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3.1 out of 5 stars
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on August 9, 2000
X is probably one of my favorite anime movies of all time. It's based on a manga of the same name by CLAMP. However the movie version tells a slightly different story than the as yet uncompleted manga (which is currently compiled in 10 tankabon).
The shojo animation by CLAMP and the character designs by Nobuteru Yuki are absolutely beautiful and are far better than the animation in some of CLAMP's earlier OAVs (i.e. RG Veda and Tokyo Babylon). The music is also excellent with the dark and gloomy soundtrack complementing the gothic feel of X perfectly. However the movie's plot suffers from two major problems. Firstly, the plot is rather slim in comparison with the X manga, sacrificing a lot of the character interaction and backstory to fit the whole manga series onto one 90 minute video. Because of this it also suffers from the same problem as RG Veda, in that there are a few parts of the movie which are seemingly unrelated to the rest of the film. It would have been much better if X had been made into a series of OAVs instead of a single movie to preserve the manga's story in its entirety. The only other problem that I had with X was that the main character, Kamui, came off as a wimp because of his voice actor. The other characters were voiced excellently but Kamui seemed to lose a lot of resentment against his fate and because of this the feeling of angst that pervades the manga series in less evident in the movie version of X.
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on July 29, 2000
I'm sure you've heard this many times before, but X was originally a very long series... and the movie seems kinda strange on it's own. I know nothing about the series, so some things didn't seem explained well-enough. The visuals were very nice, but the whole movie was pretty much in the dark, which was somewhat annoying, although I guess it was just the atmosphere of the movie.
Other than that though, the movie didn't have really any flaws. It's the story of a young man named Kamui who controls the fate of the world. It eventually just ends up as a battle of 7 on 7. The Dragon of earth versus the dragon of heaven. These "dragons" are really clans. The Dragon of earth is a clan that wants armageddon, and apocolypse so that the Earth can have a fresh start. The dragon of Heaven wants to try to stop the Dragon of earth, and try to keep the same earth. Kamui sides with the dragon of heaven, so the dragon of earth is essentially the bad guys. I'm not going to spoil anymore of the story for you though.
I bet that this movie would done much better if it was 2 and a half hours or something, rather than 1 hour and 40 mins. I'm sure they could've made everything much clearer for the viewer if they'd done this. I still thought the movie was very good, and had plenty of action and nice animation, but It just seemed like I didn't even have the chance to "meet" some of the characters before they died.
There is lots of explosions, and Akira-like actions... where enemies use their minds to make the ground fall beneath their opponent or something of the sort. There's also a lot of blood. There're swords going through people, and heads coming off. The violence isn't gratuitous, but is fairly graphic. That would probably explain the "R" rating.
In the end, I was very satisfied with "X" and thought it was a worthy effort at changing a series into a movie (even though I never saw the series), but it could've used some more explaining and background information... and some character development. But the stunning animation and character design made up for that... If you like action-sci-fi type anime movies with some ninja and Akira-style fights, check this one out, you probably won't be disappointed.
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on July 25, 2000
When I heard about this movie I had to buy it, I'm an avid X manga fan and I love clamps work. The way the weave stories and plots with dramatic twists. But when I saw this I couldn't help but to compare it to the manga with which I love. That was my first mistake. This is a movie which tries to condense a series of graphic novels into 100 minutes or less. It leaves out characterization for action and gore, alters the story from the original too. I went in expecting an animated version of the manga, what I got was good, but not what it could have been. I've heard that theirs work on a tv series based on X, maybe this time they'll stay with the story and not change it for time constraints. Oh, and the ending in the movie is different then that of the manga, the movie was made before the manga even had an ending written. If your a fan of the manga and just want to see your favorite characters animated then watch this, but if your expecting something as great as the manga you'll be sorely disappointed. Don't get me wrong, this movie ranks up their with Ghost in the Shell and Akira, and even Vampire hunter D, but that's if it's viewed as a seperate entity then the manga. So enjoy, but as with most books turned into movies it could have been better.
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on July 29, 2002
CLAMP, an all-female group of artists and writers, has created another semi-masterpeice. X is the Sci-fi/Horror adventure of Kamui and Fuuma who must decide the fate of the entire world. Kamui must decide between becoming a Dragon of Heaven, or a Dragon of Earth, and his best friend from childhood, Fuuma, is destined to be his enemy.
The story is wonderful and the art is gorgeous, however, the movie was actually based on the X/1999 manga that was (I believe) 8 volumes long. The movie was abridged to fit into the space of 90 or so minutes, so you don't get the same feel for the characters.
Nonetheless, this is a worthwhile buy. The dub side isn't great (the voices seemed a bit unenthusiastic), but it's worth the money if you like the artwork and don't mind the lack of character development. I give it four stars.
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on February 16, 2002
I am a manga reader so when I found out (at volume 15 of the manga) that X had been made into an anime I waited patiently for what I thought was a series, instead they made a movie. I was skeptical, the manga itself is massive but this blew me away. Its hard to review it and not give any spoilers, its so compact, but I cried when I finished this. Okay so half the characters are missing and the story is condensed, but like a can of Campbells soup, it only works for the better. You could not watch this film once, there's too much information, you have to buy it and watch it again and again and again, and you'll want to. When Arashi pushes the sword from her own hand is one of the most beautiful scenes in anime. Although the artists are responsible for Card captor Sakura, this one's definitely not for kids.
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on December 26, 2001
A wonderful movie if you're a fan of anime. But be forewarned, if you don't know X (either the manga by CLAMP or the TV series) then you're going to be a bit lost. They only had a certain amount of time to fit in the characters and, unfortunately, that doesn't leave much room for you to grow to care for them (unless you already know them).
However, the artwork is visually stunning and if you know the whole story from other sources it makes the movie much more enjoyable. I'd do a small bit of research on the manga and the characters before watching the movie.
And a word of advice -- if at all possible, do not watch the dubbed. Whoever it was they chose to do Kamui's voice would be better suited to play in an episode of Speed Racer. None of the voices matched the characters, in my opinion.
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on September 12, 2000
First things first: The movie ROX! the animation is excellent, the action is great, and the voice actors and music are very well done. However i have two problems-0 1. I read the manga series first, so i was dissapointed by the lack of character development, and 2. (WARNING: SPOILER. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK) EVERYONE dies!!! Either by fighting their opposite number, or by fuuma. by the end of the movie, Kamui is the only one alive!- but other than that, it is amazing. Oh, and for those of you who've seen the movie, but haven't read the manga, the art is the best animation i've ever seen.... but it doesn't even compare to the manga art. Plus the manga, while confusing, builds the characters...
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on March 30, 2001
Nudity=1/ Violence= a lot (more than I can count)/ Decapitations= 5/ Blood= through the hole movie/ Stabings=2 Ripping of the stomache=2/ Exploding bodies naked and not naked=10 / Crusifications=2 Hard to follow (very, very, very!)/ Very dark and mysterious...Exceptional animation/ Fictional dreams/ Good music/ Freaky/ For mature audiences only 14+/ Official rating=R/ Recommended for people who like the movie ARMAGEDDON and SCIFI Parents recommended to watch this with or without your kids first if under the age of 12/ 98 minutes/ made by manga video/
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on June 30, 2000
I recentley saw this movie at an anime convention and was amazed at how grand it was. It had good animation, a strong story, and lots of action. Everyone loved it. I can't wait to own it on video. It also has the meanest villian I have ever seen. At one point he kills this women's boyfriend, and she is crying. He tells her to shut up and then stabs her in the back. This movie is something everyone should see, and again shows where the cutting edge of cinema really is.
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on March 30, 2002
X is a great Anime for those who are familar with its manga'a or if you have been an hardcore Anime follower for a while. IF you are any of these i recomend it totally. But if you are just getting into Anime or not into the weirder parts of anime i do not recomend this at all. In my opinion it was great work of art. But in the end its going to be up to you.
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