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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on January 12, 2018
Great album front to back.
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on October 16, 2014
Excellent pressing of a classic album. Sounds fabulous and the clear vinyl is a nice touch.
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on October 25, 2014
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on June 20, 2017
They worked and are beautiful!!! Love this item. 3rd one I bought! looks new though this set has been with me for a month now. high quality These are just perfect I am quite satisfied with its performance Shops have been collected for a long time, but it is the first time to start. It should be said that is good. The quality is quite good. And fast.
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on March 23, 2004
This album, released in 1999 prior to Bleed American (which catapulted them to mainstream fame), is in my opinion the band's most sold effort in producing an album, a staple cd to be sure. It remains one of the single best cd's I own; each song is a masterpiece and it all flows together, making it an amazing experience to listen to all the way through. Perhaps the one exception to this is the song "Lucky Denver Mint," which seems to be intended more for radio release. However, this track holds its own by any standards, and is the 2nd track, so it doesn't disrupt the flow too much. I would highly reccomend this cd, whether you're into emo, pop-punk, indie, alternative, whatever. It transcends all labels (as cheesy as that sounds)
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on July 17, 2002
Jimmy Eat World have finally hit mainstream with their most recent LP "Bleed American", but if all were right in the world it would have happened with this album right here, "Clarity". This is by far a more emotional and original album, but unfortunately that doesn't always play too well to the masses. Combine that with Capitol Records' utter lack of promotion for Clarity, and it fell on mostly deaf ears. I'm so happy that J.E.W. is finally getting their due now, and that Clarity is also starting to get noticed for the masterpiece that it is. From the opening note of Table for Glasses, you just get this feeling that what you're about to hear is going to amazing. And it is. While certainly not as poppy or mainstream as their most recent offering, Clarity offers a much more satisfying listen. Of course, like with anything else worthwhile, you have to give it a few listens and allow it to completely sink in. But once you get it, you'll have a hard time taking this out of your stereo. Jim Adkins voice has never sounded better, and the songs all have the simple quality of drawing the listener in. The lyrics may be a little difficult to understand, but that makes it all the more satisfying to me. So, if you enjoy Jimmy Eat World's new music and are interested in hearing some more of what they have to offer, then definitely pick up Clarity as well. It's very different from Bleed American/Jimmy Eat World, but if you give it a chance you may find yourself loving it even more.
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on April 17, 2002
Currently covering the billboard charts with their radiofriendly hit, "The Middle", Jimmy Eat World's true brilliance was obviously in the past. The harder sounds of Static (although lacking maturity) still beats their now self-titled album, focused on pop and well...more pop. I love Bleed American/Jimmy Eat World, don't get me wrong. The entire CD is amazing. But after cultivating myself to the stunning emotion and beauty of Clarity...things were just not the same.
Their lyrics are emotional, deep, and the melodic soothing or the faster rhythmic songs evoke paralled emotion in me. I'm pretty apathetic usually, but when I listen to Clarity I'm as impressionable as a pre-teen girl. My personal favorites of the album are Table for Glasses, A Sunday, For me this is heaven, Just Watch the Fireworks, Clarity, and yes, the 16 minute Goodbye Sky Harbor. (I'd list more but I feel stupid writing down all of the songs).
If you want to get a Jimmy Eat World album, I suggest starting with Bleed American/self-titled (especially if you're a big fan of sweetness, bleed american, and the middle). Then buy Clarity and don't give up! It's difficult to get into, to understand or to even like, but like all masterpieces it's worth the wait. Clarity is breathtaking, smart, and just simply amazing. It's pretty much only qualm...where did the demo/original version of your new aesthetic go? oh well...I can't complain. Plainly, just get the Cd, it's really really good, you're not gonna regret it.
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on December 19, 2003
Well, let's get right to the point.
1 is a slow, beautiful introduction song. However, not all may like it because of its slow tempo.
2 was apparently featured in the movie "Never Been Kissed," I believe. Great song anyhoo, but I don't know if it deserves the incredible reviews I see.
3 is a harder, somewhat faster song. Very energetic, and leads right into...
4 one of the best songs by JEW ever. My dad claims the guitars are synthesizers but he's an idiot; but that just shows how crisp and concise the guitars are.
5 not one of the better ones, kind of soft. Reminds me of something Dashboard Confessional would have done.
6 is a great song. Starts off strong, and never lets up. Not a hard song by any means, but motivates you to get up and do something.
7 is different. I think maybe this song was dedicated to a girlfriend, perhaps. I didn't care for it too much at first, but grew on me a lot.
8 is probably the best song on the cd. It's so moody, soft and happy, yet depressing. The verse is wonderful, and the lyrics are truely inspiring.
9 is very good. A violin, I believe, chimes in with the band some of the way through. A nice, long, profound song.
10 grew on me a lot from the first time I heard it, but it is very good. Leads to the well-known...
11 Probably the hardest song on the CD, but maybe one of the best. Awesome. How long would it take me, to walk across the United States all alone? It'll have you singing along in no time, guarenteed.
12 is what I think probably the second best song on the cd. It's so well harmonized, but keeps JEWs' harder-song routine close. Good bass line if you listen closely.
13 is, well, good. The chorus is good, almost feeling pity. Then it busts into a very long but repetetive instrumental. Leads into a (what reminded me of a) Dave Mathews Band style area.
Very Good, Just as good as Bleed American. A must have for anyone.
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on April 12, 2006
Alrite as far as I'm concerned, Clarity is Jimmy Eat World in their musical prime and creating delicate pop-rock. If you enjoy bands that provide you with catchy melodies with outstanding sound and precision, then this album is for you. Don't listen to MTV and MuchMusic to hear the best of J.E.W., because the greatest stuff is on here.
This is my rating per song:
Table For Glasses (9/10)
Lucky Denver Mint (7/10)
Your New Aesthetic (10/10)
Believe In What You Want (7/10)
A Sunday (9/10)
Crush (6/10)
12.23.95 (9/10)
Ten (8/10)
Just Watch The Fireworks (10/10)
For Me This Is Heaven (10/10)
Blister (8/10)
Clarity (6/10)
Goodbye Sky Harbor (10/10)
If you have the patience to listen to all of Goodbye Sky Harbor you will not be disappointed. This album sounds incredible, the mixing is quite perfect and the instruments blend smoothly. Jim Adkins vocals dont overpower too much and add that hint of emo, unlike some of their newer, rockier stuff. The instrumentation on this album is incredibly diverse with pianos, strings, xylophones and multiple backup vocals on tracks like For Me THis is Heaven, Table For Glasses and Goodbye Sky Harbor which all sound exceptional.
If you want a good CD to pop in and hear a diverse sound of emoey-pop rock, then Clarity is for you.
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on July 25, 2002
What's goin on here? It seems that lately the "JEW" fans of now have no clue what the band is truely about, and are only concerned with the radio and there "MTV". When will people learn that the radio [stinks]!! well let's get to business JEW is one of the most amazing bands and BLEED AMERICAN shows not even much of that. This CD Clarity is what it's all about. JEW at it's finest. Personally i think this is the best cd i have ever heard and is my favorite out of anything i own. People should stop listening to the radio and mainstream and get into what it's really about, good music u like for u'r own reasons and stay away from BIG TIME. I am bummed out to see JEW on MTV and hear them on the radio because it's just bringing fans to them that have no clue what there about and people that would never have liked or heard of them if it weren't for the radio etc.... but all in all everyon should own this cd every song comes into it's own, and it all goes together ohhhhhhh soooooo [dang] well.
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