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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on August 7, 2002
flight 106- great song, good lyrics, good beat, my second favorite song.9.5/10
minimum wage- good song about american politics.-7/10
surf song- ok song with catchy and funny lyrics to back it up 6.9/10
al my fault-great song,the single off the cd my 3rd favorite song on the cd!! 9.3/10
jolly green dumbass-very funny but what does this song have to do with a joly green dumbass?? funny ... song though.7.8/10
G.B.O.H.-song about a an abusive dad towards willie's girlfriend. that would be funny if he really did hit him with the louieville slugger.7.5/10
Ben-Nice song about the death of the former guitarist. great emmotion in the lyrics.8.8/10
speechless- this and 3some and a song fr everyone are Fenix*TX's best songs. great chorus, great everything this is great punk!!10/10
philosophy-knda boring power chords but good lyrics 7.7/10
no lie- doesnt really pick up but ok song 7.4/10
apple cowboy toothpaste(whatever its called)- worst song on the cd 6.7/10
jean claude trans am-great song!! i love the rap. 8.2/10
rooster song-pure genious 8.4/10
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on July 23, 2002
Its decent punk rock. Thats as simple as Fenix Tx's style is. The fact that they deliver such a not bad album must be due to their songwriting skills or something. Whatever it may be, I cant really not listen to this cd. The melodies are overflowing like a soda when you shake it up and open it (by the way, dont do that...), and the punky verses and riffs flow throughout this disc and make it entirely listenable. The first 5 or 6 tracks are the best of the album, and while the album doesnt lag towards the end, it shifts from catchy short anthems to more hardcore roots type tracks, like the amazing "jean claude trans am", which provides a solid punk backing to a great melody. The song that recieved the most recognition from this cd "all my fault" is one of the better tracks along with the opener "flight 601", "G.B.O.H" and "philosophy". In reality though, the entire cd deserves recognition for being varied enough that you actually notice that the song has changed and that is appreciated. I would recommend this cd for fans of the genre and well anyone who isnt bothered by songs about some guys large genitals, because well this album even has that. Don't let the fact that this album isn't original or that it doesn't come with one of those super cool bonus dvd's with special footage and music videos on them stop you from buying this cd. Its worth the money and you will inevitably like it whether it be the harmonies or the carefree way that the band presents the set of tracks. They really show enough talent to get by, and at least their lyrics are original. It's a solid start and a listenable album that deserves a lot more attention than it has recieved.
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on June 14, 2002
I was a little sceptical when I bought this C.D., but I'm glad I did. I had had the band's "Lechuza" C.D. for about 3 months and I thought I might give this a try; it was an excellent choice.
1.Flight 601(All I've Got Is Time)- An awesome song. A great opening track. Not bad at all. 7/10.
2. Minimum Wage- This is just an average song. It doesn't have too great of a concept, but fast paced, and 2 minutes 2 seconds long, and an okay 1st verse/chorus combintaion. 6/10.
3. Surf Song- I don't know what it is about this song, but it is catchy. I didn't like it at first, but after a while, when I was walking down the block from my bus stop, I was singing the chorus. It was unexpected, and I had listened to this song one time about a month before this event. It also mentions Keanu Reeves(Ted from the Bill and Ted movies, the star of "Speed" and "The Matrix", and he was in "Hardball".) which is always a plus just because it's never been done before. 6/10.
4. All My Fault- This song is overrated. It's only okay. It was the single off the album. The lyrics are too predictable. 5/10.
5. Jolly Green Dumbass- The title has nothing to do with this song, by the way. This is one of the best songs on the C.D. It has some pretty good lyrics, and instrument playing. 8/10.
6. G.B.O.H.- I think that what the letters really stand for is one of the stupid things ever, but that's just me. This song is about getting even with an abusive guy who hits this girl. It isn't as bad as it might sound. It is the only song on this C.D. where the "F" word is used. Good guitaring, though. 6/10.
7. Ben- It's an okay song. 6/10.
8. Speechless- It's an okay song. 6/10.
9. Philosophy- It's an okay song. 6/10.
10. No Lie- It's an okay song. 6/10.
11. Apple Pie Cowboy Toothpaste- This is a fun to sing along with song, despite some of the lyrics. It also has a rap as the song's 3rd verse, which is funny (intensionaly). One of the better songs. 8/10.
12. Jean Claude Trans Am- This is also another great song. I like this song a lot. I think I've heard it somewhere before because I reconized the chorus, maybe on the radio or at an amusement park. I don't really know, but this song is excellent. 8/10.
13. Rooster Song- This is a gross-out song. It's nothing special, but it's somewhat catchy with good instrument playing. This is what gave it the parental advisory. 4/10.
Oh well, that's it. 4/5 star material all the way. The language isn't too bad (about 3 cuss words if you don't count the numerous use of a certain word in "Rooster Song"). Get the edited version if you can find it for cheaper (also get the edited version of "Lechuza" if you can find it for less.) It's a good C.D. Worth a listen, definatly.
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on April 11, 2002
In my original review for this album I was...Well, a little harsh. From time to time I do make the mistake of judging an album to quickly. And from what I've read in previous reviews for this album I believe some (not all) people have made the same mistake, and jumped to conclusions.
Fenix Tx's self titled album is not an album you will pick up and instantly love. In fact, it may take more than one or two listens to becomed accustomed to it. But, when you do, you will reap the benefits of this album so to speak.
In fact, Fenix Tx remind me a bit of Sum 41...except Fenix is much (empahsis on much) more talented.
In general this self titled album is what you would come to expect of a pop punk band. The guitar work is fast and structured, that goes the same for bass and drums as well. And though Will Powers vocals will not leave you in awe, they are impressive enough to satisfy.
So, to conclude I'll leave you with this piece of advice. Give "Fenix Tx" a chance before making your final decision on it. You may end up liking it, you may end up hating it, but without trying how will you know?
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on May 22, 2001
If you sick of the whining and posturing that comes from those oh so bad boy hardcore punk bands and want something fast and fun, this is a great CD. Yeah, Fenix TX plays a style that is similar to Blink182, New Found Glory, Ataris, MxPx and the rest of the pop-punk bands. That doesn’t mean they’re a Blink clone in any way, and truthfully they aren’t. Just because the bands play a similar STYLE of music, does not make them clones. I wish more people weren’t so narrow minded and short sighted. The CD is hilarious and the songs are catchy. When you get it and put it in your CD player, you’ll probably end up listening to it over and over again. “All My Fault” really is the best song on this album. Some of the better tracks are “Jolly Green Dumb***”, “Minimum Wage”, “Rooster Song” and “Surf Song” but the entire CD is really strong. I think what I love most about this band is their irreverence towards everything and their sense of humor. It’s great stuff, and if you like this type of music, this CD is definitely worth the cost.
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on April 1, 2001
God,I LOVE Blink 182.And these guys sound ALOT like them!Not like Enema but more like Buddah to Dude Ranch.How can people say they dont sound like each other?The lead singer kinda sounds like Tom and the intro to Philosophy sounds just like a Blink song..Im going threw all my Blink cds now becuase I know I heard it before.They also TRY to be funny with "Rooster Song" like how Blink was with "Depends" but its not funny its annoying..the first 5 songs are cool,they have a little differant kind of sound but the rest sound like watered-down Blink songs..This CD is ok if your waiting for Blink's next album like I am.But if you cant stand pop/punk stay away!If your a huge fan of Blink you might not like these guys,Why?Becuase you'll see how much they copy them!But I dont mind it...even if Will reminds me of Mark,Damon reminds me of Scott,Donnie a fatter Travis and Adam Tom's clone?I dunno it might just be me.Well whatever buy the CD if you want some more Blink in your life,even if they are the generic version.
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on December 18, 2000
I think these guys are even more irreverent than Blink 182. I had to buy this CD after listening to my brother's copy of their independant release, when they were known as Riverfenix (they had to change their name because of a lawsuit brought on by River Phoenix's estate). This CD is a little more polished than their indie release. It has a majority of the songs that were on the indie release (with the exception of Skinhead Jessie), but some of the songs I liked on that version that were good were cut. I gave this one four stars because some of the songs sounded better on the indie version than on this one. Anyway, the best songs on here are All My Fault, Minimum Wage, and The Rooster Song is downright hilarious (That ain't no chicken! That's a big...). I don't know how this can compare to the likes of Blink 182, since their sound is more hardcore than Blink is. Anyway, this is one band you'll want to keep close tabs on if you like Blink 182. They're going to be big. Also, if you like Fenix, be sure to download their version of "Feliz Navidad". It's hilarious. Can't wait to hear their next album.
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on July 14, 2000
This group reminds me of Blink182. That is good, since Blink182 is one of my favorite bands. With pop punk riffs, catchy hooks, and humor, I'd have to say that Fenix TX is a less known clone of Blink182. I got this cd, heard it, and loved it. But don't label it as a wannabe band cloning itself as another more known band. Fenix TX has a lot of potential. Blink182 didn't hit it big until their third or fourth major label release. This is only Fenix TX's first album that they did alone. They got some exposure with the single from the sondtrack to the MTV movie Jailbait! entitled All My Fault. I listened to this and thought the exact same thing as I thought after listening to Blink182's Enema Of The State, "Every song should be on the radio!" And they all should. I can listen to the whole cd pver and over again, as with Enema Of The State. Think of this cd as the base of a mountain or a hill. With each single and album, Fenix TX will rise to the top and into punk fan's hearts. Think of this as the beginning of Fenix TX. Or the beginning of a whole new era. The Fenix TX era. This is a really great cd. If you like Blink182 then you will love this. You won't regret it!
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on June 13, 2000
Keeping with the tradition of bands like Goldfinger, The Hippos, MxPx, Weezer, and yes Blink 182, FENIX TX pumps out a very catchy Southern Cal-esc punk/pop self titled debut album. Fair enough, considering that Fenix was "discovered" by Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 fame, who also had something to say with their signing with MCA records.
Fenix TX takes on the mold of Blink with their personal spin on "funny guy-rock" too (Put Blink to shame in my humble opinion), but that certainly does not taint the undoubtedly raw and unique sound that they have successfully captured on this disc. My personal favorite portion of Fenix TX's debut is their rendition of the "Lambda Lambda Lambda and Omega Moo's" tune from the movie "Revenge of the Nerds" during their 11th track, "Apple Pie Cowboy Toothpaste."
Bottom line, this CD is good from track 1 thru 13 assuming that you are into music from the likes of Blink and Weezer, although I really don't like to pigeonhole the quartet like that.
Anyway, don't take my word for it, click on the CD and have a listen to a few samples for yourself. In the meantime, this disc will be in my CD player for a good while.
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on February 26, 2000
while a lot of people are wasting their time comparing fenix tx to blink, i think they need to know a few things. first of all, fenix tx was essentially "discovered" by mark from blink 182. it was thanks to blink's efforts that they were signed to mca. they are similar to blink in that they're both punk and have great senses of humor, but that's really about it. fenix has a harder sound, and who doesn't love a band that makes fun of the "hardcore" punk rock. i think their "city if the dead" song is so funny because it's so true. "the rooster song" is a classic of course, and i only hope that they put their cover of "ordinary world" by duran duran on their next album. fenix has so much potential, which is evidenced by how catchy their songs are. i can seriously just sit and listen to every song on the album. how many bands can you say that about? if the two new songs on this album, "flight 601", and "surf song" are any indication of where they're headed, then i think fans of fenix tx have a lot to be excited about.
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