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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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I have been a Debbie Gibson fan since the very beginning, ever since I heard her first single Only in My Dreams. Gibson burst on the music scene as a bonafide phenomenon; she was topping the charts with great songs she wrote herself before she was even old enough to drive. Her first album, Out of the Blue, produced one successful single after another, and she followed up her debut effort with a second hit album called Electric Youth. Little did we loyal fans know that her career had already peaked. With the release of Anything is Possible, the radio soon became a stranger to Gibson's recordings. I admit to having been shocked by her appearance in the video to Anything is Possible, but my fears that Gibson had decided to forego her musical purity in favor of the exploitation of her feminine charms were allayed by the exceptional quality - overall - of her third album. Debbie went on to record additional albums of great music, but new fans were hard to come by in a world where this talented singer had been made invisible during the musical shift from the 1980s to the 1990s. Many of Gibson's early fans have missed out on some great songs over the course of years since her initial success, but everyone can still appreciate the great songs that made her famous.

This Greatest Hits album was released in 1995, and it is dominated by songs from her first two albums (with two exceptions). Out of the Blue supplies five tracks here, each one of them a great commercial success: Only in My Dreams, the single that started it all; Staying Together, Shake Your Love, and Out of the Blue, three energetic songs borne of the excitement of teenaged romance; and the incredible ballad Foolish Beat, the song that really put Debbie over the top. Electric Youth, Gibson's second album, produced a number of great tracks, three of which are included in this collection: the title track, a song pulsing with the dreams and possibilities of youth; Lost in Your Eyes, a huge ballad hit; and the equally becoming but less famous ballad No More Rhyme. Anything is Possible was a fantastic album, made up of 8 dance-oriented tracks and 8 ballads, but is represented here only by its first single; this was the worst song on that album, in my opinion, and it sent Gibson's career into a tail-spin in terms of sales and popularity.

This Greatest Hits album ends with three remixes. The first two are dance club mixes of Only in My Dreams and Shake Your Love. The third one is a "Masters at Work Version" of the song Losin' Myself from the 1992 album Body Mind Soul. While this fourth album was a little uneven, it produced several wonderful songs that no one apart from Debbie's loyal fans ever really got to hear. Losin' Myself in particular should have been a huge hit, and it truly deserved a place here on this Greatest Hits album despite its lack of commercial success.

If you were a Gibson fan in the 1980s, you will love this CD. Some may call Gibson's music bubblegum pop, but I know I am not alone in enjoying her music immensely. These songs bring back many great youthful memories for me, and it can do the same for many others out there - even those who consider Debbie Gibson a guilty pleasure at best.
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on September 30, 2003
What's the difference between Tiffany and Debbie, of course, the ability to write your own stuff, although Tiffany had a great aproach to audience with 2000's "Colour Of Silence", for much of the 80's Debbie was the most talented of the two, this greatest hits includes the essential hits of Debbie Gibson, nothing more, nothing less, is not fill with the non-hit tracks, that for some reason didn't become hits?, because they we're bad, this collection includes only but bubble gum classic, that we all as children of the eighties grew up with, for my taste the best tracks are the upbeat "Only In My Dreams", the bittersweet "Out Of The Blue", the dance jam "Electric Youth", the melancolic "Lost In Your Eyes and No More Rhyme", the worst track of all is "Anything Is Possible" no wonder it was the beginning of the end of the chart career for Debbie, along side all this Greatest Hits is an essential cd for your eighties collection. Great Buy!
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on May 10, 2001
In the 80s, Debbie Gibson was my idol. I love her. To me, she's like an angel sent down to earth by god himself. Her soft, fun, pretty songs always pure joy to me. Now, almost 15 years later, Debbie Gibson is not a popular teen idol anymore. But, her songs and albums remaining and showing all of us, she is indeed a great talent. This greatest hits collection provide almost all of her hit singles. Only in my dreams, Shake your love, Out of the blue, Lost in your eyes... Debbie's debut album Out of the Blue is simply awesome album and her second album Electric Youth also fine album, too. After that, her career became not a popular one. And nineties coming silently kills her career. Few months ago, I heard some eighties music show, and they have phone interview with Debbie, and she still in the music business and doing some broadway musical project, too. I'm very delighted. Debbie has great song writing talent, of course skillful singing voice, too. I hope her new musical career will be a big success. I also hope some day I met her in person and then I tell her thank for the all the great memories and songs she gave to us. After all, I still love Debbie...
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on June 26, 2000
Debbie Gibson came onto the scene in 1987 and won immediate attention and success with her debut album "Out of the Blue", scoring 4 Top 5 Hits, and becoming the youngest performer to write, produce and sing a No.1 song.
Great songs include "Shake Your Love", "Anything Is Possible", and her last Hot 100 chart single 1993s "Losin' Myself" remixed.
Debbie now Deborah has come along way on the circuit of music, and though I have been a fan of her music and watching it change over the years, I am still reminiscent of her earlier music.
Debbie has a talent for good it shows with her latest single "What You Want" now playing on the radio. Her career has spanned from Pop Diva to Broadway, which she is currently writing her first musical for Broadway titled "Skirts".
This lady has it all brains, power, and musical talent....and if people want to kid me about "Electric Youth" so what! , its got a great beat and its easy to dance to.
Debbie (Deborah) has always had a talent for hooks in songs, and there is nothing short on this compilation.
The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 stars, is because whoever put this compilation together was not a true Gibson fan.
They are missing remixes of "Out of the Blue", her other singles "Shock Your Mama", the chart single "We Could Be Friends" and the top 20 chart club success from the "Anything Is Possible" album, which unfortunately at this moment the title eludes me.
Anyway the compilation could of been a little better since it was Deborahs last contractual album with her label Atlantic.
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on December 13, 1998
This 1995 Atlantic Records bon voyage to their one time teen money-maker actually is a good effort. If any one ever enjoyed the gibson girl during her heyday then this collection is for you. The title is a bit misleading though. From 1986 to 1992 practially every one of Deb's sinlges are here. I think of a greatest hits package being the best of an artists releases. And when the songs to be on that package end up being more than 75% of their single releases then the title of greatest hits is misleading. Any way, the old tried and true 80's pop is here as well as 80's pop ballads. Debbie,s songwriting is strong here on "Lost In Your Eyes","No More Rhyme","Foolish Beat" and "Losin' Myself". The last one from her 1992 album "Body,Mind,Soul". She shows her sexy side and the video for that song if you can find it is very well done. Except for a holding back from embracing her sexy image 100%. As she did in release after release- Deb held back. When she did let it all go-we got the forementioned cuts and great memories from the teen princess. She couldn't be the teen queen because she always came off abit smug and unrelateable. Tiffany will always be the teen queen. But this isn't the space to squabble over Deb's and Tiff's obvious differences. Basic word here folks-For anyone who enjoyed the teen scene of the late 80's and wants to revisit. Now if only the New Kids On The Block and Martika would have released their greatest hits...
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on January 9, 1999
When one thinks of 80s pop music, groups and individuals come to mind like Tiffany, the Jets, NKOTB....and of course Debbie (now Deborah) Gibson. This album, her greatest hits, brings back her hits of that bygone era...
Gibson made herself a star by her hits of "Only in My Dreams" and "Electric Youth", both of which are featured here. But if you listen further in the album, there are sngs such as: Anything is Possible (her 3rd album of the same name), and the very last track is from her album many people thought exposed the dark, sultry side of her in "Losin Myself". In between there are her other songs, some of which never did as well as OIMD, but still worth the listen to.
If you liked this album then you will love her latest offering, "Deborah" which features the OIMD Remix 98, and "Think WIth Your Heart", more of a ballad-style album and quite refreshing to listen to....also look for Z: The Musical soon...
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on January 30, 2004
Long before Twitney Spears, NStink, and the Backdoor Boys, there was Tiffany, New Kids on the Block and Debbie Gibson. What does all those people have in common? The put out cavity-inducing music. Of all the pop acts I have listed, the only person I liked back in the late '80s was Debbie Gibson. I liked her music more than Tiffany's. Plus Debbie actually wrote and produce her own music which I can't say the same for mall rat Tiffany. Still Debbie did manage to churn out some real cheesy songs like "Shake Your Love" (the one Debbie Gibson song that I don't like). Sure Debbie's music screams out "I am the cheese!" like in songs such as "Electric Youth" and the syrupy ballad "Lost in Your Eyes" but at least Debbie never pulled any stupid stunts ..., nor did she have to resort to using her sexuality to sell records. I may not be a Debbie Gibson fan now but I occasionally like to throw in her greatest hits for a trip down memory lane. Her music is a huge guilty pleasure for me.
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on January 18, 2006
i don't like the remixes, "losin myself" is a really bad version.
i'd have liked to have seen more diversity here, instead of these 3 remixes, the space could've been better used.
debs is a great talent, & had some great classic '80s pop hits
that i still like to listen to.
her ballads were particularly outstanding.
also, "we could be together" was omitted here, i distinctly recall that being a single release in '89 & is one of my faves, so, why no show here?
i also thought the "anything is possible" album was a particularly good collection, so would've loved a bit more input from that here, perhaps as a bonus track or whatever.
also, "electric youth" was an especially outstanding song, so, if anything, an extended version of this track here would've been excellent
anyway, i do like the songs herein, but as a compilation from debs, it does not do her achievements justice.
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on June 4, 2002
Debbie Gibson along with New Kids On the Block and Tiffany ruled the late 80's and early 90's with their pleasent bubble-gum pop. The big difference was, Debbie did most of her own writing and producing. All of her big songs are on here including "Only In My Dreams", "Shake Your Love", "Out of the Blue", "Electric Youth", "Foolish Beat", and probably her biggest hit "Lost In Your Eyes." I bought the album mostly for the song "Only In My Dreams", but discovered the awesome pop tune "Out of the Blue" which is now probably my favorite. The rest of the songs were minor hits and nothing to make much noice about. There are also two good remixes of "Shake Your Love" and "Only In My Dreams." For someone who was a teenager in the late-80's, this is a good nostalgic trip. Or for someone who just likes good pop, this is worth checking out.
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on April 2, 1999
This disc is loaded with catchy tracks that will have you humming along. It is great background music for long drives. Don't expect the depth and maturity that you are used to in Gibson's later releases, however, such as "Think With Your Heart" and 1998s "Deborah." This is vintage Deb, and it wasn't designed to be especially profound. If you don't take yourself too seriously, and you enjoy catchy pop tunes, give this disc a try. Although her vocal delivery has improved considerably since the release of the tracks on this disc, due largely in part to spending so much time in Broadway shows, you can tell that her singing comes straight from the heart. It is a shame that Gibson's later material hasn't been given much airplay from today's cookie cutter commercial radio stations. Behind the teen idol stereotype lurks a talented women who is on the verge of rediscovery by a more mature audience.
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