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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on December 5, 2000
I acquired this CD expecting a return to the rmoantically-inspired strains of his early 1990's effort "The Chronic." Regrettably, after several listenings, I fail to identify many of the more interesting variations on avowedly inspirational artists like Elgar, Brahms, and Wagner on Dr. Dre's work. As most people reading this review will already know, "Dr." Dre received his doctorate in music theory at Yale, to follow up his earlier work in cello performance at Oberlin. At both schools, his writing emphasized the darker romantics, with a smattering of more recent composers. These influences were obvious (with the obligatory "rap" spin) on the "Straight Outta Compton collaboration again, through "The Chronic" (particularly, see "Rollin' in My 6-4 as an obvious example). NONE of this is evidenced in the new work, although Dr. Dre does identify Beethoven's love of "Explicit Lyrics."
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on February 22, 2003
We are in an exciting time for hip hop. Virtually unknown producers are creating styles and textures that are innovative and interesting while superstar producers the Neptunes add an edge to the mainstream.
Meanwhile, Dr. Dre seems to courageously fight an overwhelming battle. He bravely believes that we should stay right here. We should remain faithful to the styles of 1995-99. He shows this through this album that he eschews the complexity, texture, and diversity of contemporary hip hop.
Perhaps Dre is actually ahead of the curve. In a few years, retro-mania may sweep the hip hop community. P Diddy will change his name back to Puff Daddy and will reach the level of superstardom he did in 1997. Videos will have fish-eye lenses and bulky, shiny suited MCs. Tupac will release yet another album. If that happens, Dre will be on top of the world.
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on March 25, 2000
I try. I really try. I want to like gangster rap. But how am I supposed to take this "return" seriously? So the "old" Dr. Dre is "back"? So what. All I'm hearing is a lot of people cursing and threatening people to "hip-hop" that amounts to little more than pocky music. Bleep-bleep-boop, I hurt you! Bop-bop-blop, up yours! etc... Who came up with the idea of making violent drug dealers into social icons? Dre reels about how bad things are in the hood, then verbally struts all his guns and drugs and murderous intentions. Dre hates to see poor people in the hood, but can't help rubbing his immense personal wealth in our face. The rapping is tired, the music is farcical, and the only thing interesting is the shiny new curse combinations. Oh, Dre! Try something new already!
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on October 3, 2000
This is a poor performance by Dr. Dre. I had his "The Chronic" album and almost played a hole in the thing. Dre and Snoop were such innovators back in the day. There were timeless classics on that album that changed the face of rap. In his off-time, Dr. Dre founded one of the most controversial, and brilliant rappers ever in Eminem. That was probably the last great feat of Dre's career, because his 2001.. Aftermath album is the pits. This album has a few good tracks, but nothing even close to what he pulled off back in the day. Perhaps he tried to innovate the rap scene once again by putting out a different kind of sound with this disc. Unfortunately, it did not work. Dre needs to stick to producing and leave the music up to Eminem.
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on January 7, 2000
Everybody who keeps talking about "this CD is an excellent follow up" to "The Chronic" and "Dre is back" needs to shut up with all that bull cuzz this CD sucks. This CD sounds like a weak compilation or soundtrack, not an album. To tell you the truth, I'd rather listen to some East Coast and Dirty South stuff like DMX, Eve, Juvenile, Lil' Wayne, or Hot Boys, not Dre and his West Coast buddies. This CD is all hype and bull! Plus, the "Forget About Dre" is the worst attempt at his conforming to Hip-Hop's status quo of bounce Hip-Hop! While Eminem is cool, Dre's Eminem-penned flow is all offbeat and pretentious. This CD sucks! FFF-
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on October 18, 2000
Dre should have quit after "The Chronic" came out. That album was good, not on a lyrical level but because it was new and different. How long can Dre pretend to be a gangster. "2001" is one of the worst rap albums in recent memory. Dre just can't compete in a scene full of talented young rappers who don't have to pretend to be gansters to sell albums. If you want a good album check out "The 18th Letter" by Rakim or "Heavy Mental" by Killah Priest.
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on August 10, 2000
When I first listened to this CD, it was alright. But when I started overplaying Still D.R.E., I was getting sick of it. I don't like the songs "What's The Difference?", "B_ _ch N_ _gaz", "Forgot About Dre", and "F_ _ _ You." The only good song on this album is the one Dre dedicates to his brother. Bottom line is though this CD is not worth buying. If you want to buy good Dr. Dre albums, buy The Chronic and N_ _gaz 4 Life.
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on January 22, 2003
Dre was the greatest rapper and producer ever made, but when he formed aftermath in 1996, he sold out and this sequel is very poor, dumb songs and confusing idiotic rapping and he brought [Eminem] to kill rap this time
Dr. Dre you may have gain proof for your shady/aftermath fans, but you have lost your original 101 proof of 110% percent rap.
Thank Goodness Rapper Scarface is better than this.
This is poor, dr. dre, very, very poor
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on September 26, 2000
I can't believe the dishonesty in some of the reviews I have read concerning Dr. Dre's new album. Sure, I understand it is difficult to admit when an artist you like makes a terrible album. But the truth is that this CD sucks - big time.
The music is slow and lame, the raps are boring. You'd be better off skipping this one and listening to old NWA albums. This album sounds nothing like The Chronic.
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on April 5, 2000
After a week or even less i could no longer listen to this the beginning i thought how great it was, but now i even zap when there are clips of da dr on TV becos its getting sooo boring after a short period of time...its incredible...i can only recommend u to NOT buy this album...what did happen to DRE?
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