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4.1 out of 5 stars
Rocket In The Pocket
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on December 12, 2003
14-0-0 is actually a bonus track. It features a computer voice singing (as in the steven hawking voice used by radiohead) and is actually sort of a love song from a computer program's point of view to its creater. it pretty much sounds like a pop new wave 80's song made by a computer geek in the 90's (ie harder more complicated beats, staticy glitch noise, booming bass) it's an awesome track and if you like it, i definitely recommend "freiburg v2.0" by console vs. tocotronic and on "vatstep dsp" by hrvatski, both of which feature the same computer voice.
However, Rocket in the Pocket also has a lot more to offer. I certainly disagree with the guy who sad that it was not song driven. Three or four songs from this album can be considered ambient background stuff but with well thought out and surprisingly engaging melodies and textures. "Crabcraft", one such song, was used as-is by bjork on Vespertine. The other songs are harder to pin down. "My Dog Eats Beats" and "Gulls Galore" are both heavy glitch laden beat fests that kind of walk off into dreamland at certain moments. "Pigeon Party" is similar, but riffs on latin rhythyms as well. "Walk like a Worm" starts off quietly and even a little out of tune and out of time, but then builds up harmonies and noises until it disintegrates into a distorted, throbbing beat.
Comparisons to Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin are fair, a bit more light-hearted and much more fast-paced than the former and less experimental and more focsed than the latter. Console is also in the band the Notwist. I admit that I'm biased, but I think Console deserves a huge american audience that he just doesn't have and almost every person I've introduced him too was into it, so come on and check it out.
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on October 21, 2002
"14-0-0" is a good song, but the rest of the album is most definitely lacking. I don't regret buying it, but most of the albums is pleasant backdrop tunes and not song-driven.
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on March 4, 2001
With flying kicks and swift punches from the tierra of electronica (Germany), Console is a band of four dedicated musicians, ready to stupefy you with a breed of ambient chill-out, e-funk music created using many sounds heard in daily life. Through the usage of tonal harmony and rhythm, Console takes you on a roller-coaster of moods. Take for instance, tracks 5 and 6 ("Pigeon Party" and "Delay Dackel"). The two songs are tonally and rhythmically opposites. "Pigeon Party" is in a minor key and has an unsettling break beat giving it a sinister feel, while "Delay Dackel" shows optimism in its harmony and simple beats. Yet the two are united by the DJing technique of beat matching, blending the edges together to provide a smooth non-stop flow between the tracks while changing the moods. Console has made use of other musical techniques to show their sophistication in their knowledge of music. There is a passacaglia of a fax/internet dial up sound on the last movement of "Gulls Galore" allowing a natural flow right into "Dolphin Dos", which is composed of beats heard over the ear piece of a phone. By now one maybe asking him/herself how these strange song titles could actually be song titles, but when one hears the tunes they will realize that these titles add an appropriate subject matter to the non-programmatic music. A few of the numbers may seem too "sci-fi geek" oriented for some tastes, but anyone can learn to enjoy the trekieness of it (given listening to it a couple of times). Over all the album is composed of retro synths and distortion, layered with a dose of b-boy funk breaks. This album is a definite keeper for fans of innovative and intelligent music.
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on June 30, 2000
ok..this is definetely the absolutely best cd that came out of germany in the last years, together with "shrink" from the notwist. and the main performer martin gretschmann from weilheim, is the keyboarder/synthie-man of notwist, that is responsible for the trippy beats and all kinds of blips and strange noises in notwist. this album definetely sets new standards in minimal electro-pop. this man works with all kind of old synthies and emulators. its not really dance music..its definetely brain music for listening alone. and somehow its like a story. i have never heard a completely electronic album without any kind of vocals that tells stories and expresses feelings like this cd. the chart-single and catchy "14 zero zero" may sound like a bunch of fun when you haer it first...but after a while you will never listen to that song anymore because the other songs that dont get into your ear on the first listener are just much more complex and "deeper", and they sound better, and better the more you listen to them. shows of this "group" are like church masses, the people get completely hypnotized, and just stare upfront and listen like in trance...BUY THIS CD ! you will never regret it.
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on May 8, 2000
If you like the "kind" of Music made beautiful by bands like Stereolab, Mouse On Mars etc. you will absolutely love this CD. It's a little 80's (In a good way, if there is such a thing), a little 90's and even more 21st Century. This album provides the right kind of bubbly, fantastic, fluffy fulfillment that sends your mind swirling to colorful places! Listen to it and be happy - you will be dancing on the clouds in your mind. Once you start listening, you will find that it is impossible to turn off. Remember - even computers fall in love. scc.
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