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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on July 23, 2001
Ok, I'll admit it. It's not every day or every hour that I want to be tantalized by a sultry voiced, talented, dynamic female vocalist with a set of sidemen who can flat out play: Tuesdays just seem to be the wrong day. But the rest of the week? Hook me up. Holly may not be vocally "perfect" (when she goes high she gets a touch brittle), but she has to me the far more important quality of knowing how to carry a song, and how to impart a mood to it. She also has just a flat out gorgeous, stunning lower-middle register, and she is a powerfully dynamic singer who I'm sure could blow your speakers out if your system was good/and turned up too loud, and can caress your ears with the soft notes as well. Song wise, I initially liked "I can see clearly now", "Everyday will be like a holiday" and "Get out of town", but as I listen more, I'm drawn in, and other tracks speak to me now. Musically, her supporting musicians are absolutely first rate, including the insanely good Howard Levy on harmonica on a few cuts. Technically, this CD is among the very, very few pieces of recorded work that merit a near-perfect rating from me. There are a few recordings as well recorded, but none better. If you're into the Diana Krall/Jane Monheit and others scene, you might just find a different style/voice similar but not cloned of the others. 5 easy stars from me.
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on January 18, 2000
The previous reviewers of this album have taken the words right out of my mouth; but actions can speak as loudly as words and I will say that everyone that I care for has received a copy of this CD. I have had to stop giving them as gifts after being accused of buying them in bulk.
Holly Cole's voice and phrasing are breathtaking. Sometimes you could swear that she is holding something within her back so as not to take our breath away. Then she does it anyway; she pulls out all the stops, as on Everyday Will be like a Holiday, and takes your breath away anyway. The whole album is a pleasure to listen to and you might find yourself forever attracted and connected to songs that you vowed never to listen to as they were the songs of your parents' youth. This is truly an extraordinary collaboration and I recommend it anyone and everyone.
I'll sum her up by saying that Holly Cole almost makes you want to try smoking in bed, just to see what might happen. Rest assured you won't fall asleep listening to this album.
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on August 22, 1998
Effortlessly blending pop, soul, and jazz, "Don't Smoke in Bed" finds the Holly Cole Trio at the height of their powers. "Get Out of Town" and "So and So" are among the most swinging recordings from Holly and company, and her renditions of the standard ballads "Blame it On My Youth" and "Don't Smoke in Bed" are simply exquisite. But it's her musical excursions that shine the brightest here: the jazzy soul of Sly and the Family Stone's "Everyday Like a Holiday," the stark pop balladry of "Don't Let the Teardrops Rust Your Shining Heart," and the incarnation of "I Can See Clearly Now" into an earthy pop tune are nothing short of breathtaking. And for proof of Holly's interpretive skills and her gift for arranging, look no further than "Que Sera Sera," the corny song even Doris Day herself couldn't stand, transformed here into a downright sexy blues number. Anyone who thinks the most talented singers write their own material need to listen to "Don't Smoke in Bed." Holly proves that a gifted artist doesn't always use a notebook and pen.
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on December 23, 1999
It would be hard to further embellish on what John Jones (customer review August 28, 1998) said about this incredible album. Regardless of your normal musical tastes, you will find something on this album to relish (and mostly likely, the whole album). Holly Cole is a powerful and musical singer. Her vocals are crisp, clean, and precise. Cole has a wonderful voice: soulful at times, popish at others, but always sexy and seductive. She sings with a tremendous dynamic range, a refreshing change from the so often over amplified and "processed" singers of today. Cole demonstrates her versatility on this album with a variety of sounds from the soulful ballads, to the pop sound jazz renditions. If you like music, you will love this album. It is a fine sample of true musicality. If you like Jazz, then your collection should not be without this album.
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on September 14, 2000
No doubt a nice album with a very broad selection of styles, maybe too broad for some as there seems to be no red line connecting all the songs. Holly's voice is clearly overrated, it is rather flat and she chickens out when it gets difficult. Nevertheless, I got totally addicted to "I can see clearly now", it became my daily dose of mood lifter until I once listened to it at night without the usual background noise. And guess what, you can actually hear a PHONE RINGING in the background. And of course now I hear it every time, so that did it for me, no more Hollies daily mood lifter, too bad. I just wonder why nobody else seems to have noticed...
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on February 2, 1999
This is a great sounding recording that can put Holly and her trio right in your livingroom. Her voice and the musical arrangments are outstanding and riveting. Jazz, pop, blues, it's all there! This cd will become one of your favorites right from the first playing and not one that you'll tire of soon. FIVE STARS PLUS!
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on October 18, 1999
I heard it first time in a Stereophile Show. The recording is excellent and her voice is so dynamic and touching. The songs are so versatile that you won't feel bored. I happened to have a very good stereo system and the recording of the CD is as good as the 24bits/96K DVD recorded by Chesky. (Sara K's album)
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on January 22, 1999
This CD is amazing. The wide varity of songs gives it a distinct flavor, and every member of the trio is an inseperable piece. Holly's voice is incredible. Aaron's piano is beutiful, and David's bass is amazing! I love this CD!!!!!!!
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on April 21, 1998
This cd is definitely a favorite in our household. Holly has a distinctive voice and her bass and piano players keep up their end of the bargain. A good cd with great bass-lines and vocals. My kids even like it!
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on September 7, 2002
As a long time Holly Cole fan I can tell you that this CD is a classic showcase for her voice and arrangements.
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