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on August 30, 2003
No doubt Depeche Mode's most popular album, this one has got some serious legs and deservedly so. I don't know what you would call Depeche Mode sound. It's kind of a mixture between dance, electronica, and pop. Depeche Mode has their own sound which many assocaitate with an 80's tinge and thus has developed their own unique fan base. This is the album that was able to transcend that fan base and is really a gem as it is still great ten+ years later.
Where to start? Well first the album is short (about 45 minutes) but that works because this kind of music has about a 45 min max for me before I've had enough. Its pretty intense as the theme is the only reason keeping this from being a five star CD in my mind. It is dark and bleak and examines personal demons and feelings of loneliness, despair and neediness. Heavy stuff that is usally only found in the everyday rotation of the clinically insane and depressed unless you are really in the mood. Thankfully the beats and groove trancsend the atmosphere to produce likeable and singable head boppin ditties.
Four of the songs were radio hits (Personal Jesus, Enjoy the Silence, Policy Of Truth, World in My Eyes) and these are the heart and soul of the album. DM really got in a zone with these songs as they all work extremely well at pleasing and never annoying. The rest of the songs are for the most part slower paced and intersect the radio hits well. The Sweetest Perfection and Clean are the best of the rest. The only blemish on the album is Waiting For The Night. This song reminded me a precursor of what was to come on Songs Of Faith And Devotion: i.e. slow, preachy and boring.
Bottom Line: An amazing CD that people who are fans of songs like Strangelove and People are People will probably enjoy. Fans of 80's music will probably enjoy this as well.
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on September 3, 2002
The above title doesn't imply that I think Depeche Mode sold out with this album. No doubt, this record deservedly went multiplatinum and evelated them to a household name in British pop. And while it doesn't quite match the heights of landmark albums like "Music for the Masses," "Violator" is one fun ride. The opener, "World in My Eyes," is what we've come to expect from the Mode: hook-heavy yet moody synth pop with a danceable edge. "Personal Jesus" (which, strangely, everybody seems to misintrepret as an inspirational song) makes good use of its guitar twang, while "Enjoy the Silence" (their biggest American hit) has a nice house-y feel. The non-single cut "Sweetest Perfection," is a seductive, slow-moving number that features songwriter Martin Gore taking lead vocals. Producer Flood really takes the group to a new direction on this record, which fails to bore the listener. "Violator" isn't their best record, but it ranks high on my list of favorite albums from the Mode.
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on January 25, 2004
Dark, atmospheric and insanely melodic? Thats the best way that you can describe Dephece Mode.
"Violater", probably the Mode's most popular record, is an excellent look at the synth pop movement because it hasn't dated at all. Where many bands who played a simiular style sound so very eighties(I'm not critizing, because the eighties were a pretty good decade), Depehce Mode stil sound current. Just listen to the excellent hit single "Personal Jesus". A bluesy guitar riff surrounded by synths and Dave Gahan going full out on the vocals. Or my favorite song on the record, "The Policy of Truth", where three synth parts rival for melody of the year, with Gahan preaching to the converted. What's not to like here?
There are only nine songs here, which is actually a really good thing. Instead of bogging the record down with filler, the Mode put nine excellent songs on here, and you never get bored with it. I severly doubt that you will regret buying "Violater".
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on March 8, 2004
Their album prior to this may have been called "Music For The Masses", but this is the one that really made them huge. It's easily their most popular, and probably their best. It's a near perfect mix of alt-rock, goth, and electronica. This includes the hits "Personal Jesus", "Policy Of Truth", and the excellent "Enjoy The Silence". But other tracks like "World In My Eyes", "Clean", and "Waiting For The Night" are just as good. They have many other great albums, but none of them are so short on filler. I think the better name for this might have been "Sweetest Perfection". Almost half of these songs are on "The Singles 86-98" as well.
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on October 15, 2000
...if the Cure played pop music, they would probably sound like Depeche Mode. This is synth-pop with a taste for dark and oppressive atmospheres. The '80 were littered with synth-pop records and while most of them are (predictably) mainstream rubbish, some manage to break the well-known rule "if it sells more than 10000 copies then it isn't probably worth mentioning". In short DM stood out as one of those bands who manage to sell zillions of records while playing (mostly) top-quality music. Sadly they were among the last of their kind (just have a look at Billboard and try to spot a name that deserves more than a 0, artistically) Beware of the Britneys...
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on December 19, 2001
If you own one DM album, it probably should be this. It isn't the best (I'd give that honor to Black Celebration) but 1) It's very close and 2) It's the most accessible. You can easily come from pop, dance, industrial, or rock music and enjoy this album. The songs are deep and thought-provoking without being too dark, while being catchy and memorable without having too much of a sell-out sound. The big singles from this album ("Enjoy the Silence" and "Personal Jesus") are the best songs on the album, but the rest ain't too shabby either.
Like this album? Want to get more? I suggest "Music For the Masses" - not as good but similar in sound.
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on September 3, 2003
This was DM's commercial breakthrough album. Personal Jesus, Enjoy the Silence and Policy of Truth were important success maker songs. The main role of Policy of Truth has a guitar melody which is fine but can be boring after several listening times. Personal Jesus is also guitar oriented song with gospel lyrics. Enjoy the Silence is a reflexing and soft song. Waiting for the Night sounds like a early 80s Depeche Mode. They are some fillers but all in all this is must better that Music for the Masses
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on August 20, 2002
This is Depeche Mode's most well known and most successful album till date. This album contains the band's top single tracks, Enjoy the Silence, Personal Jesus, and Policy of Truth. This is a good album with good quality Depeche Mode music and the singles Enjoy the Silence and Personal Jesus make this album worth having. Both of those tracks are great and Depeche Mode classics. This is definitely a DM album to have in your collection of classics.
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on December 20, 2000
This is a great DM album. I admit, I do like it pretty much, I like Martin's lyrics a lot and the music is quite good. I liked about more than half of the tracks (seven or eight of them) and I thought the music for both "Blue Dress" and "Personal Jesus" are great. However, I am not giving this album a perfect five as I thought some of the music sounded a tiny bit the same such as "World in My Eyes" and "Halo" may give some people a feeling that they resemble. Overall, this is a great album and Depeche Mode has definitely done a great job on the mixing of styles.
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on November 6, 2003
Re-bought this on CD yesterday. Had the cassette in jr. high. This album sounds great and oddly relevant over a decade after it's initial release. Most definitly due to the recent 80s indie "comeback" of late. Gore and company knew what they were doing on this mesh of goth/synth/techno LP. Check it out.
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