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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on March 15, 2000
Nowhere in any of the previous reviews do I find the allegation that K.S. is part of an "imperialist plot to surpress (sic) homosexuality," nor do I find the implied accusation that white males don't have feelings. I agree with the notion that this movie appeals to a very specific demographic. Yes, what happens in the movie could very well happen in real life -- I don't see anyone contesting that notion. A film's power lies in what one consciously or unconsciously takes away from it. As mass marketed and widely distributed as this film was, I think the fear is that the obvious target audience (traditionally the most dangerous and least exposed to both the gay -- male and female -- and feminist communities) will walk away with reinforced notions that keep such communities invisible and powerless. No one's asking (or expecting, for that matter) for a moralistic TV-movie of the week that preaches peace and love, but this film, to me, was too obvious an ego stroke for all the guys who have ever come on to a gay woman, been shot down, and decided to assert some aggressive, testosterone-fueled backlash.
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on February 18, 2000
Hideously explicit and profanity-laced snore-fest is Kevin Smith's attempt at examining human relationships. Lame one-liners, nauseatingly-hip pop culture references, and pretentiously-clever dialog make this film a must-NOT-see. Joey Lauren Adams is such an incredibly annoying actor that after only fifteen minutes of enduring her obnoxiously-shrill voice I wanted to kill myself. Her "Oscar moment" during one climactic scene is enough to burst your eardrums. A couple of laughs scattered throughout this film does not make it worth renting let alone purchasing. A shallow presentation that does little to clarify the mysterious and wonderful bond between men and women. Instead, we are treated to empty characters who chose to explore themselves through sex and Kevin Smith would have you believe that something acutely positive or enlightening has come of this. Give me a break. Criterion is actually releasing this title on DVD and my faith in their judgement has deteriorated considerably. (Armageddon was bad enough, but Chasing Amy is the clincher) Avoid this film and rent something worth watching.
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on August 16, 2000
I was swayed by the reviews. Heterosexual chases lesbian is usually something I'd avoid. I should have trusted my tried and true instincts. There are certain themes that have been done and done again. The only way someone else can do them is to come from a totally new perspective. Because this has the "aura" of comic books, I imagine a number of people feel they see that new perspective. I don't. It's the same old same old. Different clothes, but nothing new. No insight. The photography isn't exceptional. The direction isn't exceptional. The acting is almost acting. I respect Criterion. If this hadn't been a Criterion release I probably wouldn't have purchased it. I'll still consider Criterion a cut above, but this really doesn't deserve the attention it has gotten. Well I guess it really did. Cause it didn't make a bunch of money.
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on March 6, 2002
Writer-director Kevin Smith (Clerks) makes a huge leap in the wrong direction with this weak story about a comic-book artist (Ben Affleck) who falls in love with a lesbian (Joey Lauren Adams) and actually gets his wish that she love him, too. Their relationship is attacked, however, by his business partner (Jason Lee), who pulls a very unsubtle Iago act to cast a sense of reality over the whole affair. The film has the same sense of insiderness as Clueless--this time, Smith takes us within the arcane, funny world of comic-book cultism--but the themes of jealousy, deceit, and the high price of growing up enough to truly care for someone, being completely absent, make this a very annoyingly psuedo-intellectual movie.
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on March 6, 2000
I've never been a fan of Kevin Smith's, but have always been amazed by his popularity. And why shouldn't he be so popular? His films are envisioned from a white, suburban, male, heterosexual perspective... and how true that is with this film! Sure, I'll buy the notion that "love knows no boundaries", but, in a Kevin Smith film? He has definitely carved himself out to be every white surburban heterosexual male's hero. And why wouldn't he be? He's made their wet dreams come true with this film. His portrayal of the lesbian community to an audience lacking real exposure to such a community is irresponsible and shameful.
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on February 24, 2001
This is one of the worst films I've seen since "Forrest Gump." I'm not sure where to begin my criticism: with the boring plot, immature & annoying dialogue, or the generally shoddy filmmaking. If you want to see a lovely gay comedy, see "Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss," "Beatiful Thing," or "Get Real." Don't waste your time on this rubbish.
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on March 3, 2001
This movie is so pat. Boring, not romantic, not much comedy. Sickeningly straightlaced, hetero mets lesbian (who's only been waiting for it), hetero cannot take lesbians pre-lesbian love-life ... I may be a boring heterosexual but this movie's moral message revolts me.
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on June 10, 2000
I've never heard more polarized reviews than with this movie. That alone makes it worth seeing, but contrary to the other opinions expressed on this page, I found the movie painfully awful - trite, formulaic, bad acting, bad script and supremely cheesy.
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on July 31, 2003
This movie if far from being what I would call a good Lesbian flick. It's more about the guy getting the girl and how she plays him to believe she is something she is not. I gave my copy away to my nieghbor, a Ben Afflec fan. Hope this helped.
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on September 26, 2002
Now I'm a huge Kevin Smith fan! But this just has to be his worst movie yet! It's not even that funny, expept for the "tracer" scene. I bet the only reason that other customers think it's funny is just because the 2 coupled characters played by Ben Aflek (Plays a comic book writer) and Joey Lourey Adams (plays an experienced Lesbian) swear there there heads of and going to too much detail in their past experiences when they were having their arguments. I mean come on grow up! Only a 10 year old would find that funny (But I wouldn't really recommend it for that age group!)
If your looking for a movie with comical stoner appearance by Jay(Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob("the almighty" Kevin Smith) this is not the movie, like i mean they are only in one minute of the movie and thats it!
Please do your self-a favor and just go rent or buy Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma or Jay and Silent Bob Strike back insted! Chasing Amy isn't really worth it.
I only recommend this movie if you are a ROMANTIC comedy or Love Story Fan or if your the type of person who would like to check out EVERY Kevin Smith movie I recommend that you just rent this movie.
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