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on March 20, 2004
I was a DJ in high school when I happened upon a used cassette of Watermark. I remember picking it up and thinking "oh, this is that singer who has that strange song Orinoco Flow out on the radio." I had only heard Orinoco Flow a few times, but it was getting tons of airplay. I decided to pick it up (even though my tastes in music were totally inapposite to Enya's style). I took the tape home--and I swear--I had to sit down because I was so overwhelmed by what I was hearing. I recall thinking "this is the single most beautiful voice I've ever heard in my life." From that point on, my taste in music changed dramatically. Funny that it all started with ENYA. I played the album for my parents and my siblings and they were equally stunned by its beauty.
Watermark's production is immaculate and showcases Enya at her best (although I like everything she's done). I am amused by the bone-head comments made by Enya-haters who say "this music is sooo boring," or "it is so pretentious." It's like hearing a deaf mute gripe that Mozart's Requiem is dull or self-important. SHUT UP, BE SILENT, and take your tone-deaf selves to the local ska shop! Enya's music is only dull to individuals who have tin ears or are so musically disinclined that the don't know a whole note from a hole in their heads.
I also strongly disagree with people who say that Enya's voice is "weak." She sings in a very traditional style (the style is called sean-nos and is exemplified by aspirated/breathy singing). You'll hear no fake SOUL DIVA sliding (a la Mariah Carey or Crustina Aguilera). That's because the Irish have a traditional singing style that is not influenced by the western classical tradition (or any pseudo-gospel/soul style). Enya's range and almost vibrato-less singing is really incredible. I don't think there are many others who can match her purity of tone (maybe Lisa Gerrard who is almost superhuman).
Anyway, this music changed my entire musical perspective and still moves me to this day. It will always be the most important musical revelation in my life.
If you don't own it, you need to go drop the $2.99 and pick it up :-)
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on November 20, 2013
I was first enamoured with Eithne Ni Bhraonain, aka Enya, upon hearing "Orinoco Flow." This piece graces her second opus, "Watermark," whose cover is adorned by a daringly demure photo of the chanteuse amongst burgeoning rouge flowers. In this album Enya's voice redefines what is quintessentially ultrafeminine. Through her poetic sound paintings--all music brushed by her own pen--a plaintive songbird wafts through insurmountable gales. The euphonious chanting that complements its flight possesses a mystical and cavernous vibrancy. She articulates her thoughts with the elegance of etched crystal. Her vocabulary is sometimes evocative of a strange tongue we are compelled to fathom, because of its charmingly Gaelic old worldliness. Enya is also a classically trained pianist and, like a concerto made for a daydream, exhibits her fanciful use of keyboards throughout this dulcet disc. Each of her moods is showcased with hauntingly deep percussion, like a myriad heartbeats in awesome anticipation. The most timeless gems on this CD are: the title track, "Watermark," which conjures up a pensive moment, like sun rays teasing a limpid pond; "Storms In Africa" (two parts), which sweeps across the plains of adventurous musing; and "On Your Shore," which ushers in wellsprings of loss and hope: "Strange how my heart beats/To find myself upon your shore./Strange how I still feel/My loss of comfort gone before." Enya becomes the New Age Nightingale on this CD--her mellifluous and immaculate largess to the annals of popular music. I therefore entreat you to acquire this amethyst for your case of jewels and allow her seductive fairy dust to tantalize you, because in "Watermark" by Enya, "the Eternal Feminine steps off her heavenly ship to caress our ears."
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on June 2, 2004
Enya, one one the most talented musician I've ever heard, truly gives it all in this single CD. It wasn't new; I've heard songs by Enya in the past but I have never listened to all of them. In Watermark, one of her oldest albums, gently and beautifully expresses the contents of her heart. Her music has become a real inspiration to others and myself. When I first listened to Watermark, the first track, I realized that this is pure gold in music form. Anyone who wishes to explore some of the earliest and beautiful works by Enya must have Watermark. As the Editorial Review states, her first debut of this cd made a huge imapact on its' listeners. This cd personally impacted my outlook on New-Age music. It made me realize that new things can be found in old work. The effect on its' listeners is very calming. The instrumental music in addition with Enya's voice induces relaxation and will alleviate stress. Her heavenly voice, at a gentle pitch, helps sooth and put a smile on ones' face. This is a truly inspirational work by whom I consider the "Diva of New-Age" and listening to her wonderful achievments will have the same effect as it did for me.
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on December 23, 2003
Watermark is a unique album, totally fantastic! It's incredible how a person - just 27 years old at that time - was able to create an album like this. I like the whole album, but I have two favourite tracks; the first is one of Enya's greatest hits... yes, of course it's the spectacular Orinoco Flow! The second is Storms In Africa which was a hit too, though a much smaller one. Other songs which I prefer are Cursum Perficio, River and The Long Ships but, as a mentioned before, the whole album is great. The music is from 1988 but that's impossible to hear, it could well have been the music of today.
Here comes a short description of the tracks on Watermark:
1. Watermark - Instrumental; very relaxing
2. Cursum Perficio - Latin; pretty powerfull, special*
3. On Your Shore - English; beautiful, relaxing
4. Storms In Africa - Gaelic; great, wonderful, special*
5. Exile - English; beautiful, pretty calm
6. Miss Clare Remembers - Instrumental; relaxing
7. Orinoco Flow - English; great, powerful, wonderful, special*
8. Evening Falls - English; beautiful, pretty calm
9. River - Instrumental; nice, beautiful
10. The Long Ships - Gaelic; pretty powerful, special*
11. Na Laetha Geal M'óige - Gaelic; calm and relaxing
* Hard to say why these songs are special, but perhaps because they don't sound like any other musical stuff. There's only one person that's able to create songs like these and her name is - Enya. You must hear them, but don't forget to try her remaining albums such as Shepherd Moons and The Memory Of Trees.
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on November 16, 2009
This is simply one of the very finest recording I have ever heard! The absolutely haunting rhythms and subtle complexities of this album is simply genius at work. A musical masterpiece with some of the most original musical passages I have heard. This is one of those very rare CD's that seems like musical perfection with every note through every song. This is a must have disc in everyones collection.
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on February 2, 2004
In the late 80's a new style was born. But the so-called New Age was a label to catalog new music hard to consider "instrumental" or even "new classics".
I think Enya is mainly "guilty" of this, and this album is, for me, a starting out. It has the freshness and the magic of the new, the unknown and the mysterious.
It is the start and the end, because no other one can be compared. The label "New Age" was created and a huge quantity of artists began to compose "New Age" music which was quickly set into "New Age" shelves of music stores and was bought by "New Age" lovers.
Watermark is more than this. A collection of unique and different songs. "Watermark" and "Ms. Clare remembers" are a pair of beautiful piano reflections. "Evening Falls", "On your Shore" and "Exile" are impressive exhibitions of a pure and majestic voice. "Orinoco Flow" has something that reaches to everybody and make it a unique but really popular song.
Alpha and Omega. Start and Finish. Even for her, as latter recordings couldn't match to it; they only have been "good attempts".
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on October 17, 2005
in 1988, i wasn't a fan of the UK no.1 single "orinoco flow" - 'til a guy i fancied pointed out how good it was, then i gave it a proper listen, trusting his judgement, & thought, "hmm, yeah" - i listened to the album through, & realised what an artistic piece it was, & i've never looked back!!! am now a fully fledged enya fan of everything she does.
as for the guy? wish i could say the same!!!
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on March 18, 2004
This by far my favorite Enya CD (followed by Shepherd Moons). This CD consists of her more haunting songs like Exile and Cursum Perficio (actually pretty dark sounding for Enya which I love). I'm more a fan of her melancholy stuff than the overly happy songs, and this CD aims to please.
Of course it's still got cheerful stuff like Orinoco Flow (my least favorite actually) and African Rain I+II. African Rain has very nice percussion in it (II more than I). Great for shaking the floor if you have a good system. But other than that, most of the songs are more on the haunting side of things than the cheerful side.
Anyways, great CD. This is the one that caused me to evangelize her so much to friends and family. Now everyone I know listens to her (though some won't admit to it) :)
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on February 10, 2004
Picture this, I am in my freshman year of college, 17, went to a predominately African-American high school (this does have a point)and now I am in a small college in the backwoods country. I meet the one guy in my dorm who is also African-American who is playing Enya in his room. So first I am thinking he is totally gay. LOL. But then after hanging at his spot I realized that I was in love with this album. Yes, Enya popped my new age cherry and I have never been the same. LOL. I own every single album she has ever recorded but this one holds special setimental value to me. It has a few dark, murky cuts in between some light almost angelic ones. Enya has one of those voices that make you believe in fairies and all things supernatural and good. Needless to say I love this album!
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on March 17, 2004
There are only a few albums that last year after year after year and "Watermark" is one of them. While there are plenty of subsequent albums from Enya that are great, "Watermark" has some of her best work, from the Latin "Cursum Perficio" to "Orinoco Flow." There isn't one bad cut on this album and the Celtic singing and Latin are hypnotic and mysterious. It's no wonder many of the tunes were used in advertisements--you just have to stop to listen. I love this one.
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