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on October 15, 2002
No Prayer for the Dying is Iron Maiden's 1990 follow-up album to the Seventh Son album, a hugely successful album. Steve Harris wanted to take a step back to the basics and produce more of a "Garage" type sound, instead of expanding on the huge and progressive nature of their last two albums, "Somewhere in Time" and "Seventh Son". Adrian Smith disagreed with this approach and left the band. Janick Gers was brought in, and indeed brought a much more raw and hard edge to the rhythm and overall sound. The contrast between Gers and Dave Murray on guitar is extremely big. The two styles are extremely different, almost two much so. Harris' vision is understood, but the result is a rather poor and lackluster effort from a band that we came to expect so much from. Not that it's a bad album in anyway, just not up to the calibur of their previous seven albums. The first three songs are actually pretty good. "Tailgunner" is this albums fast paced energetic opener, followed by "Holy Smoke" one of the two singles from this album, a very good song with a great back to back solo where you can clearly hear the differences in style of the two guitarists. The title track follows and is a more melow but good song, similar to "Children of the Damned" from the "Number of the Beast" album. The album now proceeds to descend into a series of songs not worth mentioning. Assasin is just not a good song, not up to Maiden calibur. It does, however, pick up towards the end with the last three songs. "Hooks in you" is indeed a catchy song, with a cool chorus, and characteristic creepy vocals from Bruce Dickinson. Great guitar work as well. "Bring your Daughter to the Slaughter" in next, and was the other single released. A very catchy chorus with hysterical lyrics. "Mother Russia" is a descent attempt to end the album with a Maiden characteristic epic finale, but it falls short compared to "Alexander the Great" or "Hallowed be thy name". In general, it's a good album as far as Rock and Roll goes, but the worst Maiden album up until that point.
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on May 1, 2002
In a word, awful. This CD contains three decent hit singles in "Holy Smoke", "Tailgunner" and "Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter" and another catchy tune in the aptly-named "Hooks In You". Stupid and derivative lyrics and substandard musicianship aside (not that they play them bad, but these are songs where a band like Maiden can just "phone it in"), all are good enough to make you hum along with repeated listens. Too bad they're surrounded by turkeys like "Mother Russia", "Fates Warning", "Public Enema Number One", "Run Silent, Run Deep" and "The Assassin". The title track is acceptable, although it's basically the blueprint for "Afriad To Shoot Strangers" on the following album (and "Strangers" is better). And what's up with Bruce Dickenson's voice? He sounds like he's been gargling battery acid and chain smoking unfiltered pieces of tire rubber. I would call this the weakest album they've ever done.
Also, a comment on the revamped cover - why did they edit out the guy with the lantern looking into the grave? On the original cover, Eddie was grabbing the guy's throat. Now he just seems to be clutching empty air. Plus the coloring is drastically different between the two covers. Go to a used CD store and find the original (I guarantee there'll be PLENTY of them there) and see what I mean!
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on July 2, 2004
This was my first metal album, and i'm really glad it was. I think No Prayer for the Dying is a collection of the most underrated Maiden songs ever. Great songs like "Tailgunner", "No Prayer for the Dying", "Run Silent, Run Deep" and especially "Mother Russia" are severely underrated gems. "Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter" is the only song on NPftD that everyone seems to like, excellent song with a great chant-a-long part in the middle. I didn't like all the songs on this album first when i got this years ago. I thought "Public Enema Number One", "Fates Warning" and "The Assassin" were boring, and i almost hated "Holy Smoke" and "Hooks in You". I'm glad that these days i can fully enjoy those songs.
Great and horribly underrated album with lots of great riffs, drumming and choruses. I suggest everyone gives this album another listen, it deserves it.
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on August 6, 2003
Well I loved all of the Iron Maiden stuff I heard before I bought this album, I could safely call myself a devoted fan. I heard this was supposedly one of thier really not so good albums. I'm one to give a great band a chance, so I bought it. The first couple spins I gave this album, I REALLY tried to like it and I just thought it was very bland and unenjoyable. I was ready to sell the thing, until it started to grow on me a little. Then it grew on me a lot, and I play this at least once every day. I can't get enough of it. My favorite track is the ultra catchy "Hooks In You" with the title track coming in second place. The only tracks that after so long have not caught on to me, and I still find to be not that great at all are "The Assassin" and "Run Silent Run Deep". So if you love Maiden's other stuff, give this one a chance!
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on April 29, 2004
Ok, I have no clue why No Prayer For The Dying has bad ratings... its amazing! As is every album from Maiden! My favorite track is the title track... No Prayer For The Dying, nice smooth, soft, melodical stuff. then Public Enema #1 is also great. Awesome solo stuff. Run Silent, Run Deep is very well put together, great transitions. Then, Hooks In You, some great heavy stuff, change of pace, softer stuff, great tune. Then Bring Your Daughter to the slaughter is very creepy, and awesome! Mother Russia has an awesome drum beat... very good song. Overall, amazing album!
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on August 25, 2002
Don't worry about those other reviews, take it from me, this one is superb! Bring your daughter to the slaughter, Run silent run deep, and The assassin are all rocking, A+ songs. I'd pay 15 dollars for those three songs alone. Tailgunner and Hooks in you are very good, A- or B+. The rest of the songs are just good, C to B-. Most songs on this album have very good lyrics.
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on June 27, 2004
Some good guitar riffs, but just plain sub-par work from the boys. I theorize that they got burned out from doing 7th Son..., but this is just...I can't stand to say this about Maiden, but bad. : (
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on September 16, 2017
Not their best but still better than the next three.
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on February 28, 2017
Thanks anyway
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VINE VOICEon August 22, 2010
After 1988's Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Steve Harris decided it was time for the band to go back to the sound of the early days and because of this guitarist Adrian Smith left the band unhappy with this direction. Guitarist Janick Gers makes his debut with Iron Maiden replacing Smith.The result No Prayer for The Dying was rawer and not as epic as some of their past albums, because of the sound it can be considered as a step backward for the band. As a result No Prayer for The Dying received mixed reactions from fans. Some fans of the band think they should have continued or expended on the more epic and progressive sound of albums like Somewhere In Time and Seventh Son of a Seventh Son instead of attempting to go back to the band's earlier sound. Going back to the sound of the first few albums was not totally a bad idea, after all I love those albums, but perhaps it was not the right time or maybe that idea was not executed as well as it could have been. Sadly for me, NPFTD has the distinction of being one of Maiden's worst albums. Don't get me wrong I don't hate the album; it's just that I don't find it as strong as other releases by this band even if there are still some enjoyable moments here and there.

The album opens with Tailgunner which is basically a different perspective on Aces High, solid intro to NPFTD. Holy Smoke follows and it's a great song as well. The title song is a slower and more melodic one, I really like this one. I could live without ever hearing Public Enema Number One and Fates Warning again, not that they're unlistenable but The Assassin is definitely a low point for me. The album gets considerably better with Hooks In You and Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter, both catchy tunes and memorable ones. The last song Mother Russia is a failed attempt at finishing the album with an epic song like they did on Somewhere In Time with Alexander The Great, it falls short and doesn't achieve anything it sets out to be.

Maiden had quite a few struggles in the 1990's, Adrian Smith was replaced by Janick Gers, NPFTD and Fear of the Dark received mixed reactions, Bruce left the band to do a solo career and their albums with replacement singer Blaze Bailey were generally not well received. No Prayer For The Dying is certainly not an album that I often play, there are some very good songs but overall I find it to be one of the weaker Maiden albums. It sounds a little uninspired and dull. Plus there doesn't seem to be any chemistry between Dave Murray and Janick Gers, at least not like Adrian and Dave had. It's surely not a high point of Maiden's career and back catalog, it's still enjoyable to some degree but don't expect a classic here. 3 stars.
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