's inadequacy complex. The DVD is not without it's merits. The menu is appealing and clear. The extras include a small cell gallery; music-video trailers for the movie and OAVs; and character-bios for the movie cast. The audio seems to be Dolby Digital 2 channel both English and Japanese. The dub, while not bad, just can't hold a candle to the Japanese dialog, especially Megumi Hayashibara's wonderful performance. The video seems too dark and may prompt you to adjust your monitor settings. My big gripe about the subtitle is the translation of magical spells from things like the phonetic "Dil-Brando" to the descriptive "Explosion Array". While understandable for the dub, the subtitle should have used a more literal interpretation. I really enjoyed this film but it may not be for everyone. As far as the DVD goes, I have to give it a three for the number of small gripes above, but I highly recommend watching this entertaining film.
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on December 26, 2000
If you're looking for something short, funny, and entertaining with a bit of adventure mixed in, Slayers: The Motion Picture is it.
Plot: The movie begins with the introduction of the main character, Lina Inverse, a powerful sorceress. She meets Nahga, her supposed most powerful rival(certainly the most well-endowed and having the most annoying laugh on earth) during a battle, when they decide to work together. From then on they fight all sorts of stereotypical male enemies together and embark on a journey to Mipross island where all sorts of insane, funny, and sometimes deep, adventures await(including an evil jellyfish cult). Entertaining and involved plot, with minimal but well-done character development.
Animation: The animation is good(especially the character animation), but nothing special. The backgrounds are slightly washed out.
Subtitles: Fairly true to dialogue with some discrepancies in translation. However, unless you're a big Slayers fan who knows all the spells and names by heart, it won't bother you. Mostly well done, legible.
Audio: Good. Nothing to write home about.
Overall: Slayers: The Movie's appeal lies mostly in its ability to give you a good dose of comedy and adventure in an hour and a half. It leaves you satisfied without you having to go out and buy the entire series. You might be better off renting it, however, unless you're a big Slayers fan. Although very well done, not really the kind of movie to see over and over again.
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on May 20, 2000
When robbers plunder, when dragons strike, Lina Inverse will be there to stop them. This story is marked with the name Lina Inverse from head to toe. Lina is one small petite sorceror who weirdly has a body of a young girl. This is because her growth rate is much slower than the normal girls. However to make up for that, she's bestowed with incredible magical powers. She's also a food gobbler and jump at any chance to make money or plunder any treasure. Robbers and bandits scurry away when her name is mentioned. However, the story take a different turn when with Gourry, she met Rezo, a red priest who is blind. Behind the caring and loving face, Rezo holds a deep dark secret which could destroy the whole land. Lina and Gourry take up the mission to stop Rezo with the help of Rezo's former servant, Zelgadis whom Lina defeated. Their mission will take them to the final showdown with the strongest enemy Lina Inverse has ever met. Laugh! What can I say apart from this word. The whole show is filled with gags and slapsticks that there's no seriousness except when Lina prepares to finishes her opponent off with the mightiest of her spell. Gourry, with his swordsmanship however is another dumb blonde fellow who got caught up with Lina when he rescued her thinking there was a maiden in distress. This light hearted series can really change the mood of anyone after screening through a few episode. Have you ever heard of a gay dragon before?
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on May 8, 2000
I'm am a huge fan of the Slayers TV series. It's possibly one of the greatest comedy series of all time. So when I heard the movie was finally hitting American shores I did the first thing that hit me, buy the damn thing! "It's SLAYERS! " I said. "I MUST own it! " I screamed. Then I got it and....well...wasn't that impressed. I will admit, the animation is superb. But it really has nothing to do with the T.V. serise. I mean, when did Lina go off by herself? It had to be between Slayers and Slayers Next, but it isn't well explaned. True, there is an allusion to the TV series due to Randy and the Sword of Light, but nothing else. I would recommend this to those who aren't too familiar with the serise, because it's a great introduction to the Slayers tone. But to hardcore fans of the TV, be wary. You make like it, but then again...... P.S. Don't watch the dubbed, not only is Lina's voice kinda whiny, the actress who does Naga, copies the annoying laugh that the original actress uses, and doesn't do it too well.
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on February 15, 2000
The movie itself was the best of the four Slayers movies that I've seen. It has plot, good character development for Naga and Lina and overall everything that is to be expected of Slayers except for one thing. That is consistancy in subtitling between Software Sculptors and ADV Films. For instance, Explosion Array is actually called (gasp) Dill Brand. How does ADV plan to explain how the spell Mega Brand is not translated as Mega Explosion Array? They can't. Furthermore, Gaav Flare is not Guard Flair. Gaav is one of the primary antagonists in Slayers NEXT. ADV would have known this if they had watched the original series, but apparently they didn't. In the end, I believe this movie deserves 5 stars. It has everything that a good comedic anime film should have and more. Unfortunately, because of how much the bad subtitling bothered me, I only gave it four stars. I recommend this to anyone who enjoyed the original Slayers, but only if bad subtitling doesn't bother you.
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on January 26, 2000
3 stars might be a little harsh. 3.5 stars would be an accurate review from my view point. As with all the better anime series this has great art and design. Lina Inverse, sassy teenage ulta sorceress in an alternate fantasy universe, roams the land looking for adventure and finds more then enough. She quickly gets entangled with her greatest fan the skimpy clad, buxom Nahga the serpent; a bimbo sorceress with an annoying laugh and a vacation plan that begins the adventure rolling. The duo quickly get involved in an epic adventure of comical D&D action with strange superpowered magicians, sorcerers and demons. This adventure fleshes out an intriguing world from the docks, to cheesy nightclubs, spas, castles, dungeon hideaways and eventually into TIME TRAVEL! Ha! The violence is comedic, not gorey or disturbing in anyway. The characters are very charming and the ending is good. Great for guys, girls, kids....the whole family. Slight sexual reference involved to keep the dad's interested. My negatives are that the storytelling gets slightly confusing, the story structure is a little off kilter and the shot composition or choices are middle of the road, but not a bad anime when all is said and done. Made me buy the two OVA tapes 'Dragon Slave' and 'Explosion Array' which were even better then the movie.
You won't regret this purchase.
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