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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on June 4, 2004
Lets review the songs on disc 2: HIStory continues...
1)SCREAM: duet with Janet. its a wonderful song to dance to, but u already know that.
2)THEY DONT CARE ABOUT US: mike responding to the racist police brutality...great electric guitars on this one, with hot lyrics.
3)STRANGER IN MOSCOW: michael has said that this was one of his fav songs on the album. its a great song, michael really goes for it here and u feel his loneliness in the lonely singing-screaming at the end.
4)THIS TIME AROUND: hot beat and u feel mike's agression. he sings really well and listen closely cuz u'll hear him swear!!! LOL. features a rap by notorious B.I.G. before his death.
5)EARTH SONG: deep humanitarian effort by michael. the end is the best part with his frustrated chant backed by a hot choir. u can feel his pain. seriously.
6)D.S: an anthem for his fans. i dont have anything to say because i dont "wanna be startin' somethin'" (LOL) but the fans know who "dom sheldon" is. dont mess with mike on this track. :)
7)MONEY: features mike rapping..well sort of. its great. awesome lyrics. hes so smart LOL>
8)COME TOGETHER: mikes version of the beatles' song. its way better that the original cuz u can dance to it. u can tell that mike feels this song cuz he rocks it out.
9)YOU ARE NOT ALONE: u gotta love this sweet song. it has the greatest note, i think, that michaels ever hit and held at the end.
10)CHILDHOOD: i dont think i'm the only one besides michael that cries when i hear this song. it doesnt matter how many times. if u arent an mj and if u are, listen 2 this. it'll clarify everything 4 u.
11)TABLOID JUNKIE: hot hot song. very good beat. i just wish the reporters listen to it...
12) 2 BAD: also great for dancing. rap by shaquille o' must have missed the fact that he raps? it was pretty good though!
13)HIStory: the title track. its moving. buy "Blood on the Dancefloor" to hear the remix, which is SO HOT.
14)LITTLE SUSIE: another tear-jerker. look, i dunno how mike does it, but he does. u'll get goosebumps.
15)SMILE: inspiring song. take its advice. features a cute whistling session by michael at the end.
Overall, u'll love the album. I think that michael was the most honest on this cd than any other. maybe it was because he had a lot he needed to address, but either way, its AMAZING. get HIStory TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on November 21, 2003
"HIStory Past, Present, And Future: Book 1" is a two-disc album. The first CD is a compilation of fifteen Michael Jackson's greatest hits from 1979-1992. The second CD is his fifteen newly recorded tracks. Every track featured on this set explains why he's "the king of pop". These songs show the audience the his life paths within the times.
Every past hit is as catchy and as wonderful as the one next to it. They're taken from his previous four highly successful albums: "Off the Wall", "Thriller", "Bad", and "Dangerous". Behind his unique dance moves is some of the most unique music in the universe. His voice is wonderful. The outshining tracks featured are "Billie Jean", "Beat It", "Wanna Be Startin' Something", "The Girl Is Mine", and "Thriller", which were recorded on the greatest selling album in worldwide history(26 million US, 50 million worldwide). These tracks marked new territory for pop music's future. Its high quality proves that such success was well-deserved. His musical evolution through the years is fun to follow. Whether it's disco, R&B, pop, or rock, he's mastered it.
His new tracks follow his hard times through the controversies he was faced with in 1993. Is anger and sadness are well-expressed. Every track was written well. His platinum hit singles "Scream"(duet with Janet Jackson) and "You Are Not Alone" state the album's theme. His most controversal track of his career is featured on this album: "They Don't Care About Us". Its hardhitting lyrics are performed very well. The cover singles live up to the originals: "Come Together", "Little Susie", and "Smile". Most tracks combine pop and rock. The musical theme remains one of the most unique in musical history, as his past singles.
"HIStory Past, Present, and Future: Book 1" is an essential album for any Michael Jackson fan. Every track explains why he was the #1 selling artist of the 1980's. The 52-page booklet is also worth reading, explaining the history of these tracks and of his career. Many listeners will be pleased with this album. Long live the king of pop!
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on June 22, 2004
HIStory is one of the best albums of Michael Jackson.
I don't talk about the first CD but the second.
The songs Scream, They don't care about us, Earth song, Stranger in moscow , Money, Tabloid Junkie are AMAZING. The album is very interesting; Michael shares his secrets,his pains, his fears, opens his heart . The songs are far from the too smooth songs of Thriller and off the wall - these two albums are soooo overrated! - If you understand Michael Jackson's genius, you cannot bash HIStory...
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on March 12, 2004
The title, HIStory, fits this album. On the first disc, it shows his past hits that have put him in the music stratosphere. It is a great collection of the most recognizable hits of the music era! On the 2nd disc, it shows all of his emotions. You have songs that express great anger to songs that express a sadden man to a man who Just wants to express love throughout the world. I think with this disc, he had a lot to say. I think he spoke well about the turmoil he suffered in the past. And I truly Believe this collection of songs speak well on his current situation! When you Listen to this 2nd disc, I want you to listen very closely to the songs. Listen to the messages in these songs. Someday, we may all be in a place where we may feel the same way he felt and feels now. Mike always said he doesn't sing a song if he doesn't mean it. That should tell you something! Like I said, the man had some stuff inside that he had to let out. I know we all got stuff to get out of our system sometime.
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on January 29, 2010
HIStory is so much better than any of Michael's other albums! Of course there are some pretty good songs on Thriller and Bad, but they just do not compare. With Dangerous and HIStory, Michael was at his best in the nineties!
Here's a little review on each song (just disc 2, we all know the ones on the first disc well enough)
SCREAM- Michael and Janet are both great in this song and video. This song is just so powerful and angry, the lyrics are shocking!- 10/10 stars
THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT US- Awesome, danceable song with a great video and a great meaning to it!- 9/10
STRANGER IN MOSCOW- Nice ballad, great beat- 8/10
THIS TIME AROUND- Incredible! A lot of emotion and anger in it, which I love to see in Michael's (and Janet's) songs- 9/10
EARTH SONG- One of the best songs on the whole album. It's very heartbreaking and powerful, but you will not get the full effect of this brilliant song unless you see the music video!- 10/10
D.S- Definitely not the best, but it is a fun song- 8/10
MONEY- This song has good lyrics and a cool lip hop beat. 8/10
COME TOGETHER- Much, much better than the Beatles version! This song is very good! 9/10
YOU ARE NOT ALONE- A very wonderful ballad. The music is very nice; an altogether fantastic song. 9/10
CHILDHOOD- One of the most emotional songs here. Definitely the most autobiographical and personal. It is touching and beautiful. 10/10
TABLOID JUNKIE- Everybody needs to listen to this song and realize that the lyrics speak the truth! And it's fun to dance to. 10/10
2BAD- Another quite hip hop type song. It's a very energizing song. 9/10
HISTORY- An strange yet amazing song! I love it! 10/10
LITTLE SUSIE- This song is indescribable! It's creepy, haunting, emotional, creative, genius, stunning, nightmarish, tragic. . . and so much more. 10/10
SMILE- The best ballad here. It's a great, heartwarming way to end one of the best albums every made. 10/10

So you should definitely buy this! Especially if you are a MJ fan, because you will not be disappointed! It's all so brilliant!!!
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on May 6, 2010
I have wanted this double set for ages! It is hard to find in the stores here in Canada, and when you do, it is way over priced. Having found it here, for a reasonable price, I was very excited! Got it within 5 days, and it was like Christmas!

Unfortunately, the recorded volume of this version is low compared to other MJ CDs I own... With my speakers turned up full blast, this CD still doesn't sound very loud on the first half of the second disc...

Also, this censored German version of the CD has chosen to "clean up" the lyrics on "They Don't Care About Us" by drowning out the offensive words with unbearably annoying and loud screeching and banging metal sounds, which scare the cr*p out of me each time! I don't think I can live with this...

I am in the process of trying to exchange it for a less-offensive version, as I know a few other options exist (changed words; silently bleeped words; original uncensored version).

The songs themselves are, of course, EXCELLENT, as all MJ fans know! :)
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If you are new to Michael Jackson's work...forget NUMBER ONES. This is the cd to go for. It has 2 discs full of great songs.
Disc 1: HIStory begins
This cd has lots of great early material such as "Rock With You" and "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" which are from 1979's Off The Wall. You can't forget "Beat It" and "Billie Jean" from his best-selling album Thriller. There's also some good songs off his next album Bad such as the title-track and "Man In The Mirror". Then we also have songs off 1991's Dangerous such as "Black Or White" and "Remember The Time".
Disc 2: HIStory continues
This cd has lots of great new songs (at the time) such as "They Don't Care About Us", "Earth Song", and the mega-hit "You Are Not Alone". He also does a duet with his sister Janet on "Scream". My favorite song on this cd is "Tabloid Junkie".
This is a must-have cd from the king of pop. I say you forget about his recent troubles and just enjoy the music.
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on November 23, 2003
HIStory became the biggest selling double album ever and became
his fastest selling sold 7 million the first week and started breaking records with the album and singles.his first solo album to contain two not one 15 greatest hit set and the
new songs that became one of his best albums}it showed how much anger michael had inside but is one of his greatest albums.songs on the first disc and great new tracks on the second disc songs like{you are not alone][they don't care about us]stranger in moscow/tabloid junkie/2bad
{scream}{money}and many more{within the next year the album sold more than 13 million making the sales up to
27 million world wide}a million less then the year before with
14 million albums/It's a great album
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on April 25, 2013
The best album of Mj.. but also, for me, the best album ever created.. is best composition are on the second disc... Scream, They Don't Care About Us, Stranger In Moscow and Earth Song.. are the greatest song of MJ.. He will forever be the KING OF POP.. PERIOD there is also other great composition. include the 2 Bad from the Ghost movie, a version of come together of the beatle.. the song HIStory is also amazing, I love is version of Smile. This album is better than Thriller, WAY BETTER!! BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT! lol
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on March 12, 2001
Where do I begin. First I'm not going to compare Michael's recording to Thriller or Bad, yet I can understand why some do. History was not an album I intended on buying, in part because of the price. But eventually that changed. I had an opportunity to hear this fantastic double cd. It really blew me away. I still said that I couldn't see myself paying 32.99 for this album, even after being out for 6 years now. But one listen to Stranger in Moscow, and Money, I knew I had to get it. This album is just as good as anything Michael has put out. Some may disagree because of his earlier achievements with Thriller. Yet anyone who listens to Michael's music has to admit that even with the material that may not be groundbreaking, it is still a heck of alot better than what is being done today. Lyrically his music is always strong, yet his message has changed. While I don't want to make comparisons, I have to admit that the reason that I really liked History is because of the sound of Stranger in Moscow and Money. Those two songs especially Money remind me of Off the wall days. Primarily because of the chorus that he sings. Its the way he sings it that reminds me so much of his early days. But honestly the whole album is fantastic. Michael has never put out anything that was bad. Everything he touches is good if not great. The only thing that I hope in the future for Michael is that he can put the anger behind him. Although I must admit, it probably isn't easy, but after two albums(dangerous and history) I think we all can understand and feel the pain that the tabloids has brought to him. We hear you loud and clear Michael.
Unfortunately the media may never let up on Michael, in that case its time for him to move on beyond the media and continue to make great music and live his life.
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