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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on October 15, 2014
It is wonderful to own these on vinyl again. And in original mono to boot. What a treat. The full-size jacket that records give you is so much more enjoyable that little CD jackets. The sound quality of these records is breathtaking. When I hear the full, rich sound I can't help think of George Harrison who thought stereo was a mistake because it thinned out the sound. Highly, highly recommended. In fact, I don't see how a Beatles fan could pass these up.
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on December 17, 2015
MY FAVOURITE BEATLE ALBUM !!! This changed the Music Industry and the way Groups approached making an album in late 60's....if I had only ONE CD to play forever- THIS IS IT !!!! So well produced ...Lennon and McCartney at their best and George Martin producer !!!
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on February 13, 2013
I didn't purchase this actual product, so it could have quality issues I don't know BUT anyone who says that this is overrated have no idea what they're talking about. has reviews that are the total opposite of what Canadians are saying, and I don't know why. For the time (1968):engineering and artistic feat for the ages. Everything in music changed after this release. This album is timeless. Look it up. Don't listen to people who will say anything.

Edit- bought the record off Amazon, put the record on the turntable and its painfully obvious that the record is warped. Doesn't rest flat at all, and the sound is distorted. Not a bad pressing; if it was damaged during shipping its Amazon's fault. But it is hard to ship a record during a Canadian sub-zero winter ;)
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on January 8, 2013
This is the second album that I've purchased from the remastered 180g vinyl LP Beatles' discography, after having been thoroughly satisfied with the Abbey Road album in that series. I was once again bracing for the worst, based on some of the previous reviews of Sergeant Pepper's here.

This vinyl LP will be played back on a Linn Axis Turntable fitted with a Linn Ittok LV-II tone arm, a Shure V15 V-MR cartridge and a JICO Super Analogue Stylus (SAS).

There was no damage to the outer album cover or any bent edges. I carefully inspected the actual LP for any obvious signs of damage such as scuffs, gouges or warps, as well as for the much talked about "non-fill" defect - which can appear as a "string of pearls". I could find no visual evidence of any such damage. There is only a slight unevenness that can be observed when the LP is in rotation on the turntable platter, but it is not warped. The LP is also properly centered, as the tone arm does not sway from side to side during playback. When held up to a light, the LP shines nicely. There was a "shushing" sound on the lead-in track on Side 1 just before the title track, but it only lasted for a little more than a second - then it disappeared completely. There were also various points when a slight crackling could be heard during playback and it was somewhat more noticeable during "When I'm Sixty-four". At no time, however, was any of this annoying or did it detract from the overall sound quality. Despite some of these artifacts, I feel that this is a good pressing. It is not, however, as quiet as the Abbey Road LP I had purchased earlier. I do wish to emphasize, however, that the overall sound quality that I have heard from my copy of Sergeant Pepper's differs significantly from that described by some of the previous reviewers here.

As in my previous review of Abbey Road, I feel that the remastered Sergeant Pepper's LP has a very natural analogue sound despite the fact it was cut from a 24-bit, 44.1 kHz digital master tape. There are some tracks that sound as though they have excessive treble (especially "With A Little Help From My Friends" and "Lucy"), but that was precisely the artistic approach taken and the sound that the Beatles, producer George Martin and engineer Geoff Emerick had intended back in 1967. I feel that the detail, depth, soundstage and placement of vocals and instruments throughout the album is quite impressive. In this regard, the string arrangements on "She's Leaving Home" and the hand percussion on "Within You Without You" were delightful. In fact, the latter track's combination of George Harrison's sitar and other traditional Indian instruments created a profound sense of musical depth. Of course, "A Day In The Life" - my favorite all-time Beatles single - with John Lennon's haunting vocals is sublime.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this LP and can confidently call it a keeper. I do not at all feel that it is a bad pressing, sounds like sand paper, etc. In fact, I am becoming rather puzzled by the many complaints that I keep reading about this Beatles remastered 180g vinyl LP series.
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on August 13, 2013
When this album was released there was nothing else like it. Everyone took notice and it became very popular and the starting point for other bands at the time writing music. For the listener such as myself I would play it over and over never growing tired of it. I would start of by liking one song and as time went on I would have another favorite and then another and then another until I thought wow this whole album is great. Today I feel the same way. Of course I I am more familiar with some songs because of endless radio airplay (Sgt. Peppers or With a little help from my friends) but I still like to listen to the others just as much. This album is truly timeless!
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on November 22, 2014
This is an amazing Beatles record. The songs here sound so well together, and this is The Beatles at their prime. It's probably my second favorite of their albums (seconded by Abbey Road, and followed by Revolver). It is a lot of fun to listen to and it sounds like it's an album they had a lot of fun making.
Being apparently the first concept album ever, it is a fantastic one. It leaves a lot of mysteries behind, such as clues behind the "Paul is Dead" theory, which actually sounds believable based on the "hints" left here.
Check it out if you haven't heard it before. It's another fantastic album from The Beatles.
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on January 20, 2014
It took time to become a Beatle's fan. That's because I'm old ( in my eighties ) and I liked the 50's and 60's stuff when I was in high school. Then music changed in disturbing,assertive ways I didn't understand. But the Beatles still had melody and their concerts were fun. They have lasted well.
I'm glad I have this one and I may but not yet buy others.
The sound is not bad considering it has to travel through two hearing aids after everything else it's been through.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon June 14, 2013
Each Beatles record was an advance and a revelation of some sort. Each album introduced something creative and new. Sgt. Pepper, however, rose above the rest. It represented a quantum leap beyond what had gone before, beginning with the cover. It was an explosion of imagery and artistry and innovation from beginning to end. (That might not be apparent now, over 40 years later, as the innovative techniques which the Beatles inspired and pioneered have become commonplace.) The lyrics, the tunes, the voices, the harmonies, the instruments, the orchestrations and the technical wizardry of George Martin all conspired to reflect the spirit of the time. This might be best embodied in the aural perfection of the closing "A Day in the Life." The album continues to amaze me. When you buy Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, as you should, turn down the lights, turn up the sound, and just listen. It's a trip!
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on December 29, 2012
Like others, I encountered the same problem with the new Sgt Pepper, 180 gram LP edition - an absolutely atrocious pressing on BOTH sides, filled with fade-outs and distortion that bleeds from one speaker to the other. Amazon is sending a replacement copy; mine was purchased back in November at the time of initial release (but not opened until Xmas), so hopefully the replacement copy comes from a subsequent pressing that remedied the problem.

Otherwise, Let it Be sounds just fine !!
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on December 1, 2012
The 2012 re-issue of this Lp is a disaster. I cleaned it three times with my record cleaning machine and it still sounds like the needle is travelling through sand. The quality of the vinyl is atrocious. Go find a good used one.
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