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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on January 11, 2013
i love this game and it deserves to be loved by far the best game on earth blah blah blah
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on October 2, 2014
The case was broken. Very big split in the middle. It is also missing the booklets, and it was not mentioned they would not be there. Not what I would call "great condition"....Haven't tried the disks yet. Worried that it will be like the rest of it: dissapointing.
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on June 1, 2014
FF7 is infact arguably my favourite game ever. Even though this may be true this post is not going to help any who wishes to buy the game. Please people keep reviews only based on the condition of your purchased copy of the game, and keep reviews about the game off the page if you haven't even purchased the game. Than you for reading this.
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on June 13, 2016
Second best game of the Final Fantasy series (after FF3).
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on June 14, 2003
Not only the most overrated FF, but one of the most overrated video games of all-time. Sure, FF VII isn't a bad game, and while it was responsible for bringing RPG's into the mainstream and showing other companies how a 3D RPG is made, I don't see anything that special about it.
Released in 1997, FF VII has been played by millions of gamers, and it's most of the new-school gamers' first RPG. It's simply overrated. The story is average...chasing a villain (Sephiroth) and ending up in a "save the world" situation. Character development is also average. While a few characters are developed very well (Cloud comes to mind), others don't have enough. It wouldn't be so bad if one character didn't have much development, but there are a few.
Graphics were pretty good at the time, but I just don't really like the popeye-looking arms on the characters. When it comes to challenge, this is probably the easiest FF (not including the optional bosses, which will give you a rough time). You can easily save your Limit Breaks for a boss and beat it in a very short time. Magic and skills are learned through equipping Materia, which is a pretty cool idea.
As for extras (mini games, side quests, optional bosses), FF VII is a mixture of good and bad. I couldn't stand the chocobo breeding idea. Give me Chocobo Hot & Cold anytime over that. But the snowboarding mini game and the motorcycle riding were pretty neat. FF VII's replay value is alright. It doesn't have much that wants you to really go back to it though.
Most people give this a high score because it was their first FF. Others just want to go along with what other people have said. Don't let that fool you. FF VII is totally average, and I don't like seeing all these high scores for a game with nothing special. So it brought RPG's into the mainstream...big deal. I'm sure another RPG would have done that if FF VII hadn't come along at the time that it did.
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on September 8, 2015
Good product. Good price. Fast shipping
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on July 17, 2004
Final Fantasy VII was the first in the FF series that I had ever played. I received it for Christmas from my mother who only bought it because it was on sale. I am still so grateful that she did. I have had the game for a few years now, and I still enjoy playing it as much as I did when I first received it. The plot is so detailed that there are not words to describe it. At first you believe that this game is just going to be about stopping "shinra," and evil company out to destroy the world by sucking up all of its energy, but you soon realize that nothing, not even the main character, is what they seem to be. There is a very disappointing moment in the middle part of the game, where one of your main characters leaves your party (for reasons I will not give away), but the aftermath of their depature makes you want to push on in the game even more so you can settle the score, so to say. This game is a great way to lose track of time. I myself have spent countless hours just walking around battling in order to make myself stronger, and the active battle system keeps you on your toes. Unlike other FF games (FF X to be specific), you can not just sit and think about the action you are going to take in battle, because all the while the monsters you are fighting are able to take thier turns freely. There is a pause ability in battles if something were to come up, which is helpful. Another great thing about the gameplay is the world map which you can save on at ANY time, which is great if you have to stop playing all of a sudden. All in all this is a great game, and as it is not that expensive anymore as it has been out for a long time, even if you didn't like the game, you wouldn't be out a lot of money. But trust me, you will not be disappointed. Everyone should own a copy, whether they have played FF games before or not...
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on November 24, 2014
greatest game ever made.
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on July 18, 2004
HEY this game may be outdated but heck, OLD SKOOL ROCKS!!! this is the first FF game I ever got and im very impressed. Heck, the graphics arent great but after 5 min, you dont care how bad they are. The backrounds are great, and the cutscenes are awesome. The music will have you stopping just to listen. I'm not that far in the game, but its cool that its 3 discs long. the longer the better. this game is very challenging too. challenging is better too. i wasnt too surprised wen aeris died, but, its cool that anything can happen in this game and you dont think (oh this is just another game wer good guys allways win). I think this is one of the greatest ps1 games ever, and its even better than FF8. the fight sequences in this game are the best! it doesnt let you wait to decide, you hav to act fast, or else the enemies will get the jump on you. well, i say this is a MUST BUY. its very cheap, too. buy this game if you want a long, fun, challenging, impressive work of art (whoa that was bad.)
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on July 4, 2004
The Music, the game play, the characters and the story line are all....well just WHOA! =) Alright, not only do I like the music because it puts my little brothers to sleep (the music is relaxing at times), but I also enjoy it adds A LOT to this game. The game play is top notch and I love the characters they put in this game,(and for Final Fantasy lovers have you ever noticed that there is a Cid in every Final Fantasy game?) also the story lines behind well enjoyable and it's funny how everything connects and fits in place. Last the story line in phenominal. It's nothing that can be explained, said, or needs to be experienced because just when you think you figure things realize that you have been mislead or the story is just a little twisted and you discover a lot about the story and a lot about the characters.
This is the best RPG game I have EVER played and I mainly only play RPG games and I have beaten a total of 25 different RPG games so far. I, also, have been playing this game for 7 years and I still don't get tired of it, heck I even memorized the WHOLE ENTIRE strategy guide...and if you dont have one of those...well I highly recommend it, but it's also fun not knowing what you are doing, too (I did it the first time).
(If you keep on reading there is a just skip these next 2 paragraphs.)
Alright, many people have conflict with the fact that one of the main characters...a flower girl named Aeris, who is actually in fact the last surviving ancient and the last hope to save the planet, well she dies. I have a major bone to pick with you little punks, it added a surprising and emotional twist because you get connected with these characters and lot of people just quit the game and I just want you people to get over yourselves. Ok, hear me out SAVE the PLANET she you think that is a good cause? Just one thing just gets me, all through out the game you can revive people, so why not just revive her?
One more thing, yes I would LOVE for this game to get re-made with better graphics,(with no change in the story line, but they could add more endings that you can reach or unlock also more side quests and mini-games) but by all means I do love the graphics for this game and you do kind or get connected to these graphics with there little cube like hands...its kinda cute.
Also, I would recommend this game to anyone....right now I am playing with my 2 little brothers who are 6 and 7 (just cut out some words).
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