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on June 29, 2004
All i can say about this album is that i have been listening to it for the last 13 or so years and I love it as much as the day i first purchased it. I had never heard something so solid raw,enigmatic and fresh from beginning to end all the while finding myself asking "How do they get sounds like that recorded on a cd?".
Forget lotsa hair, headbanging and playing guitars at 200 mph (altho some bands do this very well) the experience this album gives is something that I cannot define. I play this record for friends, many of them death metal fans and i get this creeped out, uneasy initial response and then a sort of reserved and cautious groove as the songs progress. When they see photos from the TDP tour they realise why SP, before Jim Rose were receiving "falling ovations".
This is a serious milestone in music, the analogue beats and sounds are unprecedented. It separates itself from other industrial music as it shy's away from the same bland drum-machine generated 4/4 beats that plagued a great deal of 80's industrial music. The brief use of Gregorian chants in "Dig It" is just an example of the plethora of snippings that Puppy used to create its collage of sound ( an idea Enigma used 5 years later to sell millions of albums) but to do what Skinny Puppy did would require some seriously open-minded masses to sell albums on that scale. When I listen to this album today I can barely, with the exception of a few synth sounds, date the music. In some ways it sounds better than much of today's production - drum sounds especially. I also enjoy the use of Gustav Dore's wonderful etchings as the interior sleeve art melded with SRG's as always brilliant album covers.
This album is kind of like Chinese medicine in the West - It was years ahead of its time and even by todays standards, with all the technological advances, still has a few secrets and advantages that even though when imitated, dissected, or scrutinized and misunderstood, it still stands as a unique and timeless masterpeice. Brap.
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on November 1, 2003
It's hard to believe this came out in 1986,I wish they would have used this music in horror movies of the 1980's.Very different from the music of that year,also very different from the Industrial Dance of that period it's darker and has a harder edge to it.This album could have came out today,it's a great album and if you love Gothic Dance then you will love this album.If yer knew to this band,then then Milkbaby recommends that you get this one first,why? This was the Milkbabies first Skinny Puppy album,Milk.The Vocals of Cevin Key are very horror movie like and harsh,the sound of this album is basically Dark and harsh dance music meshed with alot of B-movie horror sound clips(Skinny Puppy has an obsession with b-horror movies,Milk)here are the songs that mes consider to be the best on here,Track 1"One Time One Place" a great opener to the album track 2"Gods Gift(Maggot)mes just love that funny sounding demon talk at the begining mes also like the sound of dark-synth choir in it,the final track for me track 9"Burnt With Water" which has a preacher talking and Cevin Key saying"Behavior" mes think he is saying behavior.This is a great album and a must have for Skinny Puppy fans,if yer a fan of gothic music or you just have an obsession with b-horror movies then you should get this album and other album by Skinny Puppy,byebye,MILK,BABYLAND FOREVER,PINKY WAVE.Hope this was helpful,MILK
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on April 8, 2003
I travel quite a bit, and am usually far away from my CD collection (which, at last count, was somewhere around 4,000 and growing). That said, when I can only take 48 CDs with me at any given time, I tend to choose them with the utmost care and attention to what mood I might be in whilst away. This CD has gone everywhere I've gone since I bought it three years ago. Granted, I came late to it, despite being an SP fan for several years (I started liking them just as the catalogue went out of print). Nevertheless, it's still one of those CDs I cannot keep away from, and never want to, either.
If ever I needed a testimony to the brilliance of mid-period SP, this CD proves me right every time. With a range of emotions--from screaming rage to eerie love song (gasp!)--cEvin and co. run the gamut here. I'm a huge fan of heavy percussion and strong basslines, so with "One Time One Place", I'm instantly snagged. I can't escape. I try to come up for air, but I get pulled back down again with the fury of "God's Gift". By "Three Blind Mice", I'm in a trance, and I don't want to be disturbed. But that's the way Mind... works. It starts off fairly upbeat, and gradually slows down until the heartbeat of "Love". And then... it wallops you a good one on the head with "Stairs and Flowers", which will have even the biggest doubter in eurythmics. And then it starts speeding up. By the time "200 Years" is being graced by the laser reader, even grandmothers are toe-tapping.
I've hooked many a new SP fan with this CD, especially with the EP inclusions in the end (the "Stairs and Flowers" remix catches 'em everytime).
I'm not a dedicated rivethead, and I haven't quite developed a taste for industrial music beyond it so-called mainstream. But I know what I like... And I know what I want with me when I need some melody coupled with madness, rage, and chaos in my life: I need Mind.
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on August 29, 2003
Every generation looks around and thinks that they have invented everything they see; that they were the first to rebel against their parents, that they were the first to grow their hair long/shave it off/dye it pink, that they were the first to take the pure sine waves of electronic music and mutilate them into something so harsh as to seem analog and not digital.
OK, maybe that last one was a stretch, but you who have grown up with SlipKnot and Marilyn Manson owe it to yourself to buy this CD and blow your mind with the fact that Skinny Puppy were contemporaries to Wham, Cindi Lauper and Duran Duran, but explored depths of rage and despair long before grunge, long before the term "industrial" was even coined. You haven't known darkness until you hear Ogre scream: "God's Gift Maggot! I am Maggot!"
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on May 5, 2002
My introduction to Skinny Puppy was this amazing album...and nearly 15 years later it still blisters with furious anger and cataclysmic despair. For sheer, unfocused nihilism trapped within a glossy, techno sheen, Mind; The Perpetual Intercourse is the ultimate early example. Dense thickets of sound are perforated by machine beats and audio collage, dance rhythms are interspersed with corrosive guitar lines and death get the picture. The highlight of this album (for me) and still a favorite after thousands of listenings is the masterpiece "Dig It". Ogre's mechanized vocals over the jerky loop of effects and the toxic guitar riff are the essence of industrial, and must be felt in your solar plexus for the whole experience to jell. You owe yourself this much.
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on July 23, 2003
this i quite a good release, i didnt like it at first, but then i heard addiction, and chainsaw, and i was like woah, we have a winner on our hands. now, the whole album has this vibe to it, with powerfull beats, and subtle synth parts that make a big impact. this album is also has the "skinny puppy classic" dig it, ... well, this album is great, thats all i can say, just give it time, and it will grow on you, and might i say there are 2 experimental songs that are quite good, 200 years has a kick arse drum beat, and the remix of stairs and flowers is muuch better than the origonal(spell check) so, there you are, ad you cant really say that any of their albums is bad, its a experiment, so its about the evolution of it all, and either you like it, or its just there.
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on May 27, 2004
This is the album that introduced not only D.R. Goettel, but a much darker,sinister sound-very intricate-abstract and has amazing sound texturing and some of the coolest damn film/TV samples by any a childs nightmare set to music.Brilliant work, unlike any other skinny puppy album-or any other album whatsoever by any band-stands out as a quiet masterpiece; truly sublime...the kind of album you don't want to tell your friends about cuz it's too damn cool! I love 'too dark park' best-[but imho] however this IS the quintessential skinny puppy recording, a must have if you think you dig puppy but have it not! buy it now!-you will be pleased unto fear and terror on lonely nights while contemplating this dark work in our dark world...;)
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on November 4, 2001
I visited a Toronto record store in 1985 & found 2 bands that I'd never heard of--didn't know which LP to get: Cabaret Voltaire or Skinny Puppy. Ten years later I was still listening to Skinny's MIND:The Perpetual Intercourse. Before there was NIN, et al, there were these guys and this recording. This is easily the best
Puppy. The ferocity, horror, sound-bytes, speed, and rythums are superb. Many bands have learned a lot from recording. It has not lost its edge, in fact , it sounds fresher than NIN's 1st release. As the years went on Puppy's later releases were not that polished. Cleanse ,Fold & Manipulate is also quite good.
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on February 27, 2004
Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse was one of the first Skinny Puppy albums I purchased, and it's hard to debate the greatness of its work. After first hearing the track "Sleeping Beast" on a local college radio station, I set off to find it. Bought MTPI by accident, and was blown away (that track is actually from Remission) - I didn' t even realize there were lyrics until I listened to it a few times! Released in 1986, this album closes in on the apex of their sound - highly recommeneded!
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on December 11, 2002
Half of the chainsaw EP that's included as bonus tracks are probably the best thing about this cd, which saddens me. There's not a song on here I can really sit through because most of the tracks are repatative and abrasive without being very interesting. At times I expect them to break out into the Miami Vice Theme Song due to some of the samples and instruments used. The followup, Cleanse Fold and Manipulate, is much MUCH better than this.
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