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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on April 20, 2013
Wow, what can someone say about this incredible album that hasn't already been said? All metal and hard rock fans should at least listen to, if not own this fantastic piece of music. It's 100% brilliant, well produced by Martin Birch showing Iron Maiden at one of their creative and artistic high points. When the record came out, I was so amazed by what I heard I bought a second vinyl record in case I wore out the first one. And I still have that record sealed to this day because shortly after that, CDs came out. I saw Maiden on their Powerslave tour in the 1980's and that concert was one of the top three I have ever seen (with Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin). 'Aces High' and 'Two Minutes to Midnight' are two of the best back-to-back tracks in rock history. This album is simply GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon November 29, 2007
In 1984 Heavy Metal band Iron Maiden once again released a great heavy metal album with "Powerslave".For this album the band explored Egyptian history with the title track,and tought the guitars on "Flash Of The Blade" do have an egyptian sound in one part of the song its not really related to Egypt that much so the cover art even if its really cool is not really appropriate for the album overral.Still don't judge an album by its cover as its what's in it that matters.Powerslave is filled with classic tracks such as the fast "Aces High" or the famous "Two Minutes To Midnight" and its the second of four albums by the classic lineup of Harris-Murray-Dickinson-Smith-McBrain.This album is weaker than its predeccesors "Piece Of Mind" and "The Number Of The Beast" but is still very good and its a timeless album.

The album starts out with what i consider the best opener track of any Maiden album,"Aces High" a fast song,fast guitars,drumming and signing and its not only one of the best songs of the album its one of Iron Maiden's best songs.Next is the catchy "Two Minutes To Midnight" with a great sing along chorus,its a classic."Losfer Words(Big Orra)" is a solid instrumental that features a great guitar solo,its the fourth and last instrumental done by the band up to this point.Then its "Flash Of The Blade" wich i beleve is a great track from this album and an underrated song of Iron Maiden."The Duelist" is nearly an instrumental with Bruce singing not sitting much here,it has a few tempo changes and its mostly good."Back In The Village",its good but i am not too crazy about this one."Powerslave" is another supurb song on this album,the title track is very good,Bruce's vocals and the guitars gives it an Egyptian feel.

Last but not least is 13 and a half minutes song "Rimes Of The Ancient Mariner" based on the famous poem of the same name written in the 18th century.It has many complex arrangements such as a voca-only part latter in the song and tempo changes,its an epic song at best,its probably the song i admire the most of Maiden's career as its quite good and complex,and its a thirteen minutes song that you can actually listen from beggening to end.

The tour for this album,the World Slavery Tour was quite succesfull and got Maiden to play probabaly what was the most physicaly instense tour as it was filled with many,many dates according to the band.I like the Egyptian stage that they used for that era,that was really cool with all the sarcophagus and stuff.This remaster edition has two bonus videos,"Aces High" and "Two Minutes To Midnight" wich are good yes,but there isn't anything else,no bonus song or anything wich is disapointing,but the album as it is is still worth buying.The photos in the booklet are nice too,and there is even a summary of important dates of this album such as single releases,world tour starting and such.This album is strongly recommended,4 and a half stars.
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on July 9, 2004
I must say that this is probably my all around favorite Iron Maiden album. I actually recieved this cd as a gift, and wasn't exactly sure it was going to be as good as other Maiden albums I had previously heard. To my delight i was WRONG!! some of its songs are different from old Maiden, but still amazing. The song (other than Powerslave) that caught my ear immediately was Flash of the Blade, simply an amazing sound all around, especially the vocals and the solo's.In fact the only song on here that i didnt think to be excellent is Back in the Village. It's still a pretty good song, but it just doesnt seem to fit with the others as well. Anyways, buy this album if your any bit interested in Maiden, and if your not than buy it anyway and you will be. heres my rating for each track:
Aces High 9.8
2 Minutes to Midnight 8.8
Losfer Words (Big 'Orra) 9.2
Flash of the Blade 10.0+
The Duellists 9.3
Back in the Village 7.6
Powerslave 10.0+
Rime of the Ancient Mariner 10.0
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 21, 2015
This album is just absolutely mind blowing. From the high-flying opener 'Aces High' up to the epic 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner', this album just never stops. 'Aces High' is a fast, catchy song with blazing guitar solos. '2 Minutes to Midnight' is a powervul anti-war song about the doomsday clock that has some very gory imagery, not to mention, it also has some great guitar solos coming from Adrian Smith. 'Losfer Words' is Maiden's second best instrumental song (second only to the classical Transylvania). 'Flash of the Blade' is song about sword fighting that has one of the most memorable opening guitar riffs. 'The Duellist' is another sword fighting song, this one is mostly instrumental and reminds me a lot of 'Where Eagles Dare' from the Piece of Mind album. 'Back in the Village' is the worst song on the album, but is by no means bad at all. 'Powerslave' is the second best song that Bruce has written (second only to Revelations). 'Powerslave' has some memorable egyptian-sounding riffs and also has one of the best instrumental parts in the middle of the song. The instrumental part in 'Powerslave' starts out slow with a soft bass/guitar solo but then explodes into one of the best guitar solos you will ever hear. 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner' perfectly closes off this classic album. it is the longest Maiden song to the day, and with the exception of the poem in the middle of the song, the energy in this song just never stops.

Bottom line is, your metal collection isn't complete if you don't own this album. Powerslave, and every other Maiden album with the exception of a few, is the epitome of what good music really is. If you don't own this album, do yourself a favor and purchase it now!
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on May 8, 2013
Another for the collection for me of the 8 picture disc series to celebrate their 2013 UK tour. This was the very first album of Iron Maiden I had ever listened to and first heard it when I was in grade 7 during show and tell at a Catholic Elementary school. Since then I have been a long time metal fan and a long time Iron Maiden fan. The large gate fold album covers and the amazing pictured art of the vinyl disc is fantastic and makes a great gift to any Iron Maiden fan or to some degree art collector in my opinion. Fantastic re-release of the picture discs albums released back in the 90's.
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on July 19, 2004
...this CD is an amazing piece of work from the best of the NWOBHM bands. Sadly, a fellow by the name of "lucifer_666" doesn't appear to agree. He appears to prefer King Diamond, stating that "those guys [Note: He means King Diamond here, sadly, not Iron Maiden] are an awsome band with talent and originality and amazing solos with intense lirycs".
Now, I've never heard any King Diamond, so I can't judge them as opposed to Iron Maiden. But if this is the intelligence level of their average fan, I shall stay as far away from them as humanly possible. I don't know if Steve Harris ever has written "intense lirycs", but this is probably because I don't know what the hell a "liryc" is. Sigh. Still, I suppose that this is all you can expect from someone that calls themself "lucifer" in order to get attention. I AM TEH EVIL! PAY ATNETION TO MEEE!!1111!!!!1111 OMG LOL
Really, though, this album rules. You can't beat Rime Of The Ancient Mariner. Best Maiden song ever. Aces High, 2 Minutes To Midnight, The Duellists, and Powerslave (the title track) itself ain't exactly bad either. Second best Maiden album - nothing beats Number Of The Beast. Powerslave, however, is better than even the substantial achievements of Brave New World, Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son, Piece Of Mind, and Somewhere In Time. And I won't even go into how superior it is to the Blaze Bayley albums. To summarize: Get this album. But try to listen to other tracks than "Flash Of The Blade", which is horrendously overrated.
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on July 9, 2004
Powerslave was the breakthrough album in America for Iron Maiden. With such classics as Aces High, 2 mins to 12:00, Powerslave and Rime of the Ancient mariner there's no wonder why. The quality of the production is unsurpassed and, musically, the guys went to the maximum of their capabilities.
1-Aces high : The ultimate album opener. Fast and furious with a killer chorus. A masterpiece that is just uncomparable. 10/10
2-2 mins to 12:00 : It takes a special song to follow Aces high. 2 minutes does it great. 9,5/10
3-Losfer words (Big 'Orra) : A very melodic instrumental piece. 8,5/10
4-Flash of the blade : A super fast-paced rocker. Very solid. 8,5/10
5-The duellists : Very unknown and underrated song. The guitars and bass are just amazing. 9/10
6-Back in the village : In my opinion, the most underrated song of Iron Maiden. Technically, their best ever. 9,5/10
7-Powerslave : You can almost feel that you're in Egypt ! Adrian Smith solo is full of emotion. After hearing this song, you will be a slave to the power of Maiden. 10/10
8-Rime of the ancient mariner : The best song of all time. A 13 minutes song of that intensity and excellence is a "tour de force". The masterpiece of all masterpieces. Bottom line. 10/10
For some, it's the ultime Maiden album, for others the middle part is weak. The songs need time to grow but they are brilliant. Maybe not my favourite but near the top. A must.
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on June 30, 2004
Im going to start by saying this album is in my top 5 favorite cds and i have over 100.
1. Aces High: This starts the album off with a bang. The guitar riffing is fast, high pitched, and adrenline pumping, not a very heavy song, but still metal and just as good.There is also a great solo by Dave Murray. You'll like this song if you like faster, higher pitched, metal songs. 10/10
2. Two Minutes to Midnight: This was Maidens highest single of this album and for good reason, it has a cool riff and a very catchy chorus. Bruce dickinson does a pretty good vocal performance on this song. The guitar riff is much like Ted Nugent's Stormtrooping. 10/10
3. Losfer Words (Big Orra):This was Maidens last instrumenatal,
and unfortunatly it was not another Ghengis Khan. It has a fast heavy Prog Rock Sounding riff to it, this song is complety unique and I haven't heard anything like it. 8/10
4. Flash of the blade: The song starts out with a unusual riff that sound like it could be part of a Ozzy Osbourne guitar solo.
when the lyrics start both guitarists do your typical iron maiden power cord riffing. There is a cool sychronized solo played in octaves in the guitar bridge. 8/10

5. The Duellists. Starts off with more heavy guitar riffing. Steve Harris plays his bass great in this song, providing a good backup sound in the chorus and the guitar solo that follows. Some parts of this song are very heavy, other parts are filled with melody, and in some parts there is both. There is an excellent guitar bridge and solo. 9/10
6. Back in the Village: It's a decent song but it pales in comparison to all the other songs, it has a really wierd sounding main riff. When the guitar solo starts at 2:30 the song gets really good with good riffs and a guitar solo. 7/10 but 9/10 for the solo
7. Powerslave: This is the secound best song on the album, the opening guitar riff is fast, galloping, and vicous sounding. Then it gets even better during the chorus when the riff changes into something even nastier and faster then the opening one. After the secound chorus the song complety mellows out into a slow beatiful guitar solo, this goes on for a minute then the drums kick in and in launches a fast, powerful, absoluty rocking guitar solo, with Steve Harris's Bass loudly playing along in a catchy little rhythm during the solos.
8. Rime of the Ancient Mariner. The album ends with one maidens finest songs ever. Every single memmber of the band shines on this song, there are more good guitar riffs in this song then on any 10 Nu-Metal albums, nevermind make that 20 albums, i kinda forgot how bad nu-metal is. This song is complety fasicnating and still amazes me. The whole album is worth the price just for this 14 minute epic masterpiece.
Sorry if you didn't understand me or i rambled on, but i just love this album, buy it!

Please tell me what you thought of my review by pressing yes or no, im just curious to see if i was helpful at all. Thanks for reading.
and one other thing listen to wrathchild (the reviewer below me.) he is absoluty right about everything he said, screw king diamond and all that satanic sh*t.
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on June 17, 2004
Ok, first things f**kin first. Lucifer666 goes off trashing saying that Iron Maiden is "UNORIGINAL"?! Iron Maiden was THE driving force of the NWOBHM. Even worse, he says that Mercyful Fate is better? I shake my head in disgust. Mercyful Fate is a disastrous joke! King Diamond is talentless as s**t. He sounds like Tiny Tim gone metal, and the guitar work is very average. Atleast Maiden's tone is unique. F**k Mercyful Fate, they're "UNORIGINAL", they copied off Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Oh yeah, very original name, Lucifer666. Whoooah. He's an evil motherf**ker! He frightens me so much I piss my pants. You're a joke man.
Anyways, Powerslave is one of Maiden's most consistent releases. Aces High is always a good song that is a favorite amongst many fans. After that is 2 Minutes to Midnight. Pretty good, but tends to be overrated. Losfer Words is a cool instrumental, but Transylvania and Ghengis Khan are better. Flash of the Blade is a really cool song. Easily better than 2 Minutes to Midnight. It was used in a really messed up Argento flick, "Phenomena". Then we've got The Duellists, which is equally nice. Back in the Village is once again really good. The Title Track is awesome. Rime of the Ancient Mariner is one of the best epic tracks they've done. This album isn't perfect, but it's a great one.
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on June 12, 2004
Alot of us fans think that Iron Maiden created the best album of the 80's and we know we're right. Powerslave was Iron Maiden's greatest album until(in my opnion)it was beaten by Brave New World without any hesitation. Read on for some commentaries on each track:
Aces High: 5/5 - The greatest album opener ever and the fastest song on the album. Once again, the Twin Guitar Attack work strongly as a unit, and provide us with some of their best guitar work. Bruce really powered his voice into a 'megaphone'
and the heart and soul of the band, Steve and Nicko 'pumped up' the songs background with thundering bass and drums. This song along with The Trooper are Iron Maiden's best songs of the 80's.
Two Minutes To Midnight: 5/5 - The first Iron Maiden song I've heard and one of the greatest NWOBHM songs ever! Manages to stick with Aces High as two of the best songs on Powerslave.
Losfer Words (Big 'Orra): 4.8/5 - Awesome instrumental that shows a sign of matching the album's theme. Thankfully it didn't and couldn't beat Transylvania or Genghis Khan as Iron Maiden's best instrumental. You may find it weird but I knocked off 0.2 points for the terrible solos and the goofy title for the song.
The Duellists: 4.5 - OK song but lacks the energy used in a lot of this album's tracks.
Back In The Village: 4.9 - Nice song and OK lyrics but it's ruined by the vocal rythems. Even so it was still saved by the music. I recommend this song only for true Iron Maiden loyalists.
Powerslave: 5/5 - The title track is where the album picks up again after three average songs. This song is mostly about
Egypt(judging from the cover art)and has my favourite bass solo in the middle. Really awesome track, must be heard by everyone, even by non-Iron Maiden fans. It truly is a classic.
Rime Of The Ancient Mariner: 5/5 - The epic off the album, a 13+ minute powerhouse based on a poem(I think it's a play but I'm not sure)with the same name by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1798-1834)and written by Steve Harris. Also includes a part of the poem/play, pretty haunting if it's combined with a bass background. This song...CANNOT and MUST NOT be missed by fans this time(non-Iron Maiden fans don't deserve to hear this powerhouse track).
Rare tracks from this era:
Rainbow's Gold: 4.7/5 - Good, solid track and has great sections but at most parts the music sounds like old western/country type music.
Mission From 'Arry: ?/5 - I'm sorry to say that I haven't heard this song because I can't find it.
King Of Twilight: 5/5 - Excellent track! That's all I can really say, download it to decide how good you think it is.
Bruce Dickinson - Vocals
Steve Harris - Bass Guitar
Dave Murray - Guitar
Adrian Smith - Guitar
Nicko "Fathead" McBrain(as Bruce called him on Live At Donnington) - Drums
Overall: A masterpiece and my favourite album from this era. I just wish I knew what pressure Iron Maiden was at while writting and recording this album. Get it while you can because if ya don't, it's gonna be sold out like it was here in Kuwait. I got mine from the United States of America(just to show my respect)because their wasn't a single album left about two days after it was released here in Kuwait.
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