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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on June 19, 2003
Deep Purple is the most underrated rock group. With that said, "Made in Japan" is the best rock live recording ever. I usually shy away from statements like that, but if one analyzes each song and the players, one might understand why I made this statement.
Firstly, "Highway Star" is a grab-your-attention explosion that grips you from beginning to end. "Child in Time," on the other hand, is like the slow build-up of magma before the volcanic explosive ending. "Smoke on the Water" is what it is - one of the best and most imitated songs of all time. "The Mule" showcases Paice's unbelievable drumming capabilities. "Strange Kind of Woman" begins great, but I could do without Gillan's whooping at the end of the song; it goes on for about 3 minutes too long. "Lazy" is an example of Blackmore's spontaneity. "Space Truckin'" is, however, the premier song on the album. Twenty minutes of interaction between Lord and Blackmore is mind-blowing.
Finding this album was like discovering a rare gem for me. The musicians are all on top of their game. Ian Gillan is the top vocalist from that era. Blackmore is intense and intensly creative. All of them give their best. If you have never listened to Deep Purple before, this is the album to introduce yourself to them. That's how I did it.
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on November 13, 2003
I just finished listening to Highway Star and had to write. This is one of the greatest recordings of the one of the greatest rock songs played by one of the greatest bands I have ever heard. Perhaps the greatest. Deep Purple had the perfect rock intonation, phrasing, tone, and dynamics that one expects from a band (they performed from 1969 to 1973), but their musical intelligence, their sense of abandon, and their intense and continuous concentration was extraordinary. I listened to the great Child In Time with tears running down my cheeks, I don't remember that happening since a performance by the Moody Blues many years ago. The recording is technically perfect, clean and clear with appropriate channel separation. It sounds like the mix was done by a musical and technical expert. I can not believe this band is NOT in the rock and roll hall of fame?!
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Found this two LP set in my older Sister's record collection when i was in high school. All i ever put on was "Smoke On The Water" until i was home sick one day and board out of my mind. I put side one on and only moved to fip the record. I was blown away. This is by far the best Deep Purple line up and they were on tour for "Machine Head" their best studio album. This CD has now expanded the original double LP to include the full set. It was recorded over a few nights but the sound is perfect all the way thru. Ian Gillan voice is at it's best, Blackmore and Lord's playing is as good as ANYBODY playing at that time and it's all locked in by the rythem section of Glover and Pace. The best thing about this live CD is it's a live CD. There are no overdubs and no studio upgrades.
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on October 26, 2003
It really irritates me when people say that heavy metal is the only style of music that Deep Purple were good at. Sure, they may have mastered that style more than any other, but most people seem to be ignorant of the fact that Purple could play blues and jazz EXCELLENTLY. C'mon people, these lads were way too talented to be reduced to 'just heavy metal'.
Anyway, this album may very well be the greatest live rock album ever. Each member of the band are at their best on this one, especially Ritchie. The intensity level is off the page.
"HIGHWAY STAR": Twice as monstrous as the studio original. Gillan spits out the lyrics like a madman, while the rest of the band chugs along at a breakneck pace. Contains some of Ritchie's awesome finger-flashing at the end, which totally obliterates the studio version.
"CHILD IN TIME": This is Deep Purple's unparalleled masterpiece. But Gillan's vocals on this version aren't nearly as good as they usually were. But Ritchie makes up for it with a jazzy solo that must be heard to be believed. I personally love the part where he keeps playing the same chord sequence over and over until you think you're gonna burst if he doesn't stop! And he does it so fast, and without making a single mistake. Ritchie is unreal.
"SMOKE ON THE WATER": Their most famous song, mainly because of the legendary guitar riff, which sounds even more powerful on this version. This is the riff that inspired a generation. Features a cool guitar/organ competition at the end, in which Ritchie and Jon try to outdo each other. Ritchie's solo is also awesome.
"THE MULE": Ian Paice is the greatest drummer that ever lived, just a shade above Ginger Baker. His drum solo on this song will convince you.
"STRANGE KIND OF WOMAN": This is unquestionably the best song on the album. Ritchie's blues licks have never been better. In particular, listen to the second solo, where he builds up the tension and then releases it in a stunning climax. It's like an orgasm. It may be the best solo he's ever played. And this is also the song that features the famous guitar/vocal competition. Gillan mimics Blackmore's notes so perfectly that it's downright scary.
"LAZY": Features an organ intro that just boggles the mind. Cool harmonica from Gillan and excellent licks from Blackmore.
"SPACE TRUCKIN'": Overrated. The long, instrumental section is definitely not Purple at their best. But it's still interesting.
All in all, this is a must-have for any hard rock lover. A journalist for Kerrang! Magazine once wrote, and I quote, "There are moments on this album that have never been beaten in the history of rock music". That pretty much says it all.
Oh, and the bonus tracks aren't really that great. But this re-mastered version is still worth buying, mainly for the superb sound quality.
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on August 10, 2014
This is the best version of the legendary concert by legendary band at the top of their game. I have the original CD version and the remastered version from late 90's. If you are an audiophile or if you have a good audio system in your car, you will hear the benefit of this remaster immediately with great detail and dynamics across the whole frequency spectrum. Highly recommended.
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on December 28, 2003
I think so. The new Led Zep dosent come close.Music wise I would say Zep have the edge, because they wrote more classics, but recording quality, not on the same planet. Who ever produced this was well ahead of the game. You just dont get live recordings like this, when the band,venue and producer were there for a one off piece of rock history. My comments are based on the gold dcc version, which I only have a copy off now. Lets have it reissued on SACD with somebody like Bob Ludwig from Gateway Mastering doing the transfer.That is the only way this can be betterd.Music this gets 92% and recording 90%.
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on December 1, 2003
This is the (almost) complete release of the Japanese tour (3 dates!), August 1972. This is DP Mk. II at their finest, and it is from these tapes that the classic "Made in Japan" album was cut. The present disc collects all three shows, Osaka I, Osaka II, and Tokyo, minus "Smoke on the Water" from Night 1, encores from N2, and mule from N3- all explained in the 24p liner notes.
For serious collectors and fans, hear interesting variations on the same material, including Blackmore f$*#ing up "Smoke on the water" -twice! Also, disc is remixed at Abbey Road. ROCK!
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on July 17, 2003
BUY....THIS....ALBUM....NOW! The Remastered version is worth the price. The album sounds better than ever but doesn't loose its original feel, and you get three extra encore tracks which are all up to par with the set proper. This is one purchase you can't go wrong with and can't be without. One listen and it'll find its way into you're music rotation. You want to know what an awesome, breathtaking, transcendent rock concert sounds like? Buy this and you'll wonder why you wasted all that money on the pathetic "rock" music of the past 10 years or so.
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on June 20, 2014
Ok - let`s be clear - this is not only the best live album ever but it is the perfect live album. It captures Deep Purple not only as godfathers of rock but a force to be reckoned with and a force that would ultimately prove that their talent is beyond mere human!
The recording is magical. It has a clarity not found in any live recordings and this harkens back to the 72-73 era. The extras, the booklet, the 45 reproduction the DVD, are all neat but it`s the shows them selves are the real worth. The collection includes all the "missing" encores that have been scattered about through other releases. Is it worth the cash out lay? For me , yes! The packaging is a record album sized box that recaptured the feeling of holding the original Made in Japan all those years ago. Glorious!
Get it
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on November 8, 2002
a band at the peak of their powers captured in all thir live glory on an album that will probably never be beaten.every aspect of the bands performance makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up even after owning this since 1974.highway star would have to be my all-time favourite with blackmores guitar solo to this day still astonishing in its ferocious beauty.every band member plays fantastically,i only wish i had been there.
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