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4.7 out of 5 stars

on January 22, 2004
This album ranks with De La Soul's first and Beasties' Paul's Boutique... and "Pump up the Volume" as a sampling Masterpiece. It's from an era where music could, if it was good enough, make you feel like you were bouncing between satellites, maybe high on something yet discovered. A brilliant album for the dawn of home satellites or for the end of the world... whatever. PWEI says "bring it on" full speed and with vigor. What a shame all the sampling lawyers had to step into this great musical genre, in which PWEI hit the hardest. They're just amazing. Their "Cure for Sanity" is probably as good, but takes repeated listens to grasp. "This is the Day" grabs your labels and shakes from the first listen, first beat.
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on November 14, 2003
If the lyrical snippet I used for the title of this review doesn't arrest your attention then I suggest you leave PWEI well alone and go back to your mass-produced MTV and TRL-endorsed pop outfits; the musical ingenuity and genuine wit found on this album will no doubt go straight over your head.
Back in the late 80s, industrial music had yet to make a name for itself in the mainstream (which wouldn't truly come to pass until Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson watered down the genre for mass consumption). Thanks to the likes of Ministry, Front 242 and Skinny Puppy, however, it was rapidly evolving into a more palatable form of music; a stark contrast with the freeform, atonal abstractions of Throbbing Gristle that dominated the scene a decade earlier. Enter Pop Will Eat Itself: they, along with Meat Beat Manifesto, where the first to inject a severe dose of hip-hop mentality into the genre and give it a new twist. And it is on this album that their style was best realised. "This is the Day..." is a towering slab of noise-funk; an electrifying concoction of sample-heavy industrial strength punk rock hip-hop that is, odd as it may sound, as uncompromising as it is accessible. Employing the same cut-and-paste techniques as the likes of the Bomb Squad (whose production skills sent Public Enemy into the stratosphere a year earlier), the Dust Brothers and the aforementioned Meat Beat Manifesto, PWEI knew exactly what they were doing - creating a dense wall of noise backed with simple, yet effective drum programming (think "Land of R*** and Honey"-era Ministry) and chunky guitar riffs. Very punk-influenced, with a dash of 80s thrash metal thrown in for good measure. Where the band really scores, however, is with the lyrics. They're smart, streetwise, irreverent, daft and unbelievably awesome. Giving their transatlantic counterparts The Beastie Boys a run for their money, they toss cultural references and witticisms around like housewives toss salad. Vocalists Clint Mansell and Graham Crabb are often lambasted for not being the most godlike MCs ever, but I think this criticism is wholly unwarranted - they put every single rapper on radio today to absolute shame. Plus, they have two of the *coolest* sounding voices I've heard, their performances (replete with astute English accents) giving the lyrical passages a ever-so-slight hint of underlying irony. Impressive stuff, to say the very least. "Not Now James, We're Busy" is quite possibly the best song I've ever heard, cramming more ingenuity in the space of three minutes than most bands manage in their entire career, let alone an album. Other highlights include "Preaching to the Weirdos", "Def Con One" and "Radio P.W.E.I."
In any case, how can you not love a band who give their drum machine the name of "Dr. Nightmare"? Buy this album now, or forever live a meaningless and futile life.
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on October 6, 1999
Never heard an album like this before. Can U Dig It? got a little airplay around here, so I took a chance, and after about a zillion listens, I'll call this one a landmark. It rocks, it has pop culture references that I still can't follow, the sampling is probably the best out there. Who cares if they can't sing? This is one for the ages, or at least as long as they have decent amplifiers...
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on August 29, 2000
This is the day to resist no longer! This is the hour to sit back and listen. THis is.....Pop Will Eat Itself (PWEI). England's own beastie boys. IF there's a Poppies album to own, it is this one! Every track on here are classics. If your radio station had any balls in the late eighties/early nineties they were playing stuff off this album (and thier follow- up to this "Cure for Sanity". Def Con One, Can U Dig it?, not now james, we're busy... all classics. This from a band who started out has a "punk band" (actually grebo, as their original style was once refered to as) to a band that mixed samples, with white boy rap, and mild sacarsm. Thier first album is for pure fans only! (now for a feast). Their second album, Box Frenzy, show's their maturing musical mayhem. THis is the day..... is the classic that should be in everyone's cd collections. as the nineties rolled on, trent reznor signed them to his label (nothing) and took them out on tour. Its been a while since new material has reached the american shores, but we still have our fond memories...........
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on August 4, 1999
My friend introduced me to PWEI when this album first came out and I still haven't heard anything like it. The use of synths, a megaphone, and blazing guitars provide a wide variety of music. A must have for those who grew up during the Beastie Boys era.
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on June 26, 2006
For new grungers, old goths or even just electronica freaks, you can't compare - the Poppies are a little bit of everything rolled into one.

One of the first bands to go with sampling in a big way, mixing in this album with some seriously deep lyrics (Inject me and This is This to name just a couple) If you haven't heard it, try it. I'd also recommend Box Frenzy as another great fnd if you just recently found P.W.E.I.
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on October 12, 1999
I grew up on PWEI...They started about 27 days before I was born (January 1 1986) I have been listening to them since I was five. This is the day This is the Hour This is This is my favorite CD next to SLIPKNOT...PWEI's The Fuses Have Been Lit is the ultimate song with the erie background sounds and FX with a really nice keyboard piano...its the age of a plane..I'll go by car...well..This CD ties with Slipknot in my collection.. PWEI Has changed the way you look at techno, rap, rock, pop, alternative, etc. They contain everything anybody likes from the heavy guitars of Ich Bin Ein Auslander to the soft/ yet compelling The Fuses Have Been Lit..Here is how I rate Each song.1. PWEI is a Four Letter Word : 1/5 Could they pick a lamer intro?2. Preaching to the Perverted: 4/5 Its a very nice song.3. Wise Up Suckers : 5/5 Excellent guitars and vocals.4. 16 Differnt Flavours of Hell: ??/5 I really don't know how to say this?5. Inject Me: 5/5 Nice song, great FX and background, lyrics are nice and easy to follow.6. Can U Dig It?: 5/5 Really cool, Lyrics are hard to follow but the song is cool.7. THe Fuses Have Been Lit: 3948394817/5 My favorite song by the Poppies..great FX, sounds, piano, erie music.8. Poison To the Mind: 1/5 I hate this it is annoying9. Radio PWEI: 5/5 VERY COOL..NOT THE BEST BUT CLOSE! LYRICS are easy to follow.10. Satilite something: 3/5 One of the very few "nonsong" I like.11. Satilte Estatica: 5/5 Talk about cool bondage lyrics. Easy to follow and nice sound12. Not now James We're Busy: 5/5 They rap pretty good in this one and they lyrics are nice and easy to follow.13. Glass Jaw Alchol Whore: 4/5 Okay so it isn't the real name but I can't remember that well.14. ??????: 5/5 it is a remix of Wise Up Suckers and it is pretty nice..well i think i forgot one but I am sure you get the point
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on April 21, 2002
When PWEI unleashed This Is The Day...This Is The Hour...This Is This in 1989 they brought a lot of ideas together at a time when music was fairly boring.
Going from a new wave past to this album's mixture of anglo rap and metal meets funk mix complete with sampled beats and loud guitars this was one of the first serious attempts to fuse rap to rock. It was exceptionally well done.
Standout tracks are Wise Up Sucker, Not Now James, We're Busy and Wake Up, Time To Die. PWEI show a political side that is laced with humor. The rapping works in it's own odd way, it's not exactly Public Enemy, but it fits well into the concept of the musical whole.
The beats are strong, the guitars are big and brash, this album rocks AND gets funky. Of course this concept was about a decade too early for the general public. It's a shame how neglected it still is. It has aged well, meaning it doesn't sound like a 13 year old record. Check out PWEI, give it a chance while keeping in mind it's not Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit. PWEI tend to be more arty and closer to a mixture of Manchester rock and hip hop.
This was way beyond most music of it's time and deserves to be heard. Vastly underrated.
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on April 19, 2000
pwei are cool ther funny and they rock do pick this cd up you wont be dissaponted!
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on May 27, 1998
This is This!, as it is affectionately known by fans of PWEI, is the second album release by the band and features a distinctly different sound than that of its predecessor Box Frenzy. The Poppies incorporated more sampling and a heavier beat into This is This! Many critics have described the sound of the album as "Doom and Gloom" which it hardly is. Dos Dedos Mis Amigos, their final album is the one which displays that type of sound. This is the Day...This is the Hour...This is This! is one of the most unique albums I have ever heard, by one of the most unique bands I have ever heard. Despite the fact that everyone likes to gripe about stolen lines, tunes, and so forth, whether PWEI stole any of the sounds they use is irrelevant. Stolen or not, they have incorporated them in a way never before done to create a listening experience like nothing you've ever heard.
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