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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on August 10, 1999
With this album, I have read the comments of previous reviewers, and it seems that people either love it or hate it. The Scorpions have shown that they have the ability to change with the times, and have put out a fresh, lively CD. They are returning to their German roots with Du Bist So Schmutzig, which rocks! (not in the same style as Rock You Like A Hurricane, but it still rocks!) The Peter Wolf influence can certainly be heard on this release, particularly on To Be No.1, which is very catchy, and IMHO one of the better songs on Eye II Eye. Mysterious and Aleyah are also catchy, great tunes. As previous reviewers have stated, it will disappoint a lot of fans of their headbanging days of the 80's, but then again a lot of the die hard Scorps fans will appreciate their ability to adapt. The song Mind Like a Tree sounds reminiscent of their 80's metal days, as does Aleyah. There are some songs you'll want to skip to get to the meat on the CD, but if you buy this CD with the advance knowledge and expectation that this is not the same old Scorpions of the 80's and 70's, you won't be disappointed.
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on August 3, 1999
How sad would it be if the band - including its new members - attempted to do again what they have done before. Fans looking for a rewrite of previous works will find nothing like that here. Instead, a new producer and a maturing band have produced a real masterpiece. Sadly, it may not find its audience, but not only is it a great Scorps album, it is a great album. They have dared to be different and have done well, especially vocalist Klaus Meine who shows his diverse and talented voice.
Savage Amusement for instance was a bad, sad, weak contrived album trying to recapture the glory of past works. The band has grown up and changed and matured, but sadly many of its listeners have not. Several of the songs are single-worthy but with the name "Scorpions" attached, too many will expect another "Rock You Like A Hurricane" song. Thankfully, they havent tried to redo things, but to do new things. They are a victim of their own '80s success however and may never find the listeners they need to keep trying new things. I suspect the band is proud of its work and real listeners - not those who give it one casual spin on their CD player - will have rich rewards.
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on July 13, 1999
For those willing to experience something different, Eye II Eye is surely that. The 1999 release by the band from Germany is a departure from their heavy metal rock roots that they had been known for throughout the past three decades.
The obvious influence of the European techno sound has infiltrated this album. Electronic drums and synth machines have all but replaced the flanger affected guitars and heavy rock riffs.
The album has the look and feel of POP from U2. Even the band's new haircuts are modern.
So what does that mean for Scorpions fans? It really depends on one's tastes. Those expecting the raw excitement of Blackout or Love At First Sting will certainly be disappointed. There isn't that much metal left on this album. Only "Mind Like A Tree", "Yellow Butterfly", and "Aleyah" use heavy guitars, and even those are muted at some point in each of the songs.
If one is willing to let this effort stand on its own, there is some good music to be found. The three previously mentioned rockers are all pretty good, although only "Aleyah" is good enough to be a single.
"Mysterious" is the first single from Eye II Eye. It isn't a bad song, but it is a minute too long. This is an ongoing problem with the whole album; many songs are just too long. Six songs go on for over five minutes or nearly so.
The second cut,"To Be No. 1", is a techno tune. It has a nice bridge, but as a whole, it takes some getting used to.
"Obsession" is a sweet ballad that could have been the last track on any of the Scorpions' earlier works. Why they decided to place it as the third song is anybody's guess.
"Eye II Eye" is the sixth track off the album. Although it is not a rocker, it may be the most well written song here. The lyrics relate to losing one's father after all of those years and not wasting the chance to say "I love you" before it's too late. It is a meaningful song.
"10 Light Years Away" and "Skywriter" are good mid tempo songs that don't say all that much, but the latter is hampered by the dreaded attack of the backround vocalists near its end.
"What U Give U Get Back" sounds like a five minute version of the Beatles' "The End", but it grows on you. "A Moment In A Million Years" is sweet, but it was not mixed well and sounds incomplete. Neither of these songs are as good as "You And I" from the Scorpions' previous effort "Pure Instinct".
That leaves "Freshly Sqeezed", "Priscilla", and "Du Bist So Schmutzig". Well, maybe they should have left them off the album as well. They are all forgetable and are in the way of hearing "Aleyah" later on.
"Du Bist So Schmutzig" is a "Du Hast" wannabee that has angry lyrics, and "Freshly Sqeezed" is just boring.
"Priscilla" wastes a great pre-chorus bridge line "get ready to attack!" by following it up with a dorky chorus. Both the band and the producer, Peter Wolf, should have spotted that problem and forced a change in the chorus.
It should be noted that the Scorpions have lost the services of their longtime producer, Dieter Dierks, since they changed labels from Mercury records.
What we have in Eye II Eye is a blend of the old Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenker song writing with the new influence of techno pop and Peter Wolf's production. This is a classic oil and water mixture.
Although there are hits to be had, this album does not come close to measuring up to the standards that the Scorpions have set for their works. A move back to the tired cliche's of Face The Heat are not needed, but a 180 degree move away from hard rock riffs and guitars certainly has done more harm than good. Evolution rather than revolution is what was needed.
Like it or not, the best Scorpions music was produced in the 1980's. The band should remember to have one foot firmly planted in that decade's music - even as they enter a new century one decade removed from that time.
Overall Rating: 3 Stars out of 5
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on June 28, 1999
For the first time ever, the Scorpions have put out a piece of garbage. This disc is only trying to capitolize on modern trends, to the point of ridiculous sampling, cheezy rythmic sounds, horrible chanting sequences, and yes even some hint at rap-type passages. There is no problem with moving ahead and trying something different, but this is so extreme from what they have done, that it leaves all past fans saying....why?? I have been with them all along, supporting their changes in direction, but this one is definitely not them, and just hints at trying to sell to a wider, younger audience. The integrity is GONE!!!This is very reminiscent of U2's movements into the distasteful position they put themselves in with Pop. This title should be changed to Fake Dance Puke Machine or something to fit the actual vibe. Don't buy this release, after it sells so horribly, maybe they will go back to what got them there. I already know many people who have heard enough of this disc and made the determination that they will not have it in their collection. Boycot this crap by not buying it!!! Maybe they will get the message....
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on December 14, 2002
I can't understand why many people here write bad reviwes for this lovely album!!!, By the way I am a 17 y.o. scorpions fan and i have bought every single album of scorpions, i really like this album like all the others, there are some great songs here such as the amazing "A moment in a million years" which i consider a thrilling song. This album is maybe somehow lighter than Blackout, In trance, Love at first sting, crazy world..... etc, but you'll see.. it has some great songs in it.. it is still a good scorpions album, i must say that in the begining i didn't like it as much but now i really enjoy it.. i really love it because now i can understand it better.. i think each scorpions album is unique and there is a lot variety in their music! All scorpions albums are great because they are the greatest rock band ever ...yeah !!! Don't get me wrong by the way... well they are! Since they are German, why not? Germany, the Capital of Classical music, can also have great rock too!
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on July 1, 1999
"Eye to Eye" is an awesome album if you cut out the extra 15 minutes worth of music that it seems record companies demand from performers. What ever happened to the 40 to 45 minute albums of the past? Scorpions classics like "Lonesome Crow", "Fly to the Rainbow", and "Love at First Sting" are all about 40 minutes long. "Blackout" isn't even 40 minutes long. If you added an additional 15 minutes worth of music to each one of those albums, how would they be? Would they still be regarded as classics in the eyes of Scorpions fans like myself? It's hard to say. "Eye to Eye" is about 63 minutes long. If you remove "To be number one", "freshly squeezed", "presilla", and "Mind like a tree" from this album, it is an instant classic. The rest of songs on the album are great, if not excellent, and reflect the evolution of the band.
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on December 6, 2003
What if the Scorpions tried to be a boy band? Wow, that would would be hilarious, wouldn't it?!
In fact, it might sound something like "Mysterious" or "10 Light Years Away." And wouldn't it really be funny if they started abbreviating their song titles like "What U Give U Get Back." I supposed we all had fair warning with a title like "Eye II Eye."
How could I possibly rank this album at 3 stars if they did something so dreadfully funny as all this? Because three of the songs are bold and lively: Mind Like A Tree, Yellow Butterfly and Freshly Squeezed. Oh, and it's hard not to like a metal song with german lyrics, so Du Bist So Schmutzig gets this worthy mention.
Eye II Eye is the fruit of a great metal band going through a horribly embarrassing mid-life crisis. Join in and be embarrassed too! What will they think of next? An orchestral album? Sure! It'll _never_ happen...
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on October 1, 2001
As you can see by all the other reviews here, either you'll like it, or you'll hate it. At first listen, I too, was like, what the heck is this?!! By second listen it began to grow on me. Scorpions are trying something radically different which I commend them for. The Scorpions first "pop-sounding" record. I've got all of their records since Lonesome Crow and have often thought of them as the German Led Zeppelin. It has been very amusing to read all the bad reviews this album has got and had I wrote this after first listen, I might have concurred. I like this album, but I'm not sure I want them to continue with this sound. That was U2's downfall: they changed their sound and stayed with it. If next album somehow fuses the guitar virtuosity they're known for it should be very interesting. Keep an open mind and definitely give it more than one listen if you're unsure about this one. It will grow on you.
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on April 24, 2000
If you have thrown up your hands at Joe Satriani's 'new sound' and have thrown your copy of Motley's Generation Swine onto the freeway, you're not alone. I'm very picky about changes because they are painful and quite honestly they RARELY work. Ahhh... but this Scorpion CD, Eye To Eye is the exception. If you've grown tired of 'riffs' and are wanting good songs look no further. I'll admit the single (To Be No. One) is a bit kooky but it really is a good song. To be honest the last Scorpion CD I thought that had any merit was Savage Amusement, everything since then has had some good songs but they were not great cd's. Though this cd does have a clunker or 2 (Priscilla?), the songs that are good are absolutely GREAT. If you've grown up and are expecting more from a group, give this a try, if you are still waiting for Blackout 2, stay in your room and let the world pass you by.
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on May 12, 2003
At first I bought this album, and by track two I was thoroughly dissapointed. I put the album down for almost three months,and then one day I decided I needed to hear something different,and I put this on. After three more listens I discovered that this is easily my favorite Scorpions album, and I have them all, and have been a fan since the '70s. Great attention has gone into the production, the lyrics,and most of all the composition of all the songs. This is mature, interesting, and never boring. This album is fresh, new, and bold. Naturally, fans who want brainless rock or a rehash of the 80's Scorpions will be dissapointed, but this is a band that doesn't need to repeat itself or reinvent the wheel so to speak. If you want a new, fresh, dynamic and modern hard rock album, buy this- just give it a couple of spins to let the magic set in before you put it away.
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