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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on May 30, 2004
Richard D. James Album is the first ten tracks of this album:
1. 4
2. Cornish Acid
3. Peek 824545301
4. Fingerbib
5. Corn Mouth
6. To Cure a Weakling Child
7. Goon Gumpas
8. Yellow Calx
9. Girl/Boy Song
10. Logon Rock Witch
When bringing the album to America, the record companies decided that 32 minutes was too short for an album and added on the (entertaining, but IMO inferior) 5 tracks from the Girl/Boy EP.
11. Milkman
12. Inkeys
13. Girl/Boy Song [£18 Snare Rush Mix]
14. Beetles
15. Girl/Boy Song [Redruth Mix]
Those five tracks are BONUS TRACKS - they are NOT part of Richard D. James Album. Please consider this when reviewing the album.
As for my opinion, RDJ Album is a masterpiece of Drill n Bass, which is the term for the lightning quick, spastic drumming that is so prominent in this work. Note that this rather up-tempo drumming isn't always can actually be quite soothing (For the best example of this, see Flim from the Come to Daddy EP). For this, I couldn't do anything but give it 5 Stars. Once again, Aphex Twin has released something completely alien to my ears and I love it.
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on May 9, 2004
I was introduced to the Aphex Twin after I saw the videos on the Chris Cunningham DVD...and was blown away. I couldn't breath after I heard and saw the "Come to Daddy" video. I knew after that, I had to find all of his music. This was the first album I bought because according to most, it is his best. Some people call him a musical genius, perhaps even the next Mozart. I believe it. Richard D. James and his self-titled album are spellbinding. He is a true visionary. James' songs not only have amazing drum and bass beats but have heart and soul. Each track connects the listeners with a different aspect of his psyche and even his soul. I cannot express how much his music has touched me. The Aphex Twin is one of the most influential musical talent that exists on the earth today. Each track is terrific but these are the ones that stand out to me:
To Cure a Weakling Child
Girl/Boy Song
Logon Rock Witch (Most original musical composition I have ever heard)
It is a must buy for those who wish to experience the masterful voice of the Aphex Twin.
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on October 21, 2003
Richard D. James, for all he's worth, will probably always be interesting. The strange thing is, its not always for his music but implied through it. Here's a man with exceptional talent, truly a rare ear for melody, sound, rhythm, and composistion but strangely, he'd much rather make music that makes you want to rip his album from the stereo than make quality tunes. I think James finally hit his drop off point with Druqks, which is two disc of the most unlistenable material he's ever mnade. But that's all part of the Richard James, quirck. You can never tell with the music that he's making whether or not he's being serious about it or just screwing with you, laughing affar from your misfortune. You think this is unfounded? What about Digerdoo? He used to play that clubs just to clear the dance floor. So in this mix(mess) of releases that we've seen from the man, where does the critically acclaimed Richard D. James album stand? In my oppinion, it is speratic, psychotic, lovely, lush, choatic, noisy, blistering and peaceful. Its such a bizarre collection of sounds, all of which seem to inlict different emotions.
There are a handful of real standout tracks on here. The majority sit atop of the album in the beginning starting from the opener 4 to the incredible 4th track Finger Bib. Cornish Acid and Peek are also excellent. All of these songs have a certain concentrated, solid feel to them(especially Finger Bib), marking some of the best material he's made since Ambient 85-92.
The rest of the album is for sure quality. Made up of a concoction of rapidly morphing rhythmic clashes set up against washing, orchestral synths with various levels of sucess. Then there's Milkman. Simultaniously the most hilarious and creepy 4 mintues on any CD he's released. I don't want to say too much other than its one of the later standouts, but for a very strange reason.
If there is one consistancy that James has done over the years is shown that he is truly a visionary when it comes to music and no doubt his backcatalog and even Druqks are proof of that. What seems to be in constant state of flux is his attitude and what he releases seems to be the result of whatever he's going through or however he feels his next release should sound, even if that means it will be completely devoid of listenable material. For that very reason, he can remain in music for how ever long he's want as long as he can continue to snag attention.
P.S. By the way, its a good album. You should buy it.
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on October 2, 2003
While "I care because you do" was a revelation as to what could be done with carefully bent melodies and rhythms, and both "Selected Ambient Works" are beautiful in their own right (85-92 was standard electronica groove raised to the highest potential, and Vol. 2 was a stunning piece of truly alien music), this is probably his worst work ever. Even though I have been able to acquire a taste for even the densest electronica after enough listens (such as more recent Autechre and everything else RD James has done), picking out the carefully layered and hidden melodies and rhythms, there is simply nothing to be found here. This isn't a case where the music is there, "encoded in the noise" as one Autechre reviewer put it. With the exception of a very few interesting bits, there seems to be nothing here but an effort on RDJ's part to make the most unlistenable record he could.
If you are new to Aphex Twin, or looking for more after your first try, pick up "I care because you do" or "Drukqs" or either of the "Selected Ambient Works". If this CD is your first Aphex Twin purchase, you probably won't bother with a 2nd.
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"4" starts and as soon as the melody was established, goose bumps began forming on my arm, and just got larger as the melody progressed into something even more pretty and intricate. If you don't buy this, just for that experience, you are missing out on something so cool you might as well have never had cake before(and your favorite cake at that!).
The next couple of tracks that passed took me a few listens to get it. Then I realized something: When listening to genious work like The Twin, you can't EXPECT anything, you can't HOPE for anything, you just have to realize that his word is law. Like lennon, Mozart, Page, etc. They are masters and are very talented; listening to what they record and excepting it for what it is will help you appreciate it faster and enjoy it more.
There are wonderful journeys on this piece of plastic, and there is such a wonderful feel to this album. I love it all.
It IS "some of the greatest sounds ever recorded". I quoted that because it's said so many times, and a lot of the time it should be said, but I hold RDJ's music up there with my top 10 most beautiful things to experience in life, and deserves a lot more than just a saying like that. He deserves a round of applause for what he has done.
I whole heartedly recommend this to you....I warn you music lovers: DO NOT PASS THIS UP....Peace.
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on February 5, 2003
On this album self titled album you're gonna experience something very diffrent, This might not be the best he's ever been making but some songs are very good and it's defenitely not ordinary songs he's been making. One dissapointment is that many of the songs are not melodic this time. "Fingerbib" and "Girl/Boy song" however are "Goon Gumpas" is really beautiful, it sound like nothing i've heard before. On "Milkman" you can hear his own voice, not very special song though, but allright. "Cornish acid" reminds me of some old video game, some songs however are just quite boring, fast beats but a lack of good melody, i get the feeling they were added just cause the sake of making a album with more songs. Atleast we all can agree that this album is far from commercial compared to guys like Fat Boy Slim for example, he's doing his thing, somethimes exellent and sometimes not as funny, bu the good moments of the album makes ir worth buying for techno/electro fans!
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on July 21, 2002
Richard D. James has progressed far since his early days of distorted drums and catchy melodies. It seems as if technology has finally allowed him to create complex and intricate drum patterns to compliment his complex and intricate melodies. Now, I will be completely honest, I am one of those people that do prefer his albums I Care Because... and his Selected Ambient Works Volume 2. Even after that, this album is so original, so melodic, so intricate, and so catchy, that it truly deserves 5 stars.
This album almost pushes Richard D. James into the field of being an actual composer. Many of the melodies and structures truly resemble those of Mozart. Although many people might say that it doesn't sound anything like Mozart, they are half right. This is something in the same style as Mozart performed on modern technology. Richard D. James in this album did something that Mozart did quite a bit, made simplified main melodies with repetitive back, rythmic melodies to compliment them.
The main problem that I can see most people having with this album is that it doesn't really have the sound of a normal electronic/dance album. Even though it doesn't sound like a typical electronic/dance album, it still is. You can dance to it. You can hum along to it. And on top of it all, it is written in a style that is a few hundred years old. Of course, that still might not be enough for many people to appreciate it. If you like repitive dance music, radio pop music, country, and have a a huge dislike of classical, then chances are, you will not like this album.
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on July 28, 2001
I'm an avid music fan, always looking and exploring new types of music (or trying to anyways), and so, it was only a matter of time before I delved into the Aphex Twin collection. I'm pretty interested in electronic music, and I've heard a lot of great things about Aphex Twin, and so I decided to pick this album up (the only one by Aphex Twin in the store) even though it was (price). Anyways, I put the album on and immediately I liked most of it in some way, and so that was a good thing. I was immediately blown away by Girl/Boy Song, and so I said to myself "Good, it wasn't a waste of money."
That was two nights ago, and I have been listening to this album almost non-stop since then. I'm listening to it now. I don't just think this album is good now, I think is amazing. Every song (with maybe the exception of tracks 10 and 11) is awesome, with the standouts being Girl/Boy Song, 4, Corn Mouth, TO Cure a Weakling Child, Goongumpas, and Yellow Calx. But they're really all good. I find this album as a paradox of sorts. It's very abrasive, but yet it also is very dreamy even with the abrasivness. I find I can listen to it, and focus on it, or just play it in the background and be equally satisfied with it. It's very interesting if you want it to be, but also very ambient if you want that. It's very cool to listen to the hard and fast beats, and to catch a glimpse of the ambient song underneath, and that is a great effect. Girl/Boy Song which is my favorite song on the album is absolutely amazing. It's a classical ambient song, but with loud and fast, random beats throughout. My favorite part of the song is around the 3 minute mark where the drums stop, and it becomes straight ambience with the strings for a portion of the song. The ending of that track is very errie sounding, contradicting the positive feel of the majority of the track, almost making it seem that something went wrong at the end. It's all very good though, I just decided to talk about that particular track.
Oh, and one more the thing, have you seen the cover? My god, what a freaky picture. But here's something for you to try. Open the booklet and look at the inside picture directly infront of a light. Damn, it's freaky. Totally caught me off guard the first time I noticed it.
Anyways, this album is awesome. I'm definately gonna try to buy as much Aphex Twin as I can.
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on March 5, 2001
This somewhat frantic, occasionally funky and rich-string laden masterpiece is a culmination of musical experimentation that started hundreds of years ago. The demons and angels in James's head all have equal time to vent and whisper agendas. From the sinister falsetto paired with banging rhythms of "To Cure A Weakling Child" to the dulcet piccato strings and junglish snare of "Girl/Boy Song", this record runs the gamut of styles and moods. It sounds like a machine learning how to express human emotions in a cold, misty dwelling.... perhaps Cornwall, Aphex Twin's hometown. Richard D. James Album is truly cerebral music which, against conventions, taps into feelings and moods with a minimum of recognizable samples. The eerie, freaked out vocals slip beneath your skin like a burrowing beetle, sucking the color from your countenance like milk from an udder. The alien soundscapes, bleating machines and skittering beats combine with Aphex Twin's unmistakable twisted voice to make a modern masterpiece of dark musical experimentation. Simultaneously fascinating, chilling and humorous, this album should be required listening in the 21st century.
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on March 3, 2001
In a career filled with re-invention, Aphex Twin comes full circle, with an album named after his real-life identity, RICHARD D. JAMES. James performs his usual boundary-jumping, genre-crashing magic, constantly changing gears and never standing still. Melodies are drawn from an infinite variety of sonic sources and juxtaposed with harsh, stuttering breakbeats and placid keyboards in ever-changing permutations. James manages to coax a wide range of emotion from his synthesizers, from the whimsical, playful melodic line which introduces "4." to the harsh beat and angular accompaniment of "Cornish Acid." "Peek 824545201" throws down a skittish, slithering beat, while "Corn Mouth" is a jumble of techno shrapnel. "To Cure A Weaking Child" makes haunting use of sampled voices of children, reassembling them into words and repeated phrases. Drums and keyboard sounds meld into one another freely and playfully. James further showcases his ability to recycle traditional sounds into altogether new forms with the string arrangements of "Goon Gumpas" and "Girl/Boy Song," but nowhere is this gift utilized more effectively than in "Logan Rock Witch," whose goofy rhythm and church organ support a chiming, sparse, guitar-like melody line.
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