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on May 12, 2000
That's right. Canadians know something we don't. Blue Rodeo is one of the most amazing alt./country/cow punk (whatever you want to call it) bands I have ever come across! Definitely worth checking out. Their blend of folk, country, and guitar-driven rock make them unique and definitely hard to categorize. In addition to their foot-stompin' material, Jim/Greg have arguably penned some of the most beautiful ballads ever written. "Days in Between" definitely doesn't "rock" like a lot of their older stuff (with the exception of "Beggin' You to Let Me In") which is the ONLY reason I've left off a star. I think overall the album is a little on the slow side. But hey if you're in a mellow mood, it's just perfect. If you're new to Blue Rodeo, do yourself a favor and pick up "Diamond Mine", "Casino", or "Five Days in July" which are my favorite albums and, in my opinion, best represent the FULL spectrum (hard core twang, dreamy ballads, and everything in between!) of what this incredible band is capable of.
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on May 2, 2004
When the first notes of "Cinema Song" crept through my speakers I couldn't help but get chills. This could possibly be Jim Cuddy's finest moment with Blue Rodeo since "Five Days In May"! This song alone makes the album worth owning (and it's only the first song!). It gets better though, Greg Keelor comes in with "The Seeker" in classic fashion. Keelor really shone on this album and with lines like "..the fine line between stealing and giving in the landscape of the saints..." is evendence that he was up to good. Other high points are the soaring vocals on the album's first single "Somebody Waits" as Jim Cuddy's crystal clear voice rings high. "The Days In Between" is Greg Keelor's only rocker, but it's one of the most standout songs on the album as is Keelor's moody "This Road" in which Glenn Milchem becomes more than just a drummer, he MAKES that song! The album does have a couple slow points which keeps it from getting the perfect score, but with what's good on here, the snoozers are vastly outweighed.
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on October 21, 2000
This was the first Blue Rodeo album I bought, and it made me go out and buy the other eight. Recorded in New Orleans, the South seems to have added a somewhat haunting, lost flavour to their songs. This Road and Cinema Song are perfect examples of that. The band has managed to mix some great pop songs with harder, more rocking ones, creating a textured ensemble that easily showcases what I consider to be among their best work.
Producer Trina Shoemaker added another element to the music, picking up little details, such as the intro to This Road, that make this album great to listen to. She brought out the best in Blue Rodeo, and it's obvious from the lyrics that Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor have taken their writing craft to the next level.
The Seeker, a song that could easily be overlooked on this album, is a great example of Keelor at his finest. The lyrics are thought-provoking, and exude such honesty that this song is easily one of my favourites. "You were the seeker, and you found there was nothing to find," is the opening line. There is nothing short of profound on this album.
Each note is precise, and perfect. Every word has its place, and they weave a myriad of songs that I will never forget. Thank you, Blue Rodeo, for another classic album.
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on October 23, 2000
This is just so very new for me to be exploring more indepth online and being inspired and put forward a personal perspective of a fan of Blue Rodeo, so please forgive me if I sound boring.
"The Days In Between" can't help but be a stimulation to young teens and young artists of such extreme talent, dedication, variation, commmittment. On and on one could go, so please forgive me for being somewhat prejudice in fully supporting these talented men.
One too so proud to include these "Canadians" called "Blue Rodeo" continue to flourish nationally and share their many talents aboard.
With one following this successful band, one quickly learns that to remains a whole, celebrating an 8th release, these guys are just an awesome group "after many years of being friends, searching for their place, keeping their place, they remain just hangin, sharing success, and yet remain true and humble to their fans".
One might come quick to learn the most recent release of their accomplishment, "The Days In Between" give an appearance possibly targeted toward a somewhat maturer responds to their music who still want to really "fly with it". Blue Rodeo continue to express loyalty for their music which is presented well to their fans, yet maintaining passion for music, include a change of the times,produce an intense product, which incoporates hard work, and growth of meticulous works which we hear.
By the way, did I mention I love these guys for their "casual look, blue jeans and untucked shirts! Just relaxed! No "wardrobe personell" need here. Please do not tell Blue Rodeo how to sell their stuff, they know!
Blue Rodeo are just beyond the exception when looking for talented artists to really "rock you for an evening"!
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on June 26, 2001
Blue Rodeo is a band that very well personifies the genre of Alternative Country music, and The Days In Between is an ideal example. They are not Alt-Country Pop in the conventional radio-friendly sense. They have had a good share of fine radio songs and probably have another one with Sad Nights. There's a line in the title cut to this album that I believe sums up the feel of this album, "And I was happy for awhile but then I started chasing your stone cold heart". Ahhhh, good ol' country alcohol lament! The album cover is of a VW Bug driving down a long, black and white country road. Is it sunrise or sunset? Things to ponder when relationships get squirrley. Don't get the wrong impression that this album is depressing. It does put you to thinking and reading the enclosed lyrics but, it also has plenty of Blue Rodeo's trademark excellent drumming and guitar hooks.
The bottom line: If you are new to Blue Rodeo and have a few bucks to spend taking a musical chance, pick this album up. I believe you will enjoy it enough to want to look into their other material. Definitely listen to the clip of Somebody Waits or Sad Nights. If you are a fan, The Days In Between will likely rate with you like the Five Days in July or Casino albums. It's not their masterwork, but it's still quite good.
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on September 30, 2001
Blue Rodeo's "The Days In Between" is an excellent album on all accounts. The soulful combination of Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor's songwriting has not been so clearly articulated since their "Five Days in July" album. As with that album, the writing is the strong suit and the performances here are really impeccable. The songs "Cinema Song", "Bitter Fruit", "Andrea" and "Sad Nights" are as good as contemporary songwriting get, and the ending track "Truscott" is one of the most poignant works they've ever composed. Overall, this is a great album from one of the most unfairly overlooked Canadian bands.
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on July 19, 2000
I buy every Blue Rodeo album on the first day it's released and have seen them live at least 10 times so I'm not really unbiased. They are truly a top of the line band.
This is their eighth studio album and I believe it to be one of their 2 or 3 best. One lead, Jim Cuddy, is very strong on this album and the other lead, Greg Keelor attempted to crank up his songs a little more than on their last album, Tremolo. The album is very strong from front to back which makes it a great album to own.
If you're new to Blue Rodeo, I suggest that you buy Five Days in July which most believe to be their quintessential work but this is a very good second choice.
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on May 26, 2000
This is the best disc these guys have turned out yet. They seem to be getting a little funkier with every album they do. This album has their usual mix of ballads and quicker tunes. Songs with Jim Cuddy on the lead vocals remind me a lot of his solo album...and Keelor is at his brooding, funky all time best. There's not a song on this album that isn't good in its own way. I'm so surprised these guys haven't been picked up in the States they way they have in Canada, especially with the current country-rock cross over thats going on! I sure am glad I was in Canada when Outskirts came out! I've followed them ever since!
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on October 23, 2000
It's been a while since I bought this CD and it's still in high rotation. I just love this stuff. I personally belief it's one of their best CD's to date.
Cinema Song is a perfect opening tune. The plucky guitar and smooth percussions are a beautiful intro.
This CD takes you on an amazing trip into the minds of Jim and Greg.
I get the feeling that this CD is quickly becoming a classic with fans of the band.
I don't know how else to describe it. I'm a terrible reviewer/critic. Highlights:Cinema Song, Somebody Waits, Andrea, Sad Nights, This Road, The Days In Between, Rage, Truscott.
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on October 20, 2000
Blue Rodeo is a tough group to catagorize. Their sound is a mix of rock with a country flair. Jim and Greg have different writting styles which compliment each other very nicely. This is Blue Rodeo's most polished effort to date. Each song is a story and makes you want to listen to it again as soon as its over. The songs are ballads, rocking and in between. Before you know it you'll be singing along.
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