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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on July 10, 2004
After owning his first album, I copped this one today at Spinnakers, and am glad I did. Biggie's music has never let me down. It pisses me off that Biggie was shot, he was the most talented rapper of the East Coast scene. If Biggie and Tupac were still alive, and if them and dre were still in the rap scene I'm sure things would be much different. We'd have new material from the most talented rappers of the 90's instead of crappy cash-ins.
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on May 25, 2004
Through only two albums, Notorious B.I.G. showcased his amazing lyrical and rhyming talent. The second, Ready to Die, released mere weeks after his tragic murder in Los Angeles, is a double-disk set. One would expect a large amount of filler, but there is surprisingly little on either disk. The mood varies greatly, from the tragic-toned "Somebody's Gotta Die" to the haunting "What's Beef?" to arguably my favorite track on the entire album, a song so masterfully described I could picture it as a scene in a crime movie, "Niggas Bleed". On the lighter side, we have the upbeat "Going Back to Cali" and the laid-back "I Got a Story to Tell". As noted elsewhere, Biggie has a very vivid and detailed way of describing the events going on in his songs, so to picture yourself at the events as they happen is surprisingly easy. Overall, this is a solid album, despite being a close to a career that was clearly not over. The Notorious B.I.G. may have had but two albums, but sometimes, that's all it takes.
My Top 5 for both discs:
1#: Niggas Bleed
2#: You're Nobody ('Til Somebody Kills You)
3#: Somebody's Gotta Die
4#: What's Beef?
5#: Going Back to Cali
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on April 26, 2004
No words could describe the grief I feel whenever I think about Biggie and Pac. Two of the arguably best rappers in the game, two young Black men taken away by stupidity. Despite this, both brought out some of the greatest rap albums of all time. This album, Big's second, is one shining example. "I Got A Story To Tell" on side one is enough to wanna cop it, it's that hot. While Puffy seems to be runnin' off @ the mouth at some point, he doesn't take away B.I.G.'s shine. Possibly one of the best lyricists that ever lived. Biggie was Bad Boy IMO and when he left, Puffy's label slowly disintegrated...and so for now has rap. This album NEEDS to get re-released as a deluxe edition, there has to be some hidden magic here somewhere.
Essential Joints: "Somebody's Gotta Die", "Hypnotize" (learned to accept it overtime even though they played it half to death in '97), "Kick In The Door" (BIGGIE!), "F**K You Tonight" (R. Kelly and B.I.G. together again is a masterpiece... classic joint), "I Love The Dough" (w/H.O.V.A.), "Mo Money, Mo Problems" (Nile Rodgers should get his paycheck every time that song's played), "N****s Bleed", "What's Beef", "Got A Story to Tell", "Missing You", the track he did with B.O.N.E. Thugs, "Going Back to Cali", "Ten Crack Commandments", "Sky's The Limit" and "You're Nobody 'til Somebody Kills Me".
Grade-A certified masterpiece. You'd be damned if you don't have this now.
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on April 18, 2004
I know many people will argue that Biggie was and still is the greatest emcee ever to touch the mike, and that Life After Death is pure evidence of this. I'm not one of those people. I believe that BIG was a great artist and his absence from the game left a void that has yet to be filled, I don't believe he was the greatest, nor was this album the greatest. This is a two disk album with only about 8 or 9 tracks that I would even consider good, and last I checked, good isn't = to greatness. When BIG was on point, he was on point, and songs like "I got a story to tell" truly showed his skills as an artist, but Mo Money, more problems, and few other tracks on the album kinda had me like, that was okay, but not great. The only thing that made this album memoriable for me when I first purchased it back in 1997, was the fact that Big had passed away. I feel if he never died, I as well as many others wouldn't have gave this album as much attention as it recieved. Overall a good album, but not the greatest. Maybe if it was a one disk instead of double and without all the fluff, yeah I could probably see myself calling this "One of the Greatest Albums", but I can't.
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on April 10, 2004
This album is just mind-blowing. While many love this album, I still feel Biggie's Ready to Die tops this by a long shot. Don't get me wrong, this is a classic but on Ready to Die, he spoke more truthfully. While Ready to Die focuses on the realities of life, Life After Death is more of a party album (similar with 2Pac's Me Against the World and All Eyez on Me). Biggie's rhymes are still tight (as usual). They fit so well with the excellent production (even though I absolutely HATE P. Diddy and Bad Boy Records). The way Biggie flows is somewhat different and is excellent. I like the way he sounds, bit of a slushy sound which makes the album even better. Everyone is familiar with the well-known Hypnotize, I'm just surprised it didn't turn up in the Top 151 Rap Songs of All Time in The Source. I mean, this is not just any song, it's the ULTIMATE party track of ALL time! Whoever produced this song really knows how to make GREAT party beats. I was so blown away when I first heard this tune, Biggie comes out clean here. DJ Premier of Gang Starr appears to produce Kick in the Door which does not disappoint one bit either. Mo Money Mo Problems will definately get your feet tapping, a great remix of Diana Ross' I'm Comin' Out.
Disc 2 is the disc I enjoy more, however. The infamous Notorious Thugs starts the disc off well, with one of my favorite rap groups, Bone Thugs N Harmony. Biggie shows off his fast flow here and does a pretty damn good job. I also like Bizzy's verse as well. Miss U is my personal favorite off the album, I just instantly fell in love with the tune the first I heard it. Dedicated to Biggie's homeboy, this is a very emotional track and has the same feel as 2Pac's Dear Mama. Nasty Boy is one of the few letdowns on the album. I don't know what Biggie saw in Lil' Kim. Personally I don't like Lil' Kim's music, she talks too much about sex (don't get me wrong, sex is good but really, is there any point to rapping about sex the WHOLE way through your album? Coz that's what Lil' Kim's Hardcore seemed like to me!) Skip this track. Other highlights are Playa Hater, Sky's the Limit, Long Kiss Goodnight (which has always been rumored as a 2Pac diss) and the dark and eerie You're Nobody. My Downfall is a good song but DMC singing the chorus really annoys me. Overall this is an album to really add to your CD rack if you really want to be a TRUE rap fan.
Biggie rose to the top in late '93- early '94 and fell in '97. And for what? For being so successful? What is with people these days? First we lost Eazy, then we lost 2Pac and then Biggie was shot. If those idiots didn't shoot such legends, rap wouldn't be so boring (as it is now). Biggie was a man who lived up to his name, he WAS bigger than life. And nothing, not even death, can stop him from being the King of the East Coast. R.I.P. Biggie.
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on April 7, 2004
1997 started off with a bang for Biggie, but sadly six months after 2-Pac was murdered, he was murdered himself. If only he was alive to promote his sophomore double CD, Biggie would reigning supreme at this moment. But this album, Life After Death, is a GREAT experience to listen to. It moves me every time I listen to it, and it's one album that never lets you go. Here's the review:
Disc One
Album Highlights: The entire first disc. ONLY listen the track with R.Kelly when you're with "that special someone."
Production: Thumbs up.
Lyrics and Subject Matter: Thumbs up. You want PRECISE storytelling, listen to "Somebody's Gotta Die", "Niggas Bleed", and "I Got A Story To Tell."
Originality: Thumbs up.
Disc Two
Album Highlights: Notorious Thugs(with Bone Thugs N Harmony), Miss U(with 112), Ten Crack Commandments, Nasty Boy, Sky's the Limit, My Downfall, Long Kiss Goodnight, and (You're Nobody)Til Somebody Kills You
Production: Thumbs up.
Lyrics and Subject Matter: Thumbs up.
Originality: Thumbs up.
The Last Word: The first disc is TIGHT, and the second disc has some MAJOR flaws(Another, Playa Hater, etc), but this album EXCELLENT. While it's NOT better than Ready To Die, this is still Biggie at his best before his death. Overall, a strong recommendation to purchase this album. Don't sleep.
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on January 19, 2004
I think all people already know about Big, the Best Lyricist of ALL TIME.
All y'all must familiar with his charm voice.
So I ain't got no more thing can say about Biggie Small,
So just talk about this album straightly!
Disc 1:
Life After Death Intro - No Marks for Intro
Somebody's Gotta Die - The Beat is into a Fear/Dark Atmosphere or in simply word [a Killin' Feelin'], those Storming and symphonic Sample make this song like a movie!
With Biggie Supreme Stroytellin' Skills tell you a Creepy Burtal Gang's story,
when listen to this song, you'll got the whole scene in your mind, not many Rapper can rap like Biggie did! 5/5
Hypnotize - A Big Commercial Hit! I'm sure all y'all must familiar with this one! 5/5
Kick In The Door - This song got a Skit from the beginning, last 1 min. which is pure meaningless, The Beat is Produce by one of my Favorite Producer DJ Premier, A very catchy beat and sounds fit Biggie style! another Great song!!! 5/5
#!*@ You Tonight - A Mellow Song with R. Kelly sing the Hook, very very relax one! I love it 5/5
Last Day - Up tempo Beat, Straight Gangsta Feelin' feat. The Lox,
It's alright but this song is so repeatin' for me! 4/5
I Love The Dough - THis song got some people playin' dice game at beginning, kinda meaningless too! The Beat is very Nice, feat. my another favorite Rapper Jay-Z, How can you don't love it? 5/5
What's Beef - Mid Tempo Beat, with lots of Violin Sample bring a Pressure, Gangsta Feelin to Listener. I love it after hear few more times! 4.5/5
B.I.G. Interlude - 48 Sec. Interlude, Big Freestyle on a su*k beat, I always skip! 2/5
Mo' Money Mo' Problem - BIG HIT!!! Straight Party Anthem!!!
Great Party Beat, Great enough to make Mase sound less boring... Puff Daddy too! You Must Love it! 5/5
Ni**as Bleed - Straight Storytellin'!!! 4/5
I Got A Story to Tell - Great song to end this album, the title say it all! Big tell you a story about he fu*k with a girl in her man's home, but her man back and Big tell you what da fu*k he did in this situation! 5/5
Disc 2
Notorious Thugs - Personally, I don't like this one, I think the chrous is keep repeatin' and it's agony! 4/5
Miss U - this song is for one of Big Homie who's dead! A sorrow song! 5/5
Another - Feat. Lil' Kim, But the Beat is su*k, like some 80' Techno Music, Mad Skip this one! 1/5
Going Back To Cali - Wow!!! One of The best in Disc 2! The Beat gots a westside feelin'! 5/5
Ten Crack Commandments - One of Big Classic song! 5/5
Playa Hater - Big Sing on this one, quite humor!
I like the way Big singin' "Playa~~~~" haha! 3/5
Nasty Boy - An Okay Song! 3/5
Sky's The Limit - Nothin' mo' to say about this one! 5/5
The World is Filled - Feat. Puffy and Too Short, Pimp to the fullest! 4/5
My Downfall - Feat. DMC but he just sing the hook, and I don't like this one so much. 3.5/5
Long Kiss Goodbye - Not so Bad 3.5/5
You're Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You) - GREAT SONG to end this album! 5/5
Notorious Big R.I.P.!!!
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on January 15, 2004
The Notorious B.I.G. is a classic artist. His work in music is just awesome. His debut "Ready To Die" just got him platinum, and now he is even better. He is one of the most talented artists in the world. On my list, Biggie is no. 2. Coming at no. 1 2Pac. But theye are both awesome. This classic is known for being one of the best selling albums ever. He is now the king of the east. Ands an enemy of Tupac Shakur. All of his albums are classic. A thing about this album, is how there is so many hit singles from it. Like 'Mo Money Mo Problems' and 'Hypnotize' and many more, but those are two of them. Here is my rating of each track:
Disk 1:
1. Life After Death Intro - skit
2. Somebody's Gotta Die (10/10)
3. Hypnotize (10/10)
4. Kick In The Door (9.5/10)
5. #!*@ You Tonight (Feat. R. Kelly) (10/10)
6. Last Day (Feat. The Lox) (10/10)
7. I Love The Dough (Feat. Jay-Z & Angela Winbush) (10/10)
8. What's Beef? (9/10)
9. B.I.G. Interlude (10/10)
10. Mo Money Mo Problems (Feat. Mase & Puff Daddy) (10/10)
11. N***as Bleed (10/10)
12. I Got A Story To Tell (9.5/10)
Disk 2:
1. Notorious Thugs (10/10)
2. Miss U (9.5/10)
3. Another (Feat. Lil Kim) (10/10)
4. Going Back To Cali (10/10)
5. Ten Crack Commandments (10/10)
6. Playa Hater (10/10)
7. Nasty Boy (9/10)
8. Sky's The Limit (Feat. 112) (10/10)
9. The World Is Filled... (Feat. Too Short & Puff Daddy) (9/10)
10. My Downfall (Feat. DMC) (10/10)
11. Long Kiss Goodnight (10/10)
12. Your Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You) (9.5/10)
These ratings... make an awesome CD.
R.I.P. Biggie Smalls.
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on December 16, 2003
After the huge success of Ready to Die, how could the Notorious BIG produce a classic sophomore (and sadly last) debut. I dont know, but he did. This CD is very different from Ready to Die, but still very good. One positive is the general absence of rap about robbing and killing that was present all over Ready to Die. Its a different time for Biggie, now he is famous and no longer needs to rap about those things. There are a few songs which are dark and talk about death. These songs are mainly: Somebody's Got to Die, Niggaz Bleed, Your Nobody, and Downfall. These songs are all very good and my favorite is Your Nobody (till somebody kills you). Also present on this album are some positive songs as well like, Skys the Limit and Miss You. Overall this album is great, there are a plethora of songs here and each song is different in its own way. THere is something here for everyone, you dont need to be a rap fan to enjoy some of the songs like mo money mo problems, going back to cali, hypnotize, skys the limit. The only problem i found with this Cd is the constant present of skits. There are a lot of them throughout the whole cd, and they are usually right at the start of a song so you have to fast forward or are stuck listening to it. The worst one is on Kick in the Door. My favorite song, going back to cali, is cut down because the first minute twelve seconds is puff calling biggie at 5 in the morning and half asleep phone conversation. why does this need to be included on here. besides that and the whack song, playa hata (its really bad just skip it), this is a great cd. the last song Your Nobody is eerie considering Bigge died right before this album came out and the refrain is "your nobody till somebody kills you." get this album its a classic.
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on December 11, 2003
This album is in my opinion one of the top 3 hip hop albums ever made, along with Ready to die and All Eyez on me. It was a very different album than his debut classic Ready to die, because he now had to rap about haters and people bringing him down, since he saw fame and fortune. It really showed that there were more sides to Biggie than the crack life, and you can see him evolve since Ready to die, because he now shows the side of him pimpin, gettin it on with other men's girlfriends, but still lives the life in the comission, as seen in Ni@@as bleed. He also gave respect to the westcoast on the amazing song Going Back to Cali, and this I think was a silent tribute to 2Pac, although he doesnt mention his name once. It really showed how big hearted he was, and we as rap fans will always miss Big Poppa, more now with rappers like 50 Cent becoming platinum artists
Anywayz, Life After Death is a classic that will be always in our hearts and CD players
RIP the Notorious BIG aka BIG POPPA, the illest
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