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And Stood There Amazed
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on February 16, 2014
And Stood There Amazed, is a classic example of Ian's love of the west. No song writer in the history of Canadian Country and Western music has turned out any material that can come even close to Ian's true west style. In fact, Bob Nolan, of the Sons of The Pioneers and Ian Tyson possess the same gift of putting the west of the cowboy into music. For a number of years I had this fantastic album on cassette and was delighted to find it now on CD. After all the years the songs in this album still deliver the spirit of the west that Ian loves to the listeners ear. This disc is a must have for anyone who collects Ian Tyson.
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on October 22, 2017
Bought this for one song. Navajo Rug, enjoying the entire CD
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on April 20, 2016
the great Ian Tyson
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on November 10, 2015
Wonderful Christmas Gift. My husband will love it.
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on May 21, 2015
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on June 20, 1998
Ian Tyson is an old hand with an ever-fresh eye for painting in song the lifestyles and land of the west he loves and bemoans because of its too-rapid disappearance. His catchy melodies rope you in like the cattle he brands. His unique perspective colors your minds eye like the rainbows arcing over the range. His deep melodic voice both thunders and whispers into your heart and mind like the chinook winds and the gentle prairie breezes that presage the night. The breadth of his musical style, like the sparkling midnight skies, holds you and surprises you, tantalizes you and entertains you. The skies, the land and people tumble from his heart. His love for this land and lifestyle are brilliantly captured for your enjoyment. Sit down in front of your fireplace and be entertained by a master!
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on March 24, 2009
I came to know Ian & Sylvia in 1972, by their album 'Ian & Sylvia'. A
friend that I roomed with in Thompson,MB had purchased their album on a
cassette tape. From then on, I was hooked on Ian Tyson.

About a year later , I bought Ian & Sylvia's greatest hits, on an 8-track
tape. It quickly wore out, all that I had left was a poorly copied cassette
from the worn out 8-track. Replacement albums were very difficult to find.

I knew of his 'cowboy' albums, but, again , they were difficult to find.
I attended an Ian Tyson concert, in 2005. I bought his 'Eighteen
Inches of Rain' album.I discovered that I had a love for Ian's 'cowboy
culture' albums.Since then, I have aquired : 'Old Corrals.....',
'Cowboyography', '....Outgrew the Wagon', and 'And Stood There Amazed'.
Most of these albums were purchased from
I love Ian's material and recomend

Brian K. from SK
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on January 14, 2000
As a former resident of Arizona I know that I can put on any of Ian's discs, close my eyes, and feel as though I'm back in the west - Ian's music deserves every good thing that has ever been said or written about it's ability to turn western life to art, but in all the dust and driving snow we may have done him an injustice in painting him as JUST a genre artist. "Lights of Larame" and "Springtime in Alberta" are two of the most breathtakingly beautiful songs I know of period. "Black Nights" is good ol hard country, "Jaquima...", and "Rocks..." are easy up tempo tracks that could be top ten material if someone named Garth had done them... Someone named Bob Wills did songs that came close, but seldom surpassed "You're not alone." It ain't just Cowboy Culture... It's great music.
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on September 16, 1999
Ian is able to capture some of the more subtle nuances of the cowboy lifestyle in his lyrics. For those of us who have actually made a living "riding the rough-string for money" or been left to cope, Ian's music reminds of the best times, but also the times we wish we could forget with uncommon clarity.
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