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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on April 1, 2009
I first purchased this album as a teenager in 1973. Smoke on the Water was so overplayed that it eventually became a joke, and this album was relegated to back benches.

I heard Highway Star on the radio last summer and decided to reacquire Machine Head.

It is definitely a classic metal album!! The music is so energetic & heavy, I have to say I have really missed it. Richie Blackmore is a guitar god!

The lyrics may be lame, but the hard driving music set a new high water mark at the time.

My ten year old son heard this CD once and had me load it onto his iPod!!
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on July 12, 2009
This is a GREAT album/CD but MAYBE because it's recorded in the Stones mobile sound studio, I just found the sound quility wasn't the best and the volume output was low!My hearing is impaired in BOTH ears, so maybe it's just me!Anyways, still highly recomended! I LOVE "LAZY" Jon Lord is great at his organ!!!!

Since buying the ORIGINAL single version, I purchsed the 2 CD set of the deluxe version. BUY IT, the sound quality and volume are 100% better!!!!
Sounds almost like a completely different CD. "Purple" fans will love this 2 CD set!!
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on December 17, 2003
I agree with most reviewers on the sound quality of this remastered album. Simply amazing! I have tried several remastered albums from other bands but this is absolutely the best.
No need to say about Deep purple music. If you are new to Deep Purple, listening to this and you will be surprised that Deep Purple is not as popular as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd... in North Anerica. DP 's music (any DP Mark) is much better than any of those bands.
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on January 30, 2016
The depth on this recording varies throughout the recording. The upper end detail is very good, percussion and cymbals sound very real and dynamic. Since the depth doesn't match the upper end I found that I wanted to turn down the treble a notch to even out the sound. The vinyl itself was very good, my copy had two quick cutting tool scrapes on track six but other than that there was little if any surface noise.
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on March 4, 2002
Deep Purple Machine Head is an absolutely fabulous album containing the smash hit Deep Purple songs, Smoke On The Water, Highway Star, Lazy, and Space Trukin.' This is a must have album for any hard rock fan and now its even better as a remastered CD. Disk One is the whole album remastered with 24 bit technology Smoke On The Water, Highway Star, Lazy, and Space Trukin, Maybe I'm A Leo, Never Before and Pictures of Home along (songs out of order in my review) Three bonus tracks; When A Blind Man Cry's (a B side), Maybe I'm A Leo and Lazy both Quadraphonic mixes. Disk 2 is all the original songs Smoke On The Water, Highway Star, Lazy, and Space Trukin, Maybe I'm A Leo, Never Before and Pictures of Home from machine head and the B side When A Blind Mans Cry's all remixed with different emphasis, for instance there are different Guitar and keyboard parts on many of the songs; Disk 2 is very very cool. The booklet is informative as well. Cool Pictures and a nice slip case for the Jewell case.
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on January 1, 2002
This album opened up a lot of doors, and brought 'riff rocking' to the foreground (along with other albums of the time - Black Sabbath, etc - and eventually led to mass acceptance of bands like Kiss and Boston later on). There is one special thing about 'Machine Head' that I love above all the hard rock albums/CD's I own - it really had STYLE. Yep, it had the 'song that all wannabe hard rock guitar players knew how to play', however there were a lot of tracks that showed the bluesy, jamming side of Deep Purple.
This was one band that took a lot of smacks from the critics, for no real reason other than they (the critics) HATED what they thought music might 'become' - something 'less' than they wanted it to, pegging this album as some sort of 'regression' from were 'music was going to' in the early 70's. Boohoo. This album had energy and feeling, and millions of others felt it! Hey, anyone who has heard a song with 'riffs' has GOT to hear one of the originals from this gem. Oh, and by the way, heavy metal is like still very alive and well....
As 'nostalgic' as this CD may seem to someone younger than me (less than 42!), you should give it your ear. For those in 'my generation', I am preaching to the converted. This was Deep Purple at their prime, and if you like the sound, check out anything from 'Rainbow'...real classic stuff!
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on May 5, 2004
I just recently got this and only had In Rock to compare this to. Overall, Machine Head has more solos, puts less emphasis on intensity (vocals and keyboards are not as dominant or heavy) but instead adds in the variety department... the album is a bit calmer, but just as intelligent. It is generally more upbeat, but does not let up in terms of musical perfection. The double solo (keyboard and guitar) on Highway Star is very catchy and passionate at the same time. Maybe Im a Leo has a very laid back, bluesy feel and a real cool riff. All tracks really are fantastic. Lazy has that classic, bluesy riff, with solos coming out of everywhere and Space Truckin' is more simplistic but has a real heavy riff for the time, and sounds very energetic. Smoke on the Water is just a masterpiece period. Basically, what makes this album great is the variety displayed in each and every song, as well as the songs' unpedictability, and how well all the instruments are orchestrated. DP also displays a lot of passion in their play, they poured a lot of emotion into each song. The production is cleaner and more vaired than on In Rock. The only thing one can feel is missing from the album is just the chaoticness of In Rock but hey, Deep Purple is obviously a band that wants to progress. I'm looking forward to hearing Fireball next.
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on July 6, 2003
Richie Blackmore is one of the best guitar players ever and this album shows it! Ian Gillan's voice is amazing! Jon Lord is easly the best keyboard/Organ player in the history of rock! Roger Glover has a great bass touch! And Ian Psice's drumming is over the top! This album is more then just 'Smoke On The Water' its got some of Deep Purples best work to date! the songs 'Highway Star' and 'Lazy' contain two of Blackmores best guitar solo's ever! 'Space Truckin' is such a stoner song but man does it kick ... it has such an awsome riff, well its not relly a riff but its got freat guitar and the drumming is really out of this world if you catch my drift! 'Maybe I'm A Leo?' this song is great not a bad point about it! 'Pictures of Home' and 'Never Before are great rock classics! Back to 'Smoke On The Water' while I do think this is Purples best songs its not my favorite but it has everything you would want in a rock song the best riff of all time, killer vocals, awsome bass line, great organ, and wicked drumming this album is worth owning just for this song but all the others are great as well. This is Deep Purples Best album! and in my opinion one of the best albums of all time, so pick this up if your a classic metal fan! This album is just as good as anything by Zeppelin, Sabbath, Aerosmith, or even Ac/Dc so get Machine Head!
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on January 4, 2003
In 1972 Deep Purple released the third in a trio (the others being Led Zeppelin's Zoso and Black Sabbath's Paranoid) that is now considered the "How to..." guide to heavy metal. 25 years later the Purple strike again, releasing one of the best "remastering" remastering packages ever!
I'm going to try to not put much emphasis on the album quality, as anyone who is considering this has already bought the vinyl/tape/CD, and is also a hardcore collector. I will however say that if you are a heavy metal fan, it is your obligation to own this in one form or another, as it contains some of the most influential riffage in rock and roll. Thundering, powerful riffs and solos (Thanks Blackmore) such as the opener to Smoke on the Water, Highway Star, Maybe I'm a Leo, and Space Truckin' have been plaguarized in one form or another by everybody from Aerosmith to Judas Priest to Metallica. At the same time the progressive keyboard-guitar jams throughout the album (particularly Lazy) proved just how far the heavy metal genre could be stretched, and layed down the groundwork for the progressive metal movement of the '80s and '90s. Then there's Ian Gillian, relaxed and more toned down in a genre dominated by over the top screamers. And who could not forget one of the finest rhythm sections of their generation; Roger Glover and Ian Praice. Add in some great ensemble playing and some unique lyrics and you have quintessential '70s rock and roll, and something that every person claiming to be a rock fan should own.
Now to the package. This is the first time that a re-release really tried to offer something to the collectors, as opposed to ripping them with this one "new" song on a best of. First off, the originally Machine Head, while a classic, sometimes was a little tinny. With this the instruments are given more breathing space, spread out through the full range of your speakers (which, I should add, should be turned up until you can't hear your neighbors shouting at you) There is also more depth in the bottom end of the music, giving you clear, resounding bass and drum lines. The album also contains When A Blind Man Cries (a B side which makes its first CD appearance)which shows a haunting, melodic side that is rarely seen in this band. The quadrophonic mixes are also interesting displays, giving the instruments more power (particularly the bass), but less clarity, over the vocals. Then there are the remixes. This is the true gem for collectors. The album is given a more live in the studio feel, with chatter, unheard intros (brief drum solo at the start of Pictures of Home), and false starts. There are also many never before heard instrumental parts, such as the new guitar solo on Highway Star and an extended Smoke on the Water that keeps going past the original's fade point until they completely stop.
If you have been a long time Deep Purple fan then this is a must have for your collection. Packed with rarities, killer sound, and some of the greatest music ever, no fanatic could possibly go wrong!
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on May 15, 2000
Deep Purple at their ultimate very best. The classic line up of Gillian, Blackmore, Lord, Glover and Paice. Too bad they only made a few albums with this grouping. Sure, we all know it's tough to get along with Ritchie Blackmore, but the esoteric types usually are. Blackmore shreds & slings like there is no tomorrow on Machine Head. All the band members click her, but most notably are Blackmore & Ian Paice. Paice is one of the most under-rated drummers ever... he cooks on this album. His drumming is smooth and almost effortless. "Highway Star" and "Smoke on the Water" are two songs that any person even slightly interested in rock & roll will remember. But, the songs that didn't make it to the radio (or got very little air play) are the ones that hold this great album together. "Pictures of Home", "Maybe I'm a Leo", "Never Before"... and "Lazy"... how can you not jump up from whatever you are doing and just run yourself silly? This classic hard rock is full of energy & heart. A 1972 essential in any rock library.
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