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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on January 20, 2001
The entire point about music, hip hop in particular, is that over time the tastes of those who purchase it change. As a result, the record stores around the world are full of albums which sold very well when they were released but now have a "where are they now" feel about them.
The 90s have seen Dre invent G-Funk and the laid-back sound very quickly became the most recognisable sound in hip hop. Unfortunately, as time went on the sound became hopelessly derivative and stagnant. The problem with "2001" is that Dre has not updated his sound enough to make it relevant to today's hip hop consumer.
The album does contain some moderately good tracks with "Forgot About Dre", "The Next Episode" and "Xxplosive" being the three best. The problem lies with the fact that, as is typical of the hardcore scene as the 90s become the 2000s, the album has far too many guests involved.
Some of the guest spots make sense as a sort of "Chronic" reunion (Snoop, Nate and so on) but the rest make "2001" sound more like a Various Artists compilation than a Dr Dre album. Dre is certainly more of a producer than a rapper and to that end he has taken care to put rappers with contrasting styles together in such a way that they accentuate each other rather than detract from each other.
One distinct weak spot on the album is "Some LA Niggaz", a profanity-laced posse track. It might be the trend to do this but there is no real need to because each of the rappers on the track is obscured by the rest. Another weakness is the frequent interludes, again it seems to be trend these days but they interrupt the flow of the album and provide an unwelcome distraction.
Again, the better tracks are those with MCs with whom Dre has worked for a long time (Snoop, Nate, Kurupt and so on) as the interplay between them is more polished - Nate's soulful vocals are still in peak condition. The weaker tracks are those with rappers like Hittman and Eminem; here the interplay is not so polished as there hasn't been as much practice over years and (in the case of Eminem) the guest's personality overshadows Dre's. That said, Dre isn't the most inspiring rapper either so his being overshadowed might not be such a bad thing.
For those who need what amounts to a sampler of late 90s West Coast rap, this might be an album to buy (then again, almost any other rap album from the same era would do for this). For those wanting a real introduction to Dre at the peak of his powers - keep your money and buy "The Chronic".
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on September 2, 2000
I'ma be real on this review. Dr. Dre as a producer, he excells, as a rap artist, he's average, but he's horrible a person. The album was decent. Although, u have to let most of the tracks grow on you. Songs like, Forget About Dre, What's the Difference?, and The Watcher, i enjoyed.
The thing that really brought this album down was his constant reference to how people are dissing him. He makes lies about why people disrespect him. The reason is because he did not testify for Snoop when he was on trial. Snoop brought Dre up, when he was getting dissed by tons of people. And Dre can't afford to help his rescuer in his time of need.
Dre needs to stop rapping about he's the one suffering, and how he's the one that deserves homeage. Dre produced about 5 albums in his about 20 years in music. Where as, 2pac released 9 albums, and has over 1000 songs total, and was only in the music industry for 4 years, excluding the time in jail.
Overall, this cd is not worh buying, it has some decent tracks, but just doesn't compare to other albums like, All Eyez On Me, or Snoop.
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on November 20, 1999
When I bought this album, I knew right away it would be very though to compare with his first album "The Chronic". The question is does this album even come close? It does somewhat, but Dre is not the same rapper he was back in the day from the mid 80's through mid 90's. In this album he talks about how he is different from before. The one plus is that he reunites with snoop dogg. His song with snoop "Still Dre Day" is probrably the best track on the album. He also features the sounds of eminem. I don't know what Dre finds so impressive about him. Eminem rymes are alright but nothing impressive. Also in this album, there is way too many guest appearances. Another good thing is taht a few tracks have Dre's old west coast syle of rap. Overall this album is good, nothing great. This will not be dissapointing for his fans. For all others that is a big question. I think with album Dr. Dre did not make a full comeback, but this album shows he is on his way to be up on top again. When the snoop dogg and dre album "make up after break up" comes out at the end of 2000 then things will be back where they started.
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on February 13, 2000
Dre as usual made everyone shine with his dope beats. No one can do it up like Dre. However, a lot of the emcee's on here came pretty weak, not to mention they weren't big names.
Xzibit,Dre,Snoop,Nate,Kurupt, and a few others shined, but as for the rest it just wasn't happening. A lot of the emcee's on this joint weren't exactly wack, but they were nothing spectacular. Like the dude on the car bomb song. He was awight and due to Dre's tight beat he shined. However had Dre not been his producer I would have probably slept on the dude.
Bottom line, DO NOT BUY THIS CD if you are a person that likes to listen to MADD ill lyrics. This album obviously was dedicated to DRE because he came through with both mic skills and beats.
Personally I would buy this CD because Dre's beats can really make peeps shine. For example, The only reason why I bothered to listen to Eminem was because I heard Dre was his producer. That should be enough said.
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on April 1, 2001
This album could have been a classic, but the contrast between the material in the first and halves of the CD prevent it from being so.
The first 13 tracks and "The Message" are up to Dre's usual high standards, but the next 9 are not up to par and sound out of place on this album. Songs like "Forgot About Dre", "Still DRE" and "F**k You" are vastly superior to tracks like "Murder Ink" and "Housewife"(which is just a rehash of a song from Kurupt's album). If Dre had cut tracks 14-21, this would have been a classic like the Chronic.
This is a problem seen on many releases today. Just because the CD can hold 79 minutes of music is no reason to use all of the space. The Chronic was only about 60 min long, but all the tracks were hot.
If you're a Dre fan, get this album. If you're not, then borrow it and see if you like all the songs before getting this.
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on February 22, 2000
I enjoyed a lot of the songs on this CD. Dr. Dre is talented in that he is able to come up with an almost all new west coast sound. Lyrically it's as though he hasn't grown since 1992 and some of the new rappers on this CD (hittman- ughh) are not nearly as good as the original Chronic cast of rappers which included Snoop Doggy Dogg and tha Dogg Pound's first appearances. I'd suggest "Dr. Dre- The Chronic" (1992) before I'd suggest this one, but if you're buying it for Eminem get this one.
This is one of the best of 1999 but that does't say much when you have artists like Jay Z (weak delivery) and DMX (absolutely no delivery, more like annoying yelling) putting out their respective CDs. Must-haves for 1999 are these: Eminem Slim Shady LP cd, 2Pac + Outlawz Still I Rise cd, this CD, Nas - I AM cd and Pastor Troy- We Ready I Declare war. If you got those 5 you got all the good ones of 1999.
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on December 2, 1999
This album gets three starsfrom me because its Dre'sfollow-up to the first chronic album. Please noteI said follow-up. If thisalbum was put out by a newartist or produced by someonenew it would probally be rated five stars by everyone.So everyone should take a goodlisten to a fairly decent follow up to a hip-hop classic, and realize that Dre is still at the top of his game as far as prodution wise.Lyrically he is'nt good enough to spit versus through a whole CD, he's not a great rapper but an excellent producer. Thats probally why he has so many guest on this CD, and I think its a great way to introduce his new artists. By the way, what hip-hop producer thats out right now can even come close? Timberland is the closest I can think of. But I'm sure there are many producer and artist that would love to collaborate with Dre to this day.
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on May 16, 2000
The only people eho are giving this album 5 stars are the people who are wishing that west coast rap will jump into the forefront again. And it's going to take alot more than this to make that happen. Beside The Watcher and X-Plosion, theirs nothing here that you'd remember past the lenth of the album. Part of it is due to the lyrics. They talk about the same old stuff, and they're so redundant it makes a Too Short verse about pimpin' look new and innovative. And as far as Eminem playing the same roll as Snoop did on the origonal Chronic? No. Snoop & dre fit toghther like hand and glove, and Snoop should've been on here more. The title alone on this album was worth about two million in sales. Don't get me wrong, this is a good album. Just don't expect it to be in your stereo six months from now.
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on May 28, 2000
there aren't enough good songs on this CD. yeah sure theres about 3 great songs on there- Still Dre, Forgot About Dre, and The Next Episode. The other songs are alright or just plain bad. I would think that out of 21 songs on the CD (not including the intro) i would expect more out of this so-called west coast legend. hes lost some of the touch he had on his previous CDs and still cant match up to Snoop Dogg or 2Pac. If you want a great rap CD, check out one of Snoops CDs (except for Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told cuz that is Snoop's worst CD)or check out the best rap CD of all time which is Tupacs All Eyez On Me. if you dont have these CDs, go out and buy them. if you do have these CDs, then you probably know exactly what im talking about.
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on November 16, 1999
I have to say that I've been waiting for this album with high hopes. I thought that DRE's first album after 7 years will be the bomb, but unfortunately it's just GOOD. DRE has totally changed his sound - there's no sign of G-FUNK, which made him so famous. It boils down to just one point - if you are expecting another CHRONIC, KEEP THEIR HEADS... or CALIFORNIA LOVE you will be disappointed because there are no hits of that caliber on the album. The best track are: Still DRE, Big Egos and Forgot About DRE.
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