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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on October 20, 2000
It was a cold, wet windy night in the city when the bricklayer phoned me. He sounded upset and asked me to find out what had happened to his favorite band, U2. The name rang a bell, so I went down to my local bar and found it on the jukebox. It was supposed to be Rock'n'Roll, but it sounded more like clubby, dance music. There were samples, overdubs, and distortions all over the shop, nothing that sounded like classic rock guitar, and too much irony for my taste. I decided to find out what was going on.
I was in luck Bono and the gang were in town, staying at some fancy Playboy Mansion. I drove out there, climbed the wall, gave the doberman a steak and caught them down by the pool. "Reach for the stars boys," I yelled as I pulled out my rod. After they had stopped touching each other, I asked them to spill the beans.
"We wanted to be liked by the critics," Bono confessed. "Dance rock crossovers were really trendy, flavor of the month, that kind of thing."
"What about your fans, those simple hard working guys who like to come home and put on some good old fashioned emotive, chest-thumping rock and roll?"
"Who?" he asked with a puzzled expression.
"I'm talking 'bout the joes who cough up greenbacks to keep you guys in business."
"Oh that big thing with lots of heads that comes to our concerts," the Bass Player chipped in.
"Listen buddy, unless you want to Wake Up like a Dead Man. You're a rock band so take off those silly shades and start behaving like one, okay."
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on July 8, 2000
I've tried my hardest to like this album for over two years now...and still can't! So I know it's not for a lack of trying. What it boils down to is truly embarrassing lyrics by Bono, and very spiritless music by the band. Bono used to write words that moved, and the band used to be able to sound alive. Now the words are throw-away, and the music all hidden behind incredible amounts of studio production. It's hardly even the sound of a band but rather a computer. But they redeem themselves with "Gone", "Please", and "If You Wear That Velvet Dress". They are okay but still dismal and somber, which keeps the album a downer.
However, now that I've heard the subsequent release of "The Ground Beneath Her Feet" ('Million Dollar Hotel' soundtrack), there is hope that U2 can once again craft an album that is beautiful instead of ugly. I hope they trash the trends and stick to what they're good at: meaningful and alive music. Their attempts at irony and superficiality are unfortunately all too successful, as it makes for unpleasant music!
So good luck, U2. I'm disappointed...but still have faith!
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on November 29, 2001
There are some great tracks on this disc including "Please", "Last Night On Earth". Overall though there are more than a few forgetable moments that make this one of the band's most uneven recordings.
Another in the line of 90's studio wizardry experiments which included "Zooropa", this collection disappointed more than a few fans at its release. The problem is it sounds like U2 is trying so hard to cut tracks in the vein of the master craftsmen of electronica. You can't blame them for trying, it's important for any band to branch out and expore their art.
Yet U2 is a rock band, one of the greatest ever. Their most satisfying collections yield powerful recordings when they get back to basics and do what they do best. As the slower and more serious songs that comprise most of the CD are the stand outs here, the CD moves slowly and is difficult to listen to all the way through. A shame as the last three songs are all very good. Some of the more notable recordings here might prove better eventually on a compilation disc mixed in with more upbeat material.
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on November 14, 2003
Here is the U2 album where the sound took over, and left the good songwriting behind. This is definitely not one of the Dublin band's best; one would have thought that - given four years between "Zooropa" and "Pop" - they'd reinvent themselves again. But they still revisit the same techno sound they first dabbled in on 1991's Achtung Baby, albeit this time with far less impressive results.
As a result, "Pop" largely failed with casual and faithful U2 fans alike, and thus the band tried too hard to win them back with their formulaic and over-commerical All That You Can't Leave Behind (2000).
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on April 25, 2003
I remember in 1995 when I got hooked on U2. I went to Dublin to see all the places where the boys in U2 grew up in. And Windmill Lane. It was a nice time and I highly recommend going to Dublin, just generally. It's a great city. Anyway, that's not what I should write about here. Well, after all the wait for a new studio-album we got PoP. Zooropa came out in 1993 so it was a time for a new album. When hearing the first single off the album, Discothèque, I got worried. It's a song I can't hear more than once a year. There are only two songs I like on the album, 'Staring at the Sun' and 'Wake Up Dead Man'.
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on December 19, 1998
I used to remember when U2 meant something, when their lyrics were inspiring and the music was innovative. Sadly, it appears that they are more concerned with making fun of themselves and the music industry than coming up with good music. Though there are a couple of catchy tunes ('Do You Feel Loved, If God Would Send His Angles'), I think this album pales in comparison to their earlier work. Hopefully they will get off this dance kick. So many other bands do it better.
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on September 29, 1999
It would be an alright album, if they same band haven't made the masterpiece of them all "Achtung Baby". It makes "Pop" look....boring and without soul of music. The best songs are "If god would..." and "Staring at the sun" + "Discotheque" is a great song before going out friday night. But, Bono still writes great lyrics. On the other hand, nothing is worthy to follow up on "Achtung Baby".
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on October 19, 1998
Bono's journey away continues. Forget the beauty of "Joshua Tree." U2 is now full of postmodern smooze. U2 obviously sees themselves as bigger than life, a joke if you will. But the joke here almost backfires as Bono struggles to write good music and the lyrics all seem to have a "been there before" theme. Try again boys....I hope the fire is still alive.
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on October 7, 2003
I was given a loan of this album and I have to say only four tracks are in any way decent. The rest is just substandard dross that outstays it's welcome. It's only a shame they went ultra safe with ATYCLB because that was even worse - like listening to the rest of this album only worse. When will Bono retire that's what I want to know
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on June 15, 1999
U2's anticlimactic, flimsy beats and rythums, coupled with Bono's lazy, lackluster lyrics ("your holy war/ your northern star/ your sermon on the mount/ in the boot of your car..."), make POP sound more like POOP. PLEASE give us a break guys! You are rock icons. Start acting like it!
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