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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on October 31, 2009
This is a good story of Michael Flatley's life. It is very thorough and tells you many details about his private life, almost too intimate in parts. The only thing I didn't like was that there are too many interviews from other people, and some seemed to go on and on. It is great though to learn so much about Michael Flatley! He deserves to be where he is at, as he has worked harder than any other performer to achieve great success, and in my opinion the best dancer in the whole world! I had the privilege of seeing him perform his "Celtic Tiger Show" in Edmonton Alberta Canada, and I must say it was phenomenal to watch him and his dancers perform live!! Thanks Michael for sharing your story with the world, and that we now know the truth about your show River Dance, and how it was taken away from you! In my opinion Lord of The Dance was much better anyhow!
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on January 9, 2003
"If I would have told you the biggest selling show in world is an Irish dance show, you would have laughed. But we're here." (Michael Flatley) Shattering selling records in Australia, Britain, and the US, Michael Flatley and his show have shown the world that the underdogs can become superstars. Lord of the Dance tells a story of good vs. evil through Irish dance. The evil Don Dorcha (Daire Nolan)is seeking to abolish love, beauty, and all that that is good, and to set himself up as Lord of the Dance. The celts then cry to the true Lord of the Dance (Michael Flatley) who ultmately defeats Don Dorcha.
Michael and his entire troupe are superb, performing everything with precision, ease, and grace. Filmed from multiple angles, the movie provides the viewer with many perspectives impossible to see from the audience. This allows one to get a much better grasp of certain formations. The DVD also contains a fantastic 'behind the scenes' bonus feature which by itself makes the DVD well worth getting. I have watched it numerous times, and it just gets better. There are so many little details that add up to produce the greatest show in the world, led by the greatest dancer in world: Michael Flatley. This is his legacy.
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on August 10, 2002
First, I need to mention that I'm a Pagan and this review will relate to that.

I'd never been able to figure out WHY the one time I saw the Lord Of The Dance(the original one)on PBS I didn't really like it that much. I described as a "cheap imitation of Riverdance."
Since Lughnassadh was last week and I took Lugh(aka Lord Of The Dance)as my Patron Deity,I decided to give LOTD another try. I rented it from the library and have just finished watching it. Here's my analysis:
1. It's MORE overtly Pagan than RD
2. It has a storyline that is easier to follow
3. The Triple Goddess is quite easy to recognize, The Maiden, being represented by the Young Girl who plays the Irish Whistle SO ENCHANTINGLY, The Mother, being represented by the female lead, The Crone, being represented by the Womon who dresses in green and has glorious red hair and sings sweetly and mournfully to us
4. Michael Flately makes a PERFECT Lugh, flamboyant, as a God of Fire/Sun(another one of His names is The Shining One)should be. Protector of the weak, when he defends The Maid Of The Woodlands. It doesn't get any better than that
5. The dancing is INCREDIBLE
6. The stage set is great
7. The lighting isn't QUITE as good as Riverdance
And it's a big but! IT'S STILL NOT AS WONDERFUL AS RIVERDANCE. And the reason why it's not as wonderful it the SOUL-HAUNTINGLY LOVELY MUSIC OF RD. Now if Michael Flately could manage to get Bill Whelan to compose the stands a good chance of perhaps being even better than Riverdance.
But I believe that BOTH tapes belong in people's collections. If you like RD, you'll probably like LOTD as well.
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on January 4, 2002
Michael Flatley truly is the Lord of the Dance (hereafter referred to as LOD). This show is much better than the original Riverdance. LOD is strictly focused on modern Irish dance, and the show plot is basically based on old Irish folklore involving the sweet Colleen and the tempting Gypsy trying to lure in Michael Flatley's character. There are several numbers that are performed without any music, and you will be amazed at how incredible the taps sound. Michael Flatley is as egotistical as they come, but he has reason to be! Once he is on stage, you won't want to focus on anyone else. His tapping is showcased in several numbers.
If you are trying to decide between LOD or Feet of Flames, here are differences. Personally, I like Feet of Flames better.
Feet of Flames (FOF) was filmed at Hyde Park in London. The stage and set are much bigger than shown on the LOD. In FOF, the music has been changed slightly and is more energetic. There are newer and more interesting looking costumes. Michael Flatley has a few more solos, including one where he is playing an instrument. Of course, his costumes are more flashy in FOF. I think FOF seems to flow better as the troupe is more experienced now.
My bottom line: you won't go wrong with either FOF or LOD, but if you had to choose one, I would pick Feet of Flames.
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on September 24, 2001
Michael was one of the first who started it all. He played a huge part in making Riverdance happen, as a principal choreographer. He became too popular with the audience for the Riverdance producers' liking, and when they got rid of him, he pulled himself up, remained focused on his life's dream, and went on to make his own show. Lord of the Dance is a story set to music and dance. A story of good vs. evil, portrayed in wonderful color, vivacious music, and unforgetable energy. No other Irish dance show since has come quite as close. Michael's show helped bring Ireland and her music, dance, and celebration to the attention of the world. With more than 10,000 shows sold out worldwide in just over four years, this show has proven it can please the masses. And, aside from that, let me tell anyone skeptical of Michael himself: I have met this man twice on a very personal level, and he is kind, generous, and softspoken. In real life, large stage persona and dance character aside, he is the exact opposite of what the press has tried to paint him as since the false reports begun after the Riverdance fiasco. His confidence in his talent, and belief that you should believe you are the best at what you do, are too often misunderstood for super ego. He is truly a sweetheart of an Irishman. If you haven't seen this show yet, you are in for a wonderful treat, a true joy. Let the ancient Celts take you through the ages on a magical journey of music and dance.
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on March 26, 2000
I loved the various camera angles. I found them to enhance experiencing as much of the excitement as a camera could allow. Lord of the Dance is "raw" Michael Flatley -- the guts, the grit, and the glory of his talent. And the fact is, that Michael hung up his dancing shoes in 1999. I saw Riverdance live on stage for the 1st time lately. Sure, live is always better. But if you're expecting to see Flatley perform live, you'll have a long wait. He has retired from performing -- so the videos Lord of the Dance, Feet of Flames, and Riverdance are your only chance to see his genius now. Unlike Riverdance, the Show (which is also totally amazing in its own right, including the hauntingly beautiful singing, the drumming, fiddling and collage of ethnic dance), Lord of the Dance has more plot, more story. A beginning, middle and end. I think Michael Flatley is probably the most talented dancer that ever lived -- and if you want to experience the magic, get this video! I doubt that there will ever be another like him. (I especially liked the camera angle from under a transparent floor section. Awesome.) The Riverdance phenomenon and Flatley's dancing have touched and changed my life forever. Grab these while you can.
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on December 13, 1999
When the name Michael Flatley is mentioned, many people immediately call to mind the heart-pounding rhythms and intoxicating melodies of Riverdance. That's all fine and dandy, but resist the temptation to consider Lord of the Dance an extension of its popular predecessor. This show concentrates exclusively on Irish dance, incorporating many of the darker aspects of the Celtic heritage into its story and imagery.
A consummate showman, Flatley dominates the stage in a fiery, breathless performance of boundless energy. There is a raw edge to this music and dance portrayal of the battle between good and evil. Lord of the Dance runs the full gauntlet of emotions; occasionally tender, often sensual, frequently aggressive to the point of near violence.
For one who takes the time (and the required concentration) to carefully observe, Flatley's technical brilliance is apparent in the speed, difficulty and perfection of form which he brings to his dance routines. Amazingly, the supporting dancers are almost equally as skilled.
However, the enjoyment of this show is not in its technical merit, but in its artistic wizardry. It is an intricate performance which frequently intertwines the movements of many dancers, yet maintains its cohesion and flow, never losing the simple beauty of skilled bodies in constant motion.
The single flaw is in the editing of the video, which occasionally cuts between camera angles so quickly and so often as to be distracting. Within this minor problem, however, are some visual gems, such as seeing the feet of the dancers from BENEATH the stage, a unique perspective that gives a true appreciation for the power and skill of the cast.
Lord of the Dance is not, as occasionally suggested, a repackaging of Riverdance. It is a completely different visual experience, one that stands rightly and proudly on its own. In this performance, Michael Flatley more than proves that he is worthy of the title.
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on March 26, 2003
An incredible performance--Flatley is simply phenomenal. The soprano made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. I think Irish dancing is the ultimate when it comes to the expression of health and sexual power. The women look incredible. Forget the vulgarity of jazz dance or hip hop granstanding--this is not to be missed. Although I like their playing, I don't care much for the ladies on violin stomping around in 'hoe-down fashion,' or the vaguely hippie-ish, Eastern hand gestures of the Temptress, but these are minor complaints. This is what it purports to be--an expansion, an improvement, an evolution of the finer aspects of Riverdance. Flatley made the right move. The crowd is so loud and enthusiastic, you'd think it was a Beatles flashback! A whole lot of fun, and very impressive, theatrically--filmed on tour in Dublin.
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on August 19, 2006
What a fantastic opportunity to meet the man who reinvented Irish dancing and put it on top of the world stage.

Heretofore inaccessible to the non-initiated, you can find his extraordinary personality and the history behind his success. Having risen from a terrible neighborhood in Chicago, having suffered all kinds of aggravations, he remains sweet in his heart. A real gentleman, he has never an unpleasant word; in the whole book, you can hardly find a negative thought. We have a chance to see things through his eyes, to feel his bewilderment and his pain and to rejoice in his triumphs. To read it is to see and to listen to him. I've fallen asleep with my eyes wide open, my hands clutching the book.

What a privilege to be able to read so much firsthand. What an honor it is that he chose to share so much.
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on January 12, 2001
The Lord of the Dance is one of those rare events that occurs only once in a millennium. Everything about Lord of the Dance works: the classic story of good vs. evil retold through modern interpretation, the music, the costume design, the dancing, and Michael Flatley, my God, Michael Flatley. I was fortunate enough to see Lord of the Dance live at Arco Arena, and NEVER in my life have I been a part of anything nearly as wonderful or special as that show. From the opening set piece, Michael Flatley had 17,000 people on their feet, screaming at the top of their lungs, and no one sat down or shut up until the last bow was taken and the house lights came up. Lord of the Dance is a magical experience that will sweep you away: do not miss out. You can no longer see it live, but this video captures the magic perfectly.
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