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on July 26, 2004
At the peak of their career, Iron Maiden decided, in 1990 with No prayer for the dying, to return to the roots. They were looking to recapture the sound of Killers and the Number of the beast. So they went back to shorter songs, drifting away from epics that made them famous. The result is disappointing, yet the album is not bad. The follow-up to a masterpiece like 7th son is always hard and No prayer suffered a lot from that. Also the departure of guitarist Adrian Smith who was replaced by Jannick Gers hurt the band. Gers's fast and furious style is 180 degres from Smith's style who is more of a technician.
1-Tailgunner : Very good opener. Another song that has war as the main inspiration. 8,5/10
2-Holy smoke : A critic of the televangelists. The 1st single after 7th son. The sound and the structure of the song are very "basic". A tough start. 7/10
3-No prayer for the dying : A very nice song with a great riff that followed the chorus. Should be more recognized. 9 /10
4-Public enema number one : With a better chorus it could have been a very good song. 7,5/10
5-Fates warning : Same as above with a slow intro that you wonder what it's doing. 7/10
6-The assassin : The killers of the 90's. Entertaining. 8,5/10
7-Run silent, run deep : Overall, the voice of Bruce Dickinson on the album is very average. On this song he's pushing a bit more. Good chorus for an OK song. 8/10
8-Hooks in you : The continuing story of Charlotte the harlot. It should have ended at the 22, Acacia Avenue. 7/10
9-Bring your the slaughter : Originally performed and written by Bruce Dickinson on the OST of Nightmare on Elm Street 5, this song was re-done by Maiden. Was it because of a lack of material or just to please Dickinson who was aiming at a solo career ? Anyway, this a very good catchy song but it is not Iron Maiden ! It should have stayed a Bruce Dickinson solo song, even though it's the only Maiden song that reached the #1 chart position in the UK. 7/10
10-Mother Russia : A try to end the album on an epic. It fails, it's a very cheap version of Alexander the great. It's not an epic. 7/10
The album was a big disappointment and was the first step into the 90's who were very tough for Iron Maiden. The departure of Adrian Smith was the first step of many changes that would mark the history of Iron Maiden over the next 10 years. It's not a bad album but there are no classics. Some songs are very good while the others are just average.
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on June 7, 2004
This cd is rally about 4.5 stars but I think i's worth 5 stars. To begin with I don't know why people don't like this album. As long as I have liked Maiden I have liked this album. I think most of the songs are really good, Tail gunner,Fates warning, Holysmoke, No prayer for the dying, Public enema number one and Bring your doughter... are the best songs but the others come really close after. If you like songs with great choruses, great guitar riffs and cool texts you should really buy this album, it's really that good.
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on August 31, 2002
Just because maiden didn't make a record as some fans wanted doesn't make it a bad album. Maiden plays raw, and this one is raw, ofcourse, somewhere in time and seventh son are masterpieces, but NPFTD is a good jump back to the basics, the roots.... I'm a maiden fan, this one falls short compared to "Somewhere..", but only by a bit, with the exception of "the assassin", this album is good...really good stuff
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on June 27, 2004
Some good guitar riffs, but just plain sub-par work from the boys. I theorize that they got burned out from doing 7th Son..., but this is just...I can't stand to say this about Maiden, but bad. : (
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on December 7, 2003
I was 10 when this album came out, my brother and I put the c.d. on, we thought, wow, what a good rocker album. As i grew older, i realised what a difference in sound from SSOASS to no prayer. In fact, i heard that the change in sound was the reason (or at least one of) that adrian smith (guitarist----for non fans) had left the band. I guess that is my greatest complaint with this album. the sound is not good at all. with SSOASS, maiden hit their peak with that beautiful sound and on this album, first song we see is holy smoke. ok song but the sound sounds real sloppy. I do like quite a few songs on this album and i still don't understand why maiden refuse to play some songs from this album. give it a chance, it is definately not ssoass part 2. sound is different and writing is different too but it is a solid rocker album
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on January 22, 2003
This is not one of Maiden's best albums. I would put it near the bottom of the barrel. It seems that they got rather lazy in trying to produce good music, and settled for a more raw style. There is nothing wrong with a raw sound, and I prefer a raw sound to production. Unfortunately, the song listing here is rather subpar. The band seems layed back, and not really putting forth as much effort as their previous releases. The album really has no central theme, and the track listing seems disorganized.
"Tailgunner" is a catchy tune, with the bass line, and mid-paced guitar. "Hooks In You" isn't bad, and the title track is a good slow-paced rocker that kind of shows Maiden's soft side. "Bring You the Slaughter" in horrible, and was voted the worst heavy metal song of the year. The opening guitar riffs are great before the song goes into its repetitive, clunky chorus. "Holy Smoke" is a terrible song and the video is even worse. I can't believe that both of those horrid songs were actually singles too! These two songs are why I only give this album 3 stars. If you are a collector, like me, that buys every album from a band you like, get it. But if you are after Maiden's best work, go after "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son" or "Brave New World."
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on October 15, 2002
No Prayer for the Dying is Iron Maiden's 1990 follow-up album to the Seventh Son album, a hugely successful album. Steve Harris wanted to take a step back to the basics and produce more of a "Garage" type sound, instead of expanding on the huge and progressive nature of their last two albums, "Somewhere in Time" and "Seventh Son". Adrian Smith disagreed with this approach and left the band. Janick Gers was brought in, and indeed brought a much more raw and hard edge to the rhythm and overall sound. The contrast between Gers and Dave Murray on guitar is extremely big. The two styles are extremely different, almost two much so. Harris' vision is understood, but the result is a rather poor and lackluster effort from a band that we came to expect so much from. Not that it's a bad album in anyway, just not up to the calibur of their previous seven albums. The first three songs are actually pretty good. "Tailgunner" is this albums fast paced energetic opener, followed by "Holy Smoke" one of the two singles from this album, a very good song with a great back to back solo where you can clearly hear the differences in style of the two guitarists. The title track follows and is a more melow but good song, similar to "Children of the Damned" from the "Number of the Beast" album. The album now proceeds to descend into a series of songs not worth mentioning. Assasin is just not a good song, not up to Maiden calibur. It does, however, pick up towards the end with the last three songs. "Hooks in you" is indeed a catchy song, with a cool chorus, and characteristic creepy vocals from Bruce Dickinson. Great guitar work as well. "Bring your Daughter to the Slaughter" in next, and was the other single released. A very catchy chorus with hysterical lyrics. "Mother Russia" is a descent attempt to end the album with a Maiden characteristic epic finale, but it falls short compared to "Alexander the Great" or "Hallowed be thy name". In general, it's a good album as far as Rock and Roll goes, but the worst Maiden album up until that point.
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on August 14, 2002
No Prayer for the Dying marks the beginning of Iron Maiden's decline. Many theories have been proposed as to why metal's top band sunk into such a slump. Was it Adrian Smith's exit? Janick Ger's entrance? Or just an overall case of poor songwriting and uninspired ideas? I'll go for the latter.
In the wake of two monumental albums, fresh with a new vision and experimentation, Maiden decided to return to it's leather n' denim roots on No Prayer, shunning much of Seventh Son's lush synth soundscapes for stripped down song structures. No Prayer is the black sheep of Iron Maiden records, for it has no identity. Depending on how you listen, No Prayer is either Seventh Son Sr. (Fates Warning, Public Enema #1), or Fear of the Dark Jr. (The Assassin, Run Silent Run Deep). Many of Maiden's trademarks (sprawling epics, air raid siren vocals, and chugging basslines) are missing.
Tailgunner has the feel of something from Powerslave, but not the drive. No Prayer seems forced and often suffocates itself by not allowing breathing space for promising musical moments... (the Assassin)
However, a string of inspired, if drab tunes: No Prayer for the Dying, Public Enema #1 (personal favorite) and Fates Warning stands out as somewhat memorable, rescuing No Prayer from obscurity. Moments of brilliance during Run Silent.. and Mother Russia leave a Maiden fan thinking "what could of been...".
If yer a Maiden fanatic, get it. Otherwise, spend your money on Brave New World or the first seven.
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on May 1, 2002
In a word, awful. This CD contains three decent hit singles in "Holy Smoke", "Tailgunner" and "Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter" and another catchy tune in the aptly-named "Hooks In You". Stupid and derivative lyrics and substandard musicianship aside (not that they play them bad, but these are songs where a band like Maiden can just "phone it in"), all are good enough to make you hum along with repeated listens. Too bad they're surrounded by turkeys like "Mother Russia", "Fates Warning", "Public Enema Number One", "Run Silent, Run Deep" and "The Assassin". The title track is acceptable, although it's basically the blueprint for "Afriad To Shoot Strangers" on the following album (and "Strangers" is better). And what's up with Bruce Dickenson's voice? He sounds like he's been gargling battery acid and chain smoking unfiltered pieces of tire rubber. I would call this the weakest album they've ever done.
Also, a comment on the revamped cover - why did they edit out the guy with the lantern looking into the grave? On the original cover, Eddie was grabbing the guy's throat. Now he just seems to be clutching empty air. Plus the coloring is drastically different between the two covers. Go to a used CD store and find the original (I guarantee there'll be PLENTY of them there) and see what I mean!
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on August 24, 2002
Iron Maiden's fans are a fervent bunch, but they have no gripes about attacking this album. They also have no hangups about ripping Janick to pieces. Sure, we all loved Adrian, but no one had a gun to his head telling him to leave. This album seems to be the one that split the fans right down the middle(or more like 70/30), and this is before Blaze came into play! I've been a huge Maiden fan since I was a kid(when Somewhere In Time was the most recent album). Maybe if I heard No I would have a different opinion of it, but I love it, what can I say? I guess it's only for really hardcore fans like myself. I'd say it's their version of Point Of Entry. It's a little more mellow and maybe not as catchy as previous albums, but I just love Running Silent...Running Deep. That one I hope even the most diehard hater of this album would find merit in. So, it you're considering purchasing this album, it's just going to be a gamble for you. If you love everything else they've done(early and later), then it's a safe bet that you'll enjoy this.
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