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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on August 2, 2006
And yet another Queen comp' -CD. This time it's the rockier side that's presented here.

Also is included a ballad, No-one But You. (So beautiful!)It almost makes me cry, as it is a tribute to the genius that is Freddie M. Brian, Roger and John deliver with this instant classic.

I'm not too fond of the artwork, but the music is excellent, of course.

I like the fact that there is one song (Put Out The Fire) from Hot Space-album, which is often overlooked and disliked being a "disco-album". There is more there, too, see? =) Maybe this sampler will turn someone to buy Hot Space as well when perfecting one's Queen-collection.

And; finally It's Late is on one of these collections! Such a fine song found on News Of The World. Same can be said of Tear It Up (from the Works), always wondered why it hasn't appeared on any collections.

I'm In Love With My Car is the single-version not found on A Night At The Opera. I Can't Live With You is different from the Innuendo-version, this is "The Rocks re-take". I like all of these.

This is good one for those casual fans who own Greatest Hits I & II and want to explore more. Also for completists (like myself) and in general for all who enjoy that good ol' rock.

Because, indeed, Queen ROCKS! Recommended with a rockin' heart.
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on April 7, 2004
This is quite a nice compilation album of the gems from Queen albums that are usually never mentioned..
Here we find the usual singles, but we have some great obscure album tracks and newer tracks to fill the void left since their last albums release in 1995. Each song is a standout, and have earned new respect lined up with the rest to give Queen the edge they've always deserved but sometimes were never given credit for.
The obvious highlight to most fans is the inclusion of the new track "No One But You (Only The Good Die Young)". It's a great track featuring the remaining members of queen and a vocal duet by Brian and Roger.
To me, the highlight on this album is the reworked version of "I Can't Live With You". The original version featured on 'Innuendo' is a very bland drum machine/synth laden track that featured great guitar work and vocals. The problem was that the rest of the music just didn't fit those stand out performances. Queen has put a new 'REAL' drum track and bass part on, which in my opinion has made this track suitable for release as a single. Frankly I'm suprised Queen didn't try to release it AS a single.. Hmmm..
Love ya Queen.. (...)
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on December 9, 2001
Another compilation?...
I usually tend to be suspicious about compilation albums, as they usually seem to be nothing more than shameless ploys to get some more money (note 'Beatles 1' and 'Queen +' especially... and how come there are six Hendrix compilations when he only made four albums...?), as the band's loyal fan wouldn't be able to resist buying the new release even though he already has all the songs on album CDs (and on other compilations, probably).
Queen Rocks, though, works on a very different level for me. though I still wouldn't recommend this for a major fan who owns all the albums, it would make a great buy for most music fans, who may or may not already own another Queen compilation, and also for hard-rock fans who look down at Queen as a mainstream pop group. This collection shows a side of Queen most people are not familiar with - their heavier side, and reminds us that Queen were, after all, a rock band. It skips, therefore, all the overplayed (though still great) Queen songs like Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are The Champions and A Kind Of Magic, and gives some unknown songs the attention they deserve, including several lesser known hits (Seven Seas Of Rhye, Now I'm Here, One Vision, Headlong, and Tie Your Mother Down - the ultimate live song that was somehow left out of the greatest hits compilation) as well as some fantastic songs that appeared only on Queen's albums. Highlights include Stone Cold Crazy (later covered excellently by Metallica), I Can't Live With You, Keep Yourself Alive, It's Late and Roger Taylor's superb I'm In Love With My Car.
There are some songs which, I think, should have been included but weren't. As always, the first two albums were relatively neglected (although this is the first collection to include a song from the debut album); I would have liked to see more selections from Freddie Mercury's early heavy-prog-rock, like Liar, Great King Rat or Ogre Battle. Also missing are Brian May's Father To Son (which has been called a Led Zeppelin copy, but I'm not sure why), White Man, the very heavy Son And Daughter, and the forgotten b-side I Go Crazy; Freddie's Get Down Make Love, John Deacon's Need Your Loving Tonight and Roger Taylor's Modern Times Rock n' Roll or Loser In The End. I would be willing to exclude Tear It Up and Put Out The Fire. But, well, there's only so many songs you can cram on one CD.
Then there's the new song, which is of course the main attraction of the album, and I'm sure many fans bought the CD just for that. No-One But You is a great song, a reunion of the three remaining members of the band, dedicated to their departed friend Freddie Mercury. The song is indeed very touching, beautifuly performed (both Brian and Roger sing lead vocals), even if strangely placed - No-One But You is about as far from rock as Queen get, and it doesn't really sit well with the collection.
Queen Rocks is a head-banging album; it's certainly not a good Queen album or Queen compilation by its own right, as it is totally out of balance, but if you're in the mood for some heavy rockin', and don't feel like hearing any soft, tender ballads or long, strange epic prog-rock songs, it's perfect. My advice: keep this CD in your car at all times. It's an ideal driving album, when you want to hear some great rock music and not think too much.
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on November 23, 2000
A compilation album that featured Queen's heavier side. Some of these tracks were passed over years ago in favor of more "commercial" songs and now finally get their just rewards.Though another compilation album seems tedious, there are wonderful tracks here such as the anti-gun sentiment in "Put Out the Fire" and the Martin Luther King Jr. inspired "One Vision"."I Can't Live With You" is given a rock make-over and is all the better for it. I'd much prefer Roger's drumming to synth drum machines."No-One But You" is of course, a tribute to Freddie and is the only Queen song not to have Freddie's involvement in (well, he'd been dead some 6 years before this song was recorded) but really, this is for anyone who left this world before their time. With Brian and Roger singing a duet for the first time, this track's a winner...regardless of it's stripped down production.Want to avoid the "pop" side of Queen? Buy "Queen Rocks" then.
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on December 15, 2002
Anyone who thinks they don't, hasn't heard this CD!
Queen has legions of fans, some who like everything they ever did and could do (like myself!), and some who prefer only certain areas of their music, i. e. their pop/radio oriented hits, or their less commercial, progressive, 70's rock. The former will want to skip this one, but it is a must have for the latter. It's a great way to have Queen's rockinest songs, both from the 70's, and beyond, where Queen prove that they could, and still can kick it. From the early, thoroughly masculine, head-bangin' TIE YOUR MOTHER DOWN and I'M IN LOVE WITH MY CAR to the 80's masterpieces HAMMER TO FALL and ONE VISION, featuring one of Freddie Mercury's best-ever rock vocals, Queen makes you want to turn it up, and up and up! All the songs are good; no need to interrupt the headbanging to skip a track. So get it, and rock on!
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on May 21, 2000
I have never even listened to this cd, but I know all the songs (except the last one, which I will get with greatest hits 3). I also know that this is a queen complimation that no one needs. It's basically just a "best of Brian May" album. Personally, Freddie Mercury is my favorite member of queen, and his songs are the reason for it. Hardly any of his songs are on here. If I had to make a cd of all my least favorite queen songs plus a couple of decent ones for good measure-- this would be it. Even Mercury's songs that are on here aren't that good. If you need a queen complimation, get a greatest hits. Unless the only reson you like Queen is for their hard rock ones. They're pretty good, but it's not what Queen is all about
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on April 27, 2003
Due to recent mediocre compilations containing Queen's '80s pop hits, people have begun to forget Queen's real status as a metal band...which is where this disc comes in.
Unfortunately, it doesn't quite represent the harder side of Queen as best as it could, because it omits two obvious tracks: "Death On Two Legs" and "Get Down, Make Love". And including "Ogre Battle" and "White Man" would have made it much better. Some songs like "Keep Yourself Alive" and "Put Out The Fire" seem out-of-place (they're rock, but not hard-rock).
Still, all the songs on here are winners and this is a great rock "mix" CD for the car. I'd much rather listen to this CD than the recent "Greatest Hits"/"Classic Queen"/"Platinum Collection" compilations.
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on October 13, 2001
QUEEN ROCKS is a great album if you want classic rock. Although I kinda miss some other softer Queen songs but this album is still very well done.
Best songs(in order)1. ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG
Overall a nice album with good rock n roll. I recomend buying this if you like Queen's Rock and Roll
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on April 26, 2000
I have been an avid queen fan since I was in my mothers womb. I have all of their albums save greatest hits 3 and alot of the rarities. I picked this one up only because of the "new queen song" No one but you and I have to say that it is the weakest song on the album. THe rest of the disc is great. Some new mixes (I'm in love with my car and I can't live with you) some old. But still a great disc to drive to. I can't tell you how many times I acidently do 85 in my car while listening to this disc.
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on March 12, 2004
Queen Greatest Hits
Classic Queen
The Best Of Queen
Queen Greatest Hits II
Queen Rocks
Queen+ Greatest Hits III
Six greatest Hits CDs spanning 30 years is really not a lot. How many Beatles & Stones compilations are there? If Queen puts out another compilation album, I'd buy it, new song or not.
The new song is pretty good, but of course it's gonna be missing something! Buy this CD AND Greatest Hits 3, then start filing up your collection with the ones you don't have.
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