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on March 14, 2017
Love this movie! Arrived super fast! Thank you!
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on June 5, 2017
Excellent movie a must see !
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on May 27, 2014
This is an excellent movie that deals with the supernatural and ghosts. I have watched numerous times and now see the connection.
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on June 2, 2017
excellent film de Night Shamalan
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on March 27, 2017
One of Bruce Willis best movie.
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on July 4, 2004
I was listening to the Movie Show on Radio one Saturday as I was working on my truck, when I heard Mad Max Weiss mention that The Sixth Sense had one of the most surprising endings of any movie. That did it, I had to rent it.
Staring Bruce Willis as child psychologist Malcolm Crowe and Haley Osment and the disturb child Cole Sear, The Sixth Sense is both a psychological thriller and a horror movie at the same time. Terrifying visions of dead people haunts the child, Cole. He has learned to repress what he sees for fear of being called insane. So at first, we see it as a psychological thriller. Later, we learn that the visions are real, so perhaps we are watching a horror flick, but as the move progresses it never degenerates into a silly horror movie, but keeps its psychological edge.
Although Bruce Willis is one of my favorite actors, I am afraid that I have underestimated his acting ability. This is an outstanding movie that grabs your attention and does not let go until the final credits roll. And the ending, oh yes, it was a surprise- I did not see it coming. If you have not seen this movie, rent it now. You will want to watch it several times. It is that good. Not a movie for the faint of heart or your wee ones- it will give them nightmares for a week; but if you are looking for a first rate psychological thriller you may want to add this to your DVD collection.
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on May 18, 2004
The first time you watch this film, you'll be shocked. The second time, you'll learn to look for all the clues. If you watch it more than twice, you'll spot pretend clues, and wonder if they mean anything. And eventually, you will know the film back to front.
For first time watchers, this movie is terrific. It's almost terrifying to watch, and horrible to try and work out what exactly is happening to Cole, and also, the lovely Bruce Willis.
If you watch carefully, you'll notice the colour red plays a big part in this movie, particularly when something's about to happen, or is happening. Although, after a while, you start noticing things that are red, that have nothing to do with danger (the mum quite often has red nail varnish and wears a red top in the last couple of scenes and there are red candles in the house). But just watching for these clues again had something to the movie that it didn't have the first time watching.
Some people say that the film was so predictable, cos they knew from the opening scenes what was going to happen (when Malcolm, Bruce Willis' character, got shot). Well, it wasn't so obvious to me the very first time I watched it. However, films that are too predictable, are rubbish. I would have hated to have known all along what the ending was.
Both Bruce & Haley (Joel Osment) are so cute in this movie. Don't know what it is about Brucie in this, he looks kinda rough sometimes, but it just adds to the whole loveliness of him!
This is a movie that will stay with you for ages afterwards. Whether it was the constant emails, particularly after the Queen Mother died, with her picture in stills from the movie, or its repeats on TV - you'll be reminded of this great movie constantly.
And I just have to hear "I see dead people", and it sends shivers up my spine with remembering the scene in the movie that it happens!
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on September 8, 2001
Serling couldn't have done a better job himself. All The Sixth Sense is missing is his wry introduction. Full of unexpected twists and turns it's very clear that the director was inspired by Serling and the Twilight Zone. Although most of the scenes are well scripted and structured, there is an amateurish quality to some of the interactions between Willis and the kid. That isn't a criticism. That amateurish quality manages to stifle any "pretense". This is a good old fashion thriller with a number of memorable scenes.
Willis gives a subdued performance (which he duplicates in Unbreakable a riskier film that doesn't quite pay off as well as 6th Sense does), and Haley Joel Oswald gives a heartfelt performance. The O'Henry twists are pretty well hidden (although I thought it was pretty obivious by the last third what was going on).
6th Sense along is a great popcorn movie (or "icebox" movie as some of the studio heads used to call these type of films in the 40's). Will you watch it more than once or twice? More than likely if you enjoy good acting and Hitchcockian thrillers.
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on April 28, 2000
In The Sixth Sense, young Haley Joel Osment (Forrest Gump) sums up the entire premise in one chilling, heart-wrenching sentence as he confesses, "I see dead people." That scene alone is worth the price of admission, but it only scratches the surface of what makes this movie great.
Bruce Willis plays Malcolm Crowe, a child psychologist who -- after the loss of a former patient -- begins to look for redemption. He finds an opportunity in Cole Sear, a bright but awkward boy who has difficulty fitting in. Slowly Crowe gains the boy's trust until he discovers his secret. Young Cole claims that he sees the dead everywhere, walking around like normal people.
Like Crowe, the audience too would be skeptical, but we see what only Cole can see. His world is haunted by strange visions and visitors who pass through the hallways of his school and the small apartment he shares with his mother. These otherworldly encounters are so well-conceived that they suck in the viewer, building suspense slowly and dreadfully.
Writer/director M. Night Shyamalan must have studied Hitchcock carefully, for he understands the importance of suspense. Yet, Shyamalan doesn't cheat the audience with false scares or tension-relieving gags. The horror here is genuine and frightening. Visual cues build suspense until the situations climax in a scary moment that makes audiences shiver.
Interwoven is a love story between Crowe and his wife, Anna (Olivia Williams, The Postman). Obsessed with helping the young boy, Crowe has neglected his wife. He begins to notice changes in her, including a relationship with a co-worker that he suspects may be more than just business. Although important to the story, it pulls us away from the real action, which is Cole and his ghosts. The story slows during these scenes, but ultimately everything ties together.
The Sixth Sense is a wonderfully original story. The beginning is a bit slow. I expected to see ghosts from scene one. Instead, the story took time to unfold, becoming something more than just a ghost story. Had it followed the path I expected, I would have given it a rating two points lower. But Shyamalan had a vision of his own that took the story in a unique direction.
For DVD buyers, the Collector's Edition offers a grab-bag of extras about the creation of the film and some wonderful deleted scenes. The goodies on the DVD make this one to buy!
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on March 9, 2001
This movie raised questions for me.
After we die do we get the opportunity to learn the important lessons we were created from and placed here to learn but failed to realize?
Do we get the opportunity to make ammends to others that we have failed (people who needed us that we were not there for [including ourselves])?
When do we begin to move beyond our Fears?
When do we begin to move beyond our Traditions?
When will humanity begin to look beyond that which only the physical eyes can see?
Will science ever be able to produce a workable context that produces positive results for mankind in the areas as phenomenal as psychology, philosophy, and spirituality?
When will the scientific community recognize that the phenomenon of Humanity constists of more than the material that is the physical body and the logic of mind?
And I also wonder after going through about eight pages of reviews for this movie, is there anyone who could tell me why this movie was named 'The Sixth Sense'?
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